Analysis of Site Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading Using Centrifuge Testing Records

Ahmed-W. Elgamal *, Mourad Zeghal *,
Victor Taboada *, and Ricardo Dobry *


Dynamically induced liquefaction of a saturated loose sand stratum is studied in centrifuge simulations. A laminated container is employed to replicate one-dimensional shear beam conditions. Level site and mild infinite slope simulations are conducted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and California Institute of Technology (CalTech). The observed acceleration, pore pressure and lateral displacement responses show a high level of consistency, and are used herein to estimate the corresponding dynamic shear stress-strain histories. These histories shed light on the mechanisms of: i) propagation of liquefaction through the stratum, and ii) soil response during liquefaction, and its effect on ground surface acceleration and lateral deformation.

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