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Photo of Garance in the 1990's
Welcome to the home page for Garance Alistair Drosehn. I work as a Senior Systems Programmer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY.

If you're thinking "My, that's an unusual name!", or "How does a guy end up with the name of Garance?", then check here for the background/history of my name.


Music (CD's), books, programming, Macs (MacOS 10 in particular), Physics (lasers in particular), Archeology (Israeli in particular), and a number of other things as time permits. I generally run out of time long before I run out of interests.

I'm particularly fascinated with programming languages. As of July 2017, the programming languages I'm the most interested in include: Ruby, RubyMotion (ruby for iOS, Android, and MacOS 10), Crystal-lang (a new compiled language, with syntax very similar to Ruby), D-lang, Elixir (a dynamic, functional programming language), and Apple's new Swift language  (which is not the same as this Swift Parallel Scripting Language!).  And if I had more time, there are more languages that I would look into.

Favorite Bible passages: Daniel 2:28, with Job chapters 38 & 39 close behind. After that, Proverbs is always a good source of observations.


One of my main responsibilities at RPI is printing, and thus I have a lot of projects I've done with things like lpd/lpr and CAP. Sometime I'll write up some more web-page information on these...

Another major area that I work on is support for our OpenAFS filesystem cell.

Another area of work responsibilities has been MacOS support, for many years. In the early 1990's, I also handled NeXTSTEP support on the RPI campus. NeXTSTEP was the basis for what is now called MacOS 10, and I am happy to use MacOS 10 both in the office and at home.

Starting in October of 2000, I have been one of the committers to the FreeBSD project. I mainly work on some system-utilties, such as lpr and newsyslog, as time permits. I also follow OpenBSD, and have run it on a few of my machines.

Here at work, I am also responsible for some servers which are running Redhat Enterprise Linux. As you can probably guess, I greatly prefer open-source operating systems.

One side-project I worked on back in 2001->2003 was something I called "Simple Cool Admin Tool To Everywhere Run-Something", or "SCATTERS". For more information on what this is, check here.

Many years ago, there were a few NeXTSTEP applications that I worked on from time-to-time. These were not work-related. For more details on them (all of which are now ancient history), check here.

Obviously I do not update this web page very often...

Where I'd rather be:

Off in a forest somewhere. I prefer woods (forests) to buildings, roads, and all the other stuff that cities are made of. I'd like a nice house in those woods, of course, but I think I would like my closest neighbor to be somewhere between half-a-mile and two miles away. I would also want a very high-speed network connection into that house, of course!


Just your average boring knurd. And I really prefer the spelling of "knurd", by the way, and not the hollywood-spelling of "nerd". Note that "knurd" is "drunk" spelled backwards. That's the spelling I learned when I first arrived at RPI (many years ago), and that is the spelling that I am sticking with!

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