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This is an international bibliography of comic books, comic strips, animation, caricature, cartoons, bandes dessinees, and related topics. We have divided the bibliography into four sections, arranged alphabetically by author, for ease of use. We welcome any additions or comments.

The entries in this bibliography come from many sources, and from many different computer systems. Because of this, certain international characters (such as accented letters) do not display properly on many systems. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.

Some of the entries include URL links, which were valid when the entries were indexed. If the links are no longer functioning, some of them may be found using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine at by entering the URL.

  1. A through C, and non-alphabetic entries
  2. D-K
  3. L-R
  4. S-Z

As of our latest major update (November 2009), we have more than 29,700 entries in the bibliography.

NOTE: These files are quite large (about 1 MB in size for each section). Be warned if you have a slow connection. We are working on getting the bibliography broken up into smaller, more manageable chunks (see topical bibliographies below).

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This bibliography was developed from articles in the authors' personal collections and from searching in sources such as the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and several newspaper archives (see below). Although some of the materials identified here are also included in John A. Lent's series of bibliographies on comics, cartoons, caricatures and animation, the authors did not consult Lent's books in preparing this bibliography. We do recommend those volumes to comics researchers and hope that our bibliography will supplement and augment Lent's work.

We'd like to thank the following people who have contributed to the bibliography:
  • Cathy Hunter
  • Sloane Bullough
  • Corky and Irene Hunter
  • Art Rhode
  • Kim and Matt Hunter
  • Gene Kannenberg
  • Jeffery Williams
  • Tom Furtwangler
  • Leonard Rifas
  • Ben Katchor
  • Robert Montgomery
  • Ron Stewart
  • Jim Burant
  • Robert Goler
  • K. A. Ryan
  • Kathleen Stocker
  • Bart Beaty
  • Joel Pollack
  • Megan Keister
  • Robert Beerbohm
  • Gert Meesters
  • Poul Frokjar
  • Pascal Lefevre
  • Asli Tunc
  • Robert Boyd
  • Katy Epler
  • Woody Woodis
  • Dr. Michael Vassallo
  • Mark Nevins
  • Lotta Fjelkegård
  • Rodrigo Baeza
  • Michael Catron
  • Ed Hatton
  • Oliver Naepel
  • Doug Wheeler
  • Alvise Mattozzi
  • Mike Murphy
  • Carlos Diaz Maroto
  • Thomas Inge
  • Leonardo De Sá
  • William Silvester
  • Bill Cogswell, Sr.
  • Kumudini Mayur
  • Tabitha Oglesby
  • Roger Sabin
  • Mike Simons
  • Suze Eaton
  • Maddy from Ms. Haynes's class

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