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Laurie Wu


         HI! I am Laurie Wu currently majoring in computer and systems engineering at RPI.Before I inform you about my college life, I would like to rewind to where on earth did I came from. I came from a town within a providence (I think) call Guang Dong. All my life was set at GuangDong till age 9. My entire family and I immigrated to the U.S. We started at Brooklyn, New York. After spending about 2 month at Brooklyn, so we relocated to Staten Island, then Queens, and then moved all around Queens. We finally settled at Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY after 4 years of moving around. This time we actually own the place. I went through middle and High School at Fresh Meadows. I didn't care much about grades till 8th grade when I toke Earth Science. Initially I was failing the class, which was embarrassing because I have no reason to fail a class other than my first 2 years of schooling in the U.S. So I stared studying a lot for the first time. When the Regents Exam (a test that determines if you earn High School Credit) results came out, I got an 88 which was above average 83 out of everyone who taken the exam in the state. I felt extremely accomplished, because I enjoy that feeling of success I try to keep my grades up during High school. Not knowing what I like to accomplish as a High School student, till sophomore year. I was notified I am chosen to participate in the Engineering Program. Honestly, that was the first time I seen/heard of the word engineering. As I was getting more expose to the class material, I realize I enjoy it more than any other class. I had an Incredible Engineering Teacher/ Robotics Mentor for 3 years. The materials he introduced to the class were unexpected and challenging. Due to my raising interest in the engineering program I decided to join the Robotics Team. This will be another long story I will be telling later in the page. I got very involved in the field so I decide to pursue a degree in the field. So here I am, at my sophomore year at RPI pursuing a Bachelor's Degree for Computer and Systems Engineering. Starting a new Robotics adventure at the Robotics Lab!


         I attend grade 1-3 at china, learned harsh Chinese poems, basic English, advance Math, and some kind of science. Before 3rd grade ended, I came to the U.S and started 4th grade. Till 11th grade, my Engineering teacher throw a project at us out of nowhere and said "Build a robot that can compete for this game" From that point on, I was involve with the Robotics Team till I graduate, one of the best times of my high school years. Currently at RPI, earning my Bachelor's Degree for Computer and Systems Engineering.


         ROBOTICS TEAM! Was pretty much all I was doing in high school. However, it leaded me to a lot more: competitions at different states (CT, NJ, MO, and PA). It presented me to programs such as Pipeline national Grid. It made me a standout candidate for the Ladders for Leaders program which eventually got me an internship at JP Morgan Chase. I cannot describe how much Robotics has done for me, the experience, memories, and friends. It forced me to be productive, commutative, initiative, seek opportunities, and become exceptional. After all those experiences it leaded me to my passion-Engineering. To create what it never was.


         I enjoy speaking to different people, to me, people are "walking life experience books" that aren't documented. I enjoy music that can change my mood for the moment. Sports can help me feel physically and mentally fit! Cultural food is one of the most interesting inventions of human kind!