November 1963

summary written by Lou Mougin (

"The Night Negative Man Went Berserk" (17 pages)
Cover: Bruno Premiani
Editor: Murray Boltinoff
Writer: Arnold Drake
Artist: Bruno Premiani

Character Notes

Villains: Nolan, Cooky (intro for both)


The Doom Patrol foils a jobless man's threat to blow up a natural gas tank. Afterward, Larry makes a slightly bristling comment to a reporter, which causes a brief disagreement between him and The Chief. The Chief puts his three teammates through tests designed to measure their utmost abilities. But when Negative Man is loosed from Larry's body, he inadvertently flies through the path of a powerful radio signal beamed towards Mercury, driving him berserk.

Negative Man does not respond to Larry's mental summons to return to his body. To save Larry's life, The Chief has him frozen in suspended animation. The glowing black being rampages through the city, destroying power sources and radio transmitters which attract him. Cooky and Nolan, two petty crooks, capitalize on the situation by pulling holdups in areas where Negative Man has knocked out communications. The Army prepares to destroy Negative Man as a menace. Cliff and Rita capture Cooky and Nolan, and then, using a huge mobile transmitter devised by the Chief as a decoy, lure Negative Man in and trap him within it. Later, Negative Man is released in Larry's presence. He reunites with Larry, and Larry is released from suspended animation.

Reviewer Comments
Another decent story. Good suspense created with the threat to Larry Trainor's life and the rampant Negative Man. Nice character bits: Larry's bristling at a reporter's characterization of them as "fabulous freaks", the DP's concern for each other, Larry's slight tiff with the Chief. Fairly routine, though, and Nolan and Cooky are hardly menaces.
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