May 1964

summary written by Lou Mougin (

"The Terrible Secret of Negative Man" (17 pages)
Cover: Bob Brown
Editor: Murray Boltinoff
Writer: Arnold Drake
Artist: Bruno Premiani

Character Notes

Villains: The Brotherhood of Evil (The Brain, Mallah, Madame Rouge), Giacomo (intro)


Larry Trainor's face beneath the protective bandages is revealed in this story.


The Doom Patrol rescues a plane containing a Frenchwoman, Gabrielle Soulet, who subsequently becomes romantically involved with Larry Trainor. Unknownst to the heroes, Mlle. Soulet is actually a disguised Madame Rouge, and she deceives him into using Negative Man to photograph a device buried and sealed in a time capsule. The Brain recreates the device, which is actually an enlarging ray. The Brotherhood of Evil use the ray to enlarge a set of toy-sized tanks into a full-sized tank squadron, and tiny mechanical soldiers into human-sized robots. The tanks and soldiers are remote-controlled by the Brain's radio-device, and are used to commit a daring bank robbery.

To bollix the theft, Larry Trainor unwraps the bandages about his head. Rita Farr, looking on, sees to her horror that Larry's flesh is transparent due to the radiation he has been imbued with, and she can see his skull beneath. Larry confirms that a close exposure to his radiation would be fatal to her. But his emanations jam the signals from the Brain's device, and Elasti-Girl and Robotman mop up the floundering machines. Madame Rouge is captured, and the tanks and soldiers crumble into dust due to a defect in the enlarging device.

Reviewer Comments

Another good one. The revelation of Larry Trainor's true face is one of the scariest moments in early Sixties DC Comics, which weren't noted for their horrific content back then--and which, compared to modern comics, is pretty small potatoes. But it wasn't back then.

Nice character bits: Rita's jealousy upon learning of the "romance" between Rouge and Larry, Robotman's kind offer to step in as her friend, and Larry's relief over learning his "true face" doesn't jeopardize his relationship with the others.

"Robotman Fights Alone" (8 pages)
Editor: Murray Boltinoff
Writer: Arnold Drake
Artist: Bruno Premiani


This is a Robotman story, with brief appearances by Elasti-Girl and Negative Man.


On Sutu Island, site of a Pacific battle during World War II and still home to a number of booby-traps, Robotman tracks down escaped killer Vince Harding. Harding's use of the booby-traps forces Cliff to sacrifice each of his limbs to fight them off. But in the end, he pins Harding to the ground with his heavy metallic body, and Elasti-Girl and Negative Man arrive to rescue him and take Harding into custody.

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