Lotung Downhole Array: Evaluation of Site Dynamic Properties

A.-W. Elgamal* , Member, ASCE
M. Zeghal* , Associate Member, ASCE
H. T. Tang* , J. C. Stepp*

Published in Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. ASCE. Vol. 121. No 4. April 1995


The Lotung Large Scale Seismic Test (LSST) site in Taiwan was instrumented in 1985 with an array of downhole and surface accelerometers, by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Taiwan Power Company (TPC). A total of 18 earthquakes were recorded during the period 1985-1986. Correlation and spectral analyses of the recorded downhole accelerations are performed to evaluate shear wave propagation characteristics, variation of shear wave velocity with depth, and site resonant frequencies and modal configurations. A shear-beam model, calibrated by the identified site properties, is found to represent the site dynamic response characteristics over a wide frequency range. In a companion paper, strong-motion earthquake records are utilized to investigate the Lotung site large-strain soil response characteristics.

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