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The Dinolfo Group - Dec 2019.

Left-to-Right: Prof. Dinolfo, Charlie McCabe, Keegan Fitzgerald, Chris Almquist, Jeremy Brinker, Adiran Riives, Zhehao Yuan, Naomi Robinson, and Robert Trudeau.

Group Openings :

Graduate Students - The Dinolfo group is always looking for self-motivated and energetic graduate students who are interested in working in the areas of Inorganic, Phyiscal, Organic, and Materials chemistry. Please see our publication list for more detailed information on our research interests. Interested students must apply to the graduate program at Rensselaer. For more information, click here.

Undergraduate Students - The Dinolfo Group routinely has openings for undergraduate students to participate in independent research. Students are not limited to Chemistry majors, but also include Physics, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Electrical Engineering, etc. Undergraduate alumni from the group have had tremendous succuss in winning awards and have enrolled in excellent graduate schools (see the group news below and alumni member list). Interested students should contact Prof. Dinolfo.

Take a look at the awards graduate and undergraduate students have received while in the Dinolfo Group!

Dinolfo Group News:


  • 12/12/19 - First-year graduate student Chris Almquist joins the group. Congratulations and welcome!

  • 9/6/19 - Nate Anderson's paper on utilizing DNA origami to investigate plasmon-mediated energy transfer is published in ACS Appl. Nano Mater [link].

  • 8/22/19 - Keegan Fitzgerald (RPI Class of 2021 in Chemical Engineering) joins the group.

  • 7/18/19 - Prof. Dinolfo is awarded a 3-year grant from the Macromolecular, Supramolecular, and Nanochemistry (MSN) program in the Chemistry Division at the National Science Foundation to develop efficient electrochromic materials. [link]


  • 12/14/18 - First-year graduate student Charlie McCabe joins the group. Congratulations and welcome!

  • 12/11/18 - Congratulations to Guangyu Hu on successfully defending his M.S. thesis on Molecular Structure Induced Aggregation Effects on the Photophysical Properties of Perylene Diimide Based Multilayer Thin Films.

  • 11/16/18 - Congratulations to Nate Anderson on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis on DNA-Nanostructured Modular Energy Transfer Arrays and their Enhancement With Gold Nanoparticles.

  • 9/10/18 - Peter Palomaki (Ph.D. 12') returns to RPI to give a C&CB departmental seminar so its a great time for a Dinolfo Group reunion! So glad that Subhadeep Kal (Ph.D. 13') and Alexandra Krawicz (Ph.D. 12') could join us!

  • 8/31/18 - Jeremey Brinkler (RPI Class of 2021 in Chemistry) joins the group.

  • 8/30/18 - Naomi Robinson (RPI Class of 2019 in Chemical Engineering) joins the group.

  • 8/25/18 - A collaborative project with Prof. Kim Lewis (RPI Physics and Howard Univ.) on electron transport through porphytrin molecular junctions is published in Organic Electronics. [DOI link]

  • 5/21/18 - Zhehao Yuan (RPI Class of 2020 in Chemistry) joins the group.

  • 5/19/18 - Congratulations to Boris Kramar (Chemistry BS '18), Jane Edgington (Chem Eng BS '18), and Kevin Hoover (Chem Eng BS '18) on their graduatation from RPI. Boris and Jane are on their way to Northwestern University for graduate school. Kevin will be entering the workforce.

  • 5/1/18 - Congratulations to Max on receiving a George J. Janz Award for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry which will support his summer research on the synthesis and characterization of mixed-valent Ruthenium squares!

  • 1/22/18 - Nate's paper on Porphyrin-DNA Constructs for the Self-Assembly of Modular Energy Transfer Arrays is published in J. Mater Chem. C. [DOI link]

  • 3/7/18 - Zack Sitte (RPI Class of 2019 in Chemistry) joins the group.

  • 1/18/18 - Robert Trudeau (RPI Class of 2020 in Chemical Engineering) joins the group.

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