Calendar of Prof. Daniel Gall

The calendar below indicates when Prof. Gall is "in-office available" for appointments in his office (Materials Research Center, MRC 204) or "virtually available" for online meetings at: https://rensselaer.webex.com/join/galld

Please sign up as described below.



Sign-up procedure

If you have an own Google-calendar account (preferred):

(1)    choose a timeslot (typically 30 minutes) where "Gall is available" (green) but no one else has signed up.

(2)    create a calendar entry at the desired time in your own Google calendar, with the title being your name. Add in this entry under "Add guests" the following email address: 5egf0sita3m6ikimddp37egefc@group.calendar.google.com

(3)    refresh this web page to see if the calendar entry was successful. It should appear as a red appointment.

(4)    note: you can move or delete the appointment, but no one else can do so.

Using a shared Google account (no registration required):

(1)    Click on a green area in the calendar where "Gall is available"

(2)    Select "copy to my calendar"

(3)    Sign in using the login: appointments.gall@gmail.com and password: mrc204gall

(4)    Enter your name in the title field, replacing "Gall available."

(5)    Correct the appointment starting and end times. (typically about 30 minutes), and click on "Save".

(6)    Your appointment shows up in yellow. Please make sure that it does not overlap with any other appointment (yellow, orange or red). If change is needed, you can simply drag your appointment to a new time, or click on it and edit.

(7)    refresh this web page to see if the calendar entry was successful. It should appear in yellow.

(8)    note: This is a shared account. Thus, all appointments done that way can be deleted/edited by you but also by anyone else logging into this account. Refrain from editing other peoples entries.

Alternatively, you can send an email with your requested meeting time to galld@rpi.edu, and wait for confirmation.