Mobile Devices: All mobile devices (cell/smart phones, computers, pagers, etc.) must be stored securely away during lecture and are not be used unless specifically directed otherwise by the instructor. Use of (or ANY interaction with) a mobile device during an exam without explicit permission of the instructor will be interpreted as the illicit transfer of exam data, which is considered an act of cheating, and will be treated as such.

If you have any questions concerning this policy before submitting an assignment, please ask for clarification.


Student Complaint Process:


In compliance with Middle States Accreditation, there is now a central complaint procedure for students. These processes apply to all students regardless of school, status, classification, type or location. Complaints not addressed using this process include:


1. Complaints related to alleged violations of Rensselaer’s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures, which also includes complaints regarding Title IX violations, available from the Institute’s Sexual Misconduct Awareness website


2. Substantive complaints regarding the quality of the institution or its academic programs which should be directed to the Institute’s Accrediting Body: Middle States Commission on Higher Education.