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My current focus is on the social and institutional history of the Cold War, as seen through the lens of early historical developments in computing. He is working on a book, Calculating a Natural World: Computers, Scientists and Engineers During the Rise of American Cold War Research, which he hopes to publish through MIT Press.

Epistemic Cultures and the Circuation of Knowledge: Visualizing an 'Ecology of Knowledge'

In a recent three societies meeting of the British Society for the History of Science, the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science and the History of Science Society, which met in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Aug 5-7, 2004), to discuss the theme of the "circulation of knowledge," I presented a talk entitled:

"The Circulation of Knowledge and Disciplinary Formation: Modern Computing as an Ecology of Knowledge." (click here to download article. (MSWord format))

The paper was based on offering a visual metaphor for an ecology of knowledge, and demonstrating its applicability to the conference theme and a specific case study having to do with disciplinary formation and early 20th century development in computing. The presentation was accompanied by Macromedia Flash (6.0) graphics to illustrate the dynamic uses of the representation. The graphics is provided below in both a narrated and unnarated format.

The file is divided into two parts, which should be viewed in turn.

With Voice Without Voice
Part I (1.5MB) Part I (252 KB)
Part II (1.8MB) Part II (117KB)

Applying the Representation to Studies in Innovation

I have also had an opportunity to try to apply the representation to a case study in the history of innovation, in a conference paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the History of Technology (October 6-9, Amsterdam, Netherlands). The talk is entitled:

"Peripatetic Careers, Institutional Ecologies, and the Multiple Foundations of New Technology:
John W. Mauchly and the Origin for the Digital Electronic Computer" (click here to download article. (MSWord format))

With Voice Without Voice
Part I (1.3MB) Part I (228 KB)
Part II (2.1MB) Part II (166KB)