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Engineering Creativity

The foregoing discussion, quite theoretical in nature, is related to two attempts on our part to ``engineer creativity." The first attempt is, as we say, a parameterized one based in formal logic: a system designed to generate interesting short-short23 stories with help from pre-set formalizations designed to capture the essence of such stories. As we explain, this attempt (at least as it currently stands) seems to be threatened by the apparent fact that the space of all interesting short-short stories cannot be captured in some pre-set formalism -- the space may be, in the technical sense of the term, productive. (For now -- we furnish the technical account below--, understand a productive set to be one whose membership conditions can't be formalized in computational terms.) Our second engineering attempt is evolutionary in nature, and steers clear of any notion that creativity consists in ``filling in" the parameters in some pre-defined account of the desired output.


Selmer Bringsjord