Jon Finke

While I can separate my personal and professional activities on my web page, both aspects of my life make me what I am, so you can find both here. From a professional standpoint, I am senior systems programmer at RPI, concentrating on application development, mostly using an Oracle database. I also have some involvement with information and computer security. On the personal side of things, I am active with Habitat for Humanity, as well as working on my own house.
Papers and Publication
In the course of my work, I have written a number of papers, as well as taught a few short course. Many of these are available via the web, in an assortment of formats.
South Wing
I purchased the house next door to mine in 2001. My intention is to convert the main floor (or at least part of it) to a garage and use the upstairs for additional living space, and the remains of the basement for more storage. This will be a long and involved project. At the time I bought it, there was no plumbing (many broken pipes), no heat (more broken pipes - the result of a winter with the water turned on and the heat turned off) and the electricity was turned off. Also, the roof leaks. Since then, I have turned the electric back on, and have started rewiring (mostly for work lights) and I have started cleanup and demolition. We have built a bridge connecting the north and south wings and have been using more and more of the south wing, not only for storage, but some work areas and even some living area (in the warmer weather.) The link above will show the latest pictures and lots more details about this project.Updated August 2nd, 2006
Habitat for Humanity
Some of my free time is spent as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, where I am the Treasurer and a member of the board. While I was still active on construction sites, I had been taking a lot of pictures of the work in progress.

I am also on the board of MoreThanData, a not for profit software developer that has taken over development and support of the Habitrak program - a tool used to manage many of a Habitat affiliate's data processing needs including mortgage management and contact database.

North Wing
On the home front, I have a small house in the Hudson River. I am about 25 years into a renovation project there. At present, both the kitchen and the bathroom are undergoing a full, gut to the studs, renovation. Given the plumbing requirements, the batrhroom has to get finished first. As a result, I have been without a kitchen for several months now. Some of my friends don't see how that would have any impact on my lifestyle. (They are wrong, I use paper plates now!.) I also have an assortment of cats, as well as some woodworking projects and other things to fill my time...
Even Newer Kittens Photos!
Joyce and I have decided to start a family together and we have adopted two kittens, "Slapshot" and "Zamboni". Zamboni has the white nose. They were adopted from "Wiskers". Our existing cat is slowly getting used to having these two girls running around the house.
Old Cat Pictures
I share my house with a cat named CrossCheck. He likes to lay on his back and wave his paws in the air and wait for a tummy rub. We also added two more girls, Miss Zamboni and Slapshot. They handle many tasks around the house, including inspecting renovation projects, tracking the path of sunbeams across the floor, testing chairs, etc. They though it would be a good idea to give them their own web page with some more recent pictures. Between naps, the cats also enjoy collecting power tools and construction equipment (which they let me use - what great cats!)