comics research bibliography: DC Comics

Based on the comics research bibliography, copyright 2002 by John Bullough and Michael Rhode.

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Australian newspaper magnate Rupert Murdoch attempt Warner takeover [DC parent company].
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Comic Parody Lawsuit Dismissed [Charles Atlas sued DC Comics over "Flex Mentallo"].
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DC allied with Milestone Media [black creators].
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Superman's last leap; With sales sagging, DC Comics prepares to seal superhero's fate.
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The comic fan: [DC] Millennium Editions feature classics.
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The Comic Fan: Comic capitals get fresh look in new millennium [DC].
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The Comic Fan: 'Big Book' explores turbulent decade in American history [DC Comics 'The Big Book of the '70s' and Eisner's 'The Spirit Archives'].
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Goodbyes weigh heavily on comics [DC Comics writers Waid, Marz and Morrison; Stan Lee].
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Comics fan: [DC Comics] 'Realworlds' series portrays fantasy in everyday settings.
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Comics set for urban renewal [DC's Metropolis and Gotham in Superman and Batman comic books].
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The Comic Fan: Fun of Silver Age blasts back to now [DC Comics miniseries ].
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The Comic Fan: New books pay comics serious tribute ["Comic Book Culture: An Illustrated History" by Ron Goulart and "Vertigo Visions" by DC Comics].
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Ka-Blam! Webster Artist Has Heroic Challenge Of Drawing Superman, Batman For Pages Of DC Comics
[St. Louis, MO] Webster-Kirkwood Times (October 9)

Redeker, Kim. 1998.
Ka-Blam! Webster Artist Has Heroic Challenge Of Drawing Superman, Batman For Pages Of DC Comics [Rick Burchett]
[St. Louis, MO] Webster-Kirkwood Times (October 9)

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Through the ringer [story fetauring comic writer named Phil Binger from House of Mystery].
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500 Walden stores to feature DC Comics.
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Mystery in Space [DC Comics review].
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Miscellanous news: Rock, Rock, Rock 'n' Roll High School [from Cosmic Comics]; Mirage folds comics line; DC gives credit to retailers; No end to paper crunch in sight; Mason, Ulm leave Malibu; Underground Manga from FBI; Rick Geary wins Reuben Award; STV acquires competitor; Founder of Cartoon Art Museum retires; Wizards cut off Heroes World; Bongo Halloween Special.
Comics Journal (179; August): 24-25

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The Huntress and the Hunted [DC Batman spin-off].
Sequential Tart 3 (4; April):

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Countdown to Opening of Six Flags: Park's coasters are just about ready to roll. [Warner Brothers and DC Comics licensing of characters including Batman].
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Six Flags park plans major expansion: Largo neighbors wary of noise, traffic increases [Warner Brothers and DC Comics licensing of characters including Batman].
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Industry rocked by changes [DC / Wildstorm merger; Marvel staff cuts; Kitchen Sink firings; Gladstone drops Disney].
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All hyped up about Harry: Merchandisers getting ready to profit from 'Potter' magic [Warner / DC claims 1 billion dollars on Batman licensing].
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Ruining the West & loving it [DC's Bat Lash].
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Superheroes' last stand: Can reality save them from their archenemy, the vanishing reader? [DC Comics postmodern miniseries, 'Realworlds'].
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Charles Atlas trademark lawsuit against DC Comics is held as a legal weakling.
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Alex Toth: Before I Forget - The artist discusses his '70s DC Comics work.
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Extreme comix [review of DC/Vertigo's Preacher].
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Unknown. 1967.
Kinney plans to acquire National Periodical [DC] in exchange of stock.
Wall Street Journal (July 24)

Unknown. 1968.
Kinney National [DC] acquistion.
Wall Street Journal (March 27)

Unknown. 1981.
DC raises price to 60 cents; adds pages.
Comics Feature (11; August): 14

Unknown. 1981.
Gene Colan leaves Marvel for DC, will pencil Batman, Wonder Woman and The Phantom Zone.
Comics Feature (11; August): 13-14

Unknown. 1999.
[DC Comics Millennium Editions].
Atlanta Journal (December 2)

Unknown. 1999.
[DC Comics Millennium Editions].
Dayton Ohio News (November 20)

Unknown. 1999.
[DC Comics Millennium Editions].
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (November 25)

Unknown. 1999.
[DC Vertigo miniseries Finals writer Will Pfeifer].
Rockford, IL Register Star (October 16)

Unknown. 1999.
[profile of DC's America's Best Comics "Top 10" lesbian metacop].
[Miami Beach] TWN (August 18)

Unknown. 2000.
[article on DC Fall Fashion Insert, which was illustrated by Paul Pope].
Brandweek (July 17)

Unknown. 2000.
[article on DC in 2000].
Atlanta Journal Constitution (January 1)

Unknown. 2000.
[DC Comics' Paradox Press "The Big Book of the 70s"].
[Owensburg, NY] Messenger-Inquirer (July 2)

Unknown. 2000.
[DC's "gems" of 1999, mentioning GON, 100 Bullets, Batman: No Man's Land, Batman: War on Crime, Planetary, the Authority, Wildcats, and all the America's Best Comics titles].
Cleveland Plain-Dealer (January 1)

Unknown. 2000.
[DC's "urban renewal" of Metropolis and Gotham in Superman and Batman com ic books].
Baltimore Sun (January 1)

Unknown. 1992.
A sad day at DC Comics, as the staff mourns the world's superhero [Superman].
New York Times (November 19): B22

Various. 1995.
LuluPalooza hits Berkeley in April [Friends of Lulu]; Kitchen Sink names directors; 500 Walden stores to feature DC Comics; Classic comic art set for auction; The Jewish Museum celebrates comics medium.
Comics Journal (175; March): 31

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Inside the House of Vertigo [internet mailing list on DC imprint].
Sequential Tart 1(2; November):

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Learning to live with others [illustrated by Wyncie king].
New York: DC Heath.

Wheeler-Nicholson, Malcolm. 19??.
Dark Regiment [non-comics pulp novel by DC Comics publisher].

Wheeler-Nicholson, Malcolm. 19??.
Honors of War [non-comics pulp novel by DC Comics publisher].

Wheeler-Nicholson, Malcolm. 19??.
Lost Legions [non-comics pulp novel by DC Comics publisher].

Wheeler-Nicholson, Malcolm. 1929.
House of the Dogs [non-comics pulp novel by DC Comics publisher].
Adventure (January)

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The Baldassare Ruby [non-comics pulp story by DC Comics publisher].
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Sword for Hire [non-comics pulp novel by DC Comics publisher].
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What's wrong with our army and how we can correct it [non-comics article by DC Comics publisher].
Look 5 (16, August 12): 13-15

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Fatman and slobbin': DC Comics places its superheroes in the RealWorlds.
Dallas Observer (April 20).
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