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Plot Synopses:

All Silver Age Issues (My Greatest Adventure #80 through Crisis):
Written by Lou Mougin (lomougin at

Issues 1-18, Annual 1, Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special, Superman 20, Invasion 2-3:
Written by William Sherman (sherman at

Issues 19-33:
Written by Bob Kelly (bobek at, edited by William Sherman

Issues 34-53:
Written by William Sherman, edited by Bob Kelly

Issues 54-58:
Written by William Sherman

Issues 59-65:
Written by John Bullough (bulloj at


Issues 19-21, 23-63:
Written by William Sherman

Issues 14, 22:
Written by John Bullough

Issue 64:
Written by Kyle Seifried (kseif at and John Bullough

Issue 65:
Written by Kyle Seifried

Issues 71-74, Annual 2:
Written by Tom Ripley (rlripley at


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