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Objection 3

At this point those who would resist our argument might turn away from attacks that spring from physics, and claim instead that we are attacking a ``straw man:" They might say: ``Look, there are plenty of AI and Cog Sci researchers who don't affirm anything like Propositions 1 and 1'. In fact, one can be a darn good AI researcher and not take a stand on the relation between computation and cognition."

This objection is of course easily cast aside -- because it fails to take account of the target we have set for ourselves. We are not targeting a brand of AI concerned (say) exclusively with engineering a computational correlate to the olfactory component of rat brains.gif We are concerned with what, following tradition, we've called ``Strong" AI and Cog Sci: a discipline which aims at replicating human cognition in part by identifying, scientifically, cognition with computation.gif Propositions 1 and 1' simply reflect our focus on this brand of AI/Cog Sci.

Selmer Bringsjord
Fri Sep 6 11:58:56 EDT 1996