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Department of Science and Technology Studies
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York 12180?3590
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Home: 339 Bashford Road, Valatie, New York 12184
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Married to Gail P. Stuart; three children -- Matthew (16), Brooks (13) and Casey (13)

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. Political Science, 1966
University of California, Berkeley, M.A. Political Science, 1967
University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. Political Science, 1973


1990-present, Professor of Political Science, Dept. of Science and Technology Studies
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
1995 to 1998: Director of Graduate Studies in S.T.S.
1985?1990, Associate Professor of Political Science, Department of Science
and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (tenure 1987)

1981?1985 Associate Professor of Politics and Technology (Visiting),
University of California, Santa Cruz.
1980 Visiting Associate Prof., School of Architecture and Urban Planning,
University of California at Los Angeles, spring quarter
1974-1977 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science and Technology Studies Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1972-1973 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Leiden,
The Netherlands
1972-1973 Acting Instructor, Dept. Of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley


Current Permanent Visiting Professor of Information and Society, Pontifical University
of Salamanca, Madrid, Spain

Fall 2002 John D. MacArthur Professor of University Studies, Center for Ethics and World Societies, Colgate University

2001 Hixon-Riggs Visiting Professor of Science, Technology and Society,
Harvey Mudd College (spring semester)

1999 & 2000 Visiting faculty and online seminar on Technology and Environment, Allegheny College (spring semesters)

1999 Consultant to The College of the Atlantic on the creation of a program on public policy

1994 & 1995 Fall term seminars taught at the New School for Social Research, Division of Liberal Studies: "Technology and Social Theory"

1989 Visiting professor, winter short course, Oberlin College, January 1989;

1979 & 1980 Visiting faculty for the winter short term, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME


Science, Technology, and Society
Political Theory: Classical and Modern
The Philosophy of Technology
Ethics of the Professions
Interdisciplinary Design Theory
Computing, Communications and Society
American Popular Culture
Theories of Sustainability

PUBLICATIONS: Books and Chapters in books


Political Artifacts: Design and the Quality of Public Life

Who to Be? (an anthology of writings on technology and human identity) Langdon Winner and Ernst Schraube, co-editors, Prentice-Hall with simultaneous publication in German.

From Octopus to Polymorph, a collection of my recent essays, now under consideration at the University of Chicago Press.

Social Dimensions of Engineering Design, co-edited with Clive Dym, a book of selected articles from Workshops I, II and III of the Center for Design Education and Harvey Mudd College.

Second edition of Autonomous Technology (with a new preface), M.I.T. press.

French translation of The Whale and the Reactor, Descartes & Cie (Paris).

"Sow's Ears from Silk Purses: How Enthusiasts Betray the Promise of New Technology," chapter in, Technological Visions: Utopian and Dystopian Perspectives, ed. Marita Sturken (University of Minnesota Press, in press, 2003)

"Resistance is Futile: The Post-human Condition and Its Advocates," in The Future of Human Nature, edited by Harold Bailie and Timothy Casey, under review at M.I.T. Press

"Introduction", essay introducing the book, The Computer in Education: Seeking the
Human Essentials, Douglas Sloan and Stephen Sagarin, editors, submitted to SUNY Press.

"Social Dimensions of Engineering Design: Observations from Mudd Design Workshop III, " Clive Dym, John Wesner and Langdon Winner, Journal of Engineering Education, January 2003

2002 "The Internet and Dreams of Democratic Renewal," The Civic Web: Online Politics and
Democratic Values, edited by David Anderson and Michael Cornfield (Rowman and Littlefield, 2003).

"The Gloves Come Off: Shattered Alliances in Science and Technology Studies," in Degress of Compromise: Industrial Interests and Academic Values, Jennifer Croissant and Sal Restivo, eds. (Albany, SUNY Press 2001).

"Are Humans Obsolete," Hedgehog Review, Volume Three, Number Three (pp. ?)

Social Dimensions of Engineering Design: Proceedings of a Workshop, 17-19 May 2001,
Clive L. Dym and Langdon Winner, co-editors (Claremont: Center for Design Education, 2001). Included is a co-authored "Foreword" and my article, "Design and an Arena of Choice."

"Complexity Trust and Terror," NetFuture #138

2001 "Dos visiones de la civilization technologica," in Ciezcia, Technologica, Sociedad y Cultura en el Cambio de Siglo, Jose A. Lopez Cerezo and Jose M. Sanchez Ron, eds. (Madrid: Editorial Biblioteca Nueva, 2001), pp. 55-65.

"Del progreo a la innovacion: visiones cambiantes de la technologia y el bienestar humano," Filsosophia de la technological, Jose Antonio Lopez Cerezo and Jose Luis Lujan, eds. (Madrid: Teorema, 2001), pp. 189-205.

2000 "Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," The Corporate Campus, James L. Turk, ed. (Toronto: James Lorimer & Company, Ltd., 2000)

The Whale and the Reactor, published in Japanese with a new Introduction, Yoshiok Hitoshi and Wakamatsu Yukio, translators (Tokyo: Kinokunika Books, 2000).

1999 "Technology as Big Magic and Other Myths," in Social, Ethical, and Policy Implications of Engineering: Selected Readings, edited by Joseph Herkert (New York, IEEE Press, 1999)

"Who Will We Be in Cyberspace?" in Computer Mediated Communication, Paul A. Mayer, ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999)

"Do Artifacts Have Politics?" Reprinted in The Social Shaping of Technology, edited by Donald McKenzie and Judy Wajcman (London: Open University Press, second edition 1999; also reprinted in Al Teich, Technology and the Future, sixth edition, 1999).

1998 "Mythinformation," (reprint of article) in Composing Cyberspace: Identity, Community, and Knowledge in the Electronic Age, Richard Holeton, ed. (Boston: McGraw Hill, 1995), 226-239.

1997 Technology and Democracy: Technology in the Public Sphere, co-edited with Andrew Feenberg and Torben Hviid Nielsen (Oslo: Center for Technology and Culture)

"The Handwriting on the Wall: Resisting Technoglobalism's Assault on Education," in Tech Hi: Globalization and the Future of Canadian Education, edited by Marita Moll, (Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Fernwood Publishing Co., 1997)

"Technology Today: Utopia or Dystopia," Social Research, Vol. 64, no. 3, Fall
1997, pp. 989-1017.

"Preface," in Mapping Cyberspace: Social Research on the Electronic Frontier, edited by Joseph Behar, Dowling College Press, 1997, i-iv.

Contributions to the dialogue in: Turning Away from Technology : A New Vision for the 21st Century, Stephanie Mills, editor (San Francisco, Sierra Club Books, 1997).

"Technological Determinism: Alive and Kicking?" Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, Vol. 17, No.1, 1997, pp. 1-2; excerpted for debate in Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, Vol. 17, Nos. 2 &3, 1997, pp. 49-50.

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PUBLICATIONS: Articles in periodicals


"Design: An Arena of Choice," in The International Journal of Engineering Education, Summer 2002. Clive Dym and I have edited the entire issue of this journal with articles taken from the Workshop on Social Dimensions of Design (forthcoming summer or fall 2002).

Winner, Langdon (2001). Jenseits von Mitteln und Zwecken. Politische Dimensionen technologischer Wahl. Journal fuer Psychologie, 9 (1), 3?12. ("Beyond Tools and Uses: Political Dimensions of Technological Choice). This was the lead article in a journal devoted to the psychology of technology.

"Questioning the Unquestioned," Resurgence, no. 128, Sept./Oct. 2001, pp. 7-8

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Also available at:

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(Selected recent talks only. Others available by request)

2001 Conference on Technology and Globalization, International Forum on Globalization,
Hunter College, February 2000.

2000 "Confronting the Culture of Disrespect," talk for the symposium on "Cultural Renewal for the New Millenium: Major Challenges and Educational Tasks," Teachers College, Columbia University, April 2000

"The Posthuman Prospect," lecture delivered at the Open Center, New York, April 2000

"Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," lecture delivered to the Conference on the Future of the Digital Society, Emerson College, Boston, April 2000

"Technology and Politics," a ten part lecture series given at the Universidad Internationale Menendez Pelayo, Valencia, Spain, October 2-6, 2000 [list of titles available on request]

Lectures on Technology and Psychology, four lectures given to the Department of Psychology, Free University of Berlin, May, 2000.

"The Lonely Cyborg: The Collapse of Community in Cyberspace," invited lecture given to The Einstein Forum, Potsdam, Germany, May 2000

"A New Technological Ethos," lecture given to the Summer Institute on Computing and Society, Georgia Tech, July 2000

"Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," keynote address, Canadian Teachers' Federation Annual Meeting, October 2000.

"The Lonely Cyborg," lecture to the Program on Science, Technology and Society, Ramapo College, November, 2000

1999 "Two Visions of Technological Civilization," conference on Science and Technology at the End of the Century at the Universidad Internationale Menendez Pelayo, Valencia Spain, October.

1999 Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," Conference on Universities and Colleges in the Public Interest, Ottawa, November 1999.

"The Situation and Ethos of Technology", invited address, Spirit of Technology Conference University of Delft, March 1999.

"Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," California Studies Association Annual Meeting, January 1999.

1998 Keynote address for the Conference on Technological Visions, Annenberg School of Communications, USC, "Sow's Ears from Silk Pursues: How False Prophets Betray the Promise of New Technology", November 1998

"Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," keynote address, New York State Comunications Association Annual Meeting, October 1998

"The New Ethics of Technology," keynote address, Conference on Technology and Ethics, Wheeling Jesuit University, May 1998

"The Economics of Digital Education," invited panel presentation, Conference on Digital Diploma Mills? Harvey Mudd College, May 1998

"Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," panel presentation, National Association of Science, Technology and Society, March 1998

"Technology and Environment: Villain or Savior?", invited address to The Nature Conservancy Emerging Issues Forum, Seabrook Island, South Carolina, October 1998

1997 "Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine," conference on Technology and Education, Pennsylvania State University, October 1997.

"Cyberlibertarian Dreams of the Future of Political Society," invited address, conference on Cyberspace and the Future, Indiana University, February 1997.

"Cyberlibertarian Myths and the Prospects for Community," invited address, conference on Computing and Ethics, University of Rotterdam, June 1997

Welcoming address, conference on Technology and Democracy, University of Oslo, January 1997

1997 Invited address for the conference on Technology and the Rest of Culture, at the New School for Social Research, January 1997, title: "Technology Today: Utopia or Dystopia?"

1997 Guest speaker, Earlham College annual faculty retreat, "Computer, The Internet and the Liberal Arts"

1996 "Networked Computing and the Quality of Life," Conference of the American Association of Computing Machinery, Quality of Life section, luncheon lecture, Philadelphia, February 1996.

"The Handwriting on the Wall: Resisting Technoglobalism's Assault on Education," Keynote address delivered to the Conference on "Education for Life: Education in a Global Economy," Queens University, Kinston Ontario, April 1996 (later published).

"Necessity and Choice in an Age of Global Technology," Keynote address,
Conference on Technology Transfer, Wheeling Jesuit College, April 1996.

1995 "Technology and Sustainability in Maine's Future," Keynote address, Conference on Sustainable Maine, University of Maine, Orono, November 1995 (later published).

"Adrift in Cyberspace: Seeking Order Within Network Chaos," address presented to Academic Libraries 2000, Albany, October 1995.

1995 "Engineering Education in the Age of Expendability," Keynote address, Frontiers of Education Conference, sponsored by IEEE, Atlanta, October, 1995.

"The Enduring Dilemmas of Autonomous Technique," National Association
of Science, Technology and Society, Washington, D.C., March 1995

"Who Will We Be in Cyberspace?" keynote address, Conference on Society and
the Future of Computing, Durango, Colorado, May 1995.

1994 "How to Be A Technology Critic Without Becoming a Luddite," talk, Society for Social Studies of Science, New Orleans, October 1994.


"Technology and environmental policy," interviewed by Kirkpatrick Sale, The Environment Show, WAMC (nationally distributed)

"The Automatic Professor Machine," videotape of satirical infomercial, available as
a streaming video on my web site:
Interview, Iowa Public Radio, mid-day magazine show, October 2001

Television radio and television interviews, Montana Public radio and television, Billings Montana, March 2001;

Interview, "One on one with Langdon Winner of Rensselaer Polytech," San Francisco Business Times, (electronic version is on my web page)

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1978-1982 Artistic and Technical Consultant for the full?length motion picture "Koyaanisqatsi," Godfrey Reggio, Director


1999 Articles on Little Richard and Captain Beefheart, in the Encyclopedia Britannica
online at

1984 Contributor, Grove's New Dictionary of Music, on Fats Domino and Professor Longhair.

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1969 "The Strange Death of Rock and Roll," in Rock and Roll Will Stand, edited by Greil Marcus, Beacon Press. Numerous essays, articles, book reviews, album liner notes, and record reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Village Voice, The Atlantic and other popular journals from 1969 to present. I was contributing editor at Rolling Stone, 1969-1971


2002 President, The Loka Institute

2001 to present Board of Directors, The Jacques Ellul Society

2000 to present Board of Directors, The Loka Institute

2001 to present Partner, Alliance for Childhood

2000 to present Board of Directors, The Society for Philosophy and Technology

1999 to present Board of Directors, The Nature Institute

1997 to 1999 At large elected representative on the RPI Faculty Senate Committee on Promotion and tenure, Chair of the committee, fall of 1999.

1995 Reviewed and commented upon one year of NPR programs on science and technology (All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, etc.)

1990-1992 President, Society for Philosophy and Technology

1989 Co-Chair, Conference on Technology and Democracy, Bordeaux, France, June 1989.

Editorships Board of Editors, Ethics and Information Technology
Board of Editors, Technology in Society
Board of Editors, Science as Culture
Board of Editors, Prometheus: Journal of Issues in Technological Change,
Innovation Information Economics, Communications and Science Policy
Board of Editors, Philosophy and Technology
Advisory Board , "Inside Technology," book series, MIT Press

1981-1986 Board of Editors, Soundings, An Interdisciplinary Journal

1983-1992 Board of Directors, Society for Philosophy and Technology
1982 Panelist, research proposal review, Program on Ethics and Values in Science and Technology, National Science Foundation
1983 Member, Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, National Endowment for the Humanities
Program on Humanities, Science and Technology


Chair, Chatham Middle School Science Fair 1999; Science Fair committee past five years; Friends of Hudson; Roxbury Farm -- Community Supported Agriculture, Capital Campaign Committee


American Political Science Association
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Society for the History of Technology
Society for Social Studies of Science
Society for Philosophy and Technology
Jacques Ellul Society (There are two with this name, one scholarly, the other an organization of writers on technology and society; I belong to both organizations.)


"An STS Focus on Design", Feb. 1999 to Feb 2002; National Science Foundation, #B10332 ? Co?principal investigator with John Schumacher, Linnda Caporael, Kim Fortun, Brian Thompson, and Edward Woodhouse; $280,000. (Graduate research training grant)

"An STS Focus on Design", Feb. 1997 to Feb 1999; NSF #B10285 Co?principal investigator with John Schumacher, Deborah Johnson, and Linnda Caporael, $60,000 (Graduate research training planning grant)

Fellowship from the National Science Foundation Program on the History and Philosophy of Science for research on "How Artifacts Have Politics: Design and the Quality of Public Life." 1992-1993.

Grant from the Norwegian Council for the Humanities and Sciences (NAVF), for a year's residence as visiting research fellow at the Center for Technology and Culture, University of Oslo, Norway, 1991-1992, studying Scandinavian approaches to citizen involvement in technology shaping.

Visiting Fellow, Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin, summer 1987.

Sustained Development Award, Program in Ethics and Values in Science and Technology, National Science Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities, 1981?1985, OSS?8018089.

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 1980; Old Dominion Fellowship, M.I.T., 1978.
N.E.H. summer stipend, 1975; Kent Fellowship, 1970?1973; N.D.E.A. Title IV graduate fellowship, 1967?1969; Phi Beta Kappa, 1966.


Undergraduate courses:

Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
Law, Values and Public Policy
Politics of Design
Contemporary Political Thought
Modern Political Theory
Classical Political Theory

Graduate courses:

Concepts in Science and Technology Studies
Technology and Social Theory
Advanced Politics of Design and Seminar on Design Theory

Doctoral Dissertations, Chair

Meera Nanda, "Prophets Looking Backwards," completed June 2000
Hsin-Hsin Chen, "Man, Machine and the Gods: Skill, Hegemony and Culture in the Making of Taiwanese Machinists,"completed 1999
Todd Cherkasky, "Design Style: A Method for Critical Analysis of Design Applied to Workplace Technology,"completed 1999
John Monberg, "Making the Public Count: A Comparative Case Study of Emergent Information-based Publics," completed 1997

Doctoral Dissertations, member

Patrick Feng (current)
Virginia Eubanks (current)
Thomas Butler (Management, RPI)
Christina Prell (LL&C, RPI)

Barbara Allen, 1999; Martha VanderWolk, 1996; Franz Foltz, 1996; Andrew E, Weiss, 1996
Also: 3 doctoral committees in Language, Literature and Commuication (RPI) for Chris Prell
Margaret Cintorino, Filipp Sapienza (completed 2000), Bernadette Longo (completed 1997), and Craig Waddell (completed 1991); three dissertation committees from Australian universities during past 5 years; visiting member of dissertation committee for Juan Lucena, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (completed 1997).

Masters theses and internship reports for degree: Patrick Feng, 1998; Jeffrey L. Howard, 1997;
Sherwin Chen, 1997; Bruce Fairweather, 1997; Stan Tangeman, 1997; John Monberg, 1992; David Patton, 1991; Julie Rohwein, 1991


My research focuses on intersections of politics and technology along several dimensions. I am concerned to apply the classic questions of Western political thought -- order, justice, freedom, power, authority, etc. -- within settings in which technological practices, devices and systems are underdevelopment or already in use. This means that I view technological structures and processes as institutions significant within political culture as a whole, examining the contributions and/or problems they present to our experience of public life.

An important aspect of this work involves research on choices in technological design that have significance for power relationships. I am finishing a book, Political Artifacts: Design and the Quality of Public Life, on issues of this kind, comparing perspectives on design from architecture, engineering, information systems, and the tradition of political constitutionalism. By the same token, I am interested in ways of democratizing practices of design and technology shaping. How can ordinary citizens be involved in helping decide the shape of the technologies that affect their lives?

I am especially interested to explore possibilities for an alternative, high technology civilization, especially applications that succeed in substituting digital bits for the wasteful use of material and energy resources that have characterized industrial civilization for the past two centuries. Many of the practices resource exhausting approaches we have inherited from the past are no longer good practice and should no longer be ones we should fell compelled to maintain. Part of my research at present involves identifying patterns of new technology that are compatible with the quest for a just, democracy and ecologically sustainable society.

Another book length study I'm preparing to write concerns 19th and 20th century intellectual traditions of technology criticism and their contributions to social and political thought. While sometimes dismissed as "anti-progress" or "anti-technology" these traditions are better thought of as ways to evaluate and redirect paths of sociotechnical change in more promising directions. Of course, much of my own writing and public presence involves contemporary efforts of this exactly kind. Some of my research is action-oriented, taking a stand on issues that involve important technology-related choices, forming links with others engaged in similar projects, learning from the results that ensue.

I am also in the early stages of research on a book about humans and post-humans, looking at ethical and moral issues involved in proposals to transcend human being as currently discussed among scientists, engineers and social theorists.