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Capstone & IED-PD1

I am a senior project engineer for the Design Lab's Capstone program and I am the coordinator for the Design Lab's Introduction to Engineering with Professional Development 1 program (ENGR2050). I have office hours every day! All office hours are by appointment please, so that you can be sure I'll be there for you!

Teaching Statements

My goal is to help students make the transition from academics to either graduate school or to the work world by helping them connect their classroom learning to solve real world problems. Students to Engineers! To my students - I will do my best to:
  • respect your time by making sure class ends at the scheduled time
  • share my experiences in the working world to help connect your theoretical skills to problem solving
  • help you understand the course syllabus so that you can better plan your time throughout the entire semester
  • help you participate in and out of class
  • encourage you to develop your technical and professional skills
  • understand that you are balancing time for my course with other courses and a life beyond academics
  • encourage you to keep your work up to date so that you reduce the end of semester crunch
  • be respectful of your cultural and religion and to graciously accept your help when I don't understand
  • help you learn to productively work within a group setting even in that is not your personal preference
  • help you deliver value to your project
  • help you develop the skills to make the transition from being an undergraduate to graduate school or work
  • Please let me know if I need to do more, less or different! I am here to help you!

    LabVIEW Support

    I am available on a limited basis to provide support for LabVIEW on an appointment basis.

    Cypress PSoC Support

    I am available on a limited basis to provide support for the Cypress PSoC family of products, specifically the PSoC4 and PsoC5 families. These powerful devices are used in industry for various embedded control features. They feature configurable I/O such that analog or digital functions can be assigned to almost any of the device's pins providing great flexibility!

    We have a small supply of these on hand for IED students to sign out for their team project. Please see the TA in the shop to obtain one.

    Other Information

    In addition to my teaching duties I am also a professional photographer! You can see my work at:

    I do individual portraits, head shots for publicity / PR, catalog & promotional photos, family portraits, bar and bat mitzvahs, sports, and weddings!

    Contact Information

    Mark Anderson
    Sr. Project Engineer
    The Design Lab at Rensselaer

    Phone: 518-276-2733
    Office: JEC 2027