NameRollo Rognvaldsson Duke of Normandy
Birth846, Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Normany
Death931, Notre-Dame, Rouen, France
Misc. Notes
Rollo was first Duke of Normandy about 911, and abdicated in 927. He was baptised in 912 in the Cathedral of Rouen. A correspondent on Prodigy states he was born about 870 in Maer, Norway, died 927-32. "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 121E-18: "Ganger Rolf, 'the Viking' (or Rollo), banished from Norway to the Hebrides ca. 876, 890 participated in Viking attack on Bayeux, where Count Berenger of Bayeux was killed, and his dau. Poppa captured and taken, 886, by Rollo (now called Count of Rouen) as his 'Danish' wife. Under Treaty of St. Claire, 911, rec'd the Duchy of Normandy from Charles III, 'the Simple'; d. ca. 927 (Isenburg says 931), bur. Notre Dame, Rouen."

Viking Leader 911-927. "Rolf the Ganger" of Norway, "Marching Rolf" or "Rollo
the Dane". Defeated Normandy in 911.
After invading northwest France, Rollon (Rollo) seized
Rouen and the land surrounding it and Charles the Simple granted him part of
Neustria. Rollo then embrace Christianity and became ruler of Normandy.
He was known as "The Dane", 1st Duke of Normandy. Yeilded homage for his
Dukedom to Charles the Simple, King of France.
Source: LDS Ancestral File; Kings, Rulers and Statesmen, p 132;
Haydn's Book of Dignities, p 30
TITL the Viking, the Ganger

Rollo the Viking was granted land in Northwestern France in 911 AD by
Charles the Simple, King of France. Charles hoped that Rollo would defend
his new land, barring the length of the Seine River to other Viking
groups. Rollo remained faithful to Charles and he and his son quickly
expanded the original land grant at the expense of neighboring French
lords and guarded it well against Viking rivals. Even before Rollo's
grandson Richard took over the domain in 942, the descendants of the
Vikings had accepted Christianity, intermarried with the local population
and adopted the French language. Already they were being called Normans,
a contraction of Northmen, and there territory became known as Normandy.
Richard's great-grandson was King William I, conqueror of England. Rollo
was also known as "Rolf."
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Birthabt 872, Bayeux, Eveux, Normandy, France
FatherPepin I de Senlis (~842->893)
ChildrenWilliam (~900-943)
ChildrenAdele (~920-962)
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