NameWilliam d’Aubigny Earl of Arundel
Birthabt 1165, Arundel, Essex, England
Death1 May 1236, Offington
MotherMaud St Hillary (~1132-1193)
Misc. Notes
DIED: ABT 30 MAR 1221, Cainell, Italy

Magna Charta Surety. "When his father died he was in ward to King Henry II and, in 1194, he was in the army of Richard I in Normandy. Already a wealthy man at the time of the accession of John to the throne, he received several additional grants of great value. In 1201, when the Barons refused to follow their Sovereign into France, King John demanded that their castles should be given up to him as security for their allegiance, beginning with William d'Albini [sic]; and therewith Belvoir Castle, instead of which d'Albini gave him his son, William, as a hostage. He appears to have remained longer faithful to King John, as well as more moderate in his opposition to the King than most of the Barons, and he did not join the insurgents until he could no longer with safety remain neutral or adhere to the King for, as late as January 1214/5, he was one of King John's commissioners appointed for the safe conduct of such as were traveling to his Court at Northampton." - "Magna Charta, Part VIII," John S. Wurts (Philadelphia: Brookfield), p.2406. He reluctantly joined the Barons, opposed King John, was captured, was spared on the intercession of his son Nicholas, and was ransomed by his wife and gave her and Nicholas as hostages. William was again in the King's service as his commander at the Battle of Lincoln in 1217. He was a major financial officer of the realm, Sheriff of Warwick and Leicester, etc. He is buried at Newstead, and "his heart under the wall opposite the high altar" at Belvoir Castle. "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 149-26 states he d. Mar. 1220/21.

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ChildrenNicole (~1206-1240)
 Isabel (~1195-1240)
 Maud (~1196-~1240)
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