Here are drafts of some of my writings along with links to items I've published that have shown up on the Web. I place these here for educational purposes only under rules of "fair use" in educational settings. Please observe any copyrights that appear on these pages.

— Langdon Winner

1. Are Humans Obsolete?

-This is a draft of an article which appeared in the Hedgehog Review, Vol 3, No.3, Fall 2003.

2. The Handwriting on the Wall: Resisting Technoglobalism's Assault on Education

-This is a talk first given at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, now published in a book edited by Marita Moll, Tech High: Globalization and the Future of Canadian Education.

3. Computers and Hope in an Urban Ark

-Brief article on one of my favorite institutions, The Ark in downtown Troy, New York. Why aren't there more?

4. How Technomania is Overtaking the Millennium

-Op ed piece from Newsday on what may be the dominant social ideology of our time.

5. Cyberlibertarian Myths and the Prospects for Community

-This is a draft of an article written for a conference on Ethics and Computing held at Erasmus University in The Netherlands, June 1997. It contains my critique of the banal fantasies that pass as "vision" among of many of those who speculate about cyberspace and politics in our time.

6- Having the Technlogy: An Interview with Langdon Winner in The Fourth Door Review


My occasional commentaries on public issues about science, technology and human affairs appear as "Tech Knowledge Revue," published in the on-line newsletter NetFuture.

Tech Knowledge Revue 1.1, A Report on the Digital Diploma Mills Conference

Tech Knowledge Revue 1.2, The Real Millennium Bug

Tech Knowledge Revue 1.3, The Voluntary Complexity Movement

Tech Knowledge Revue 2.1, Enthusiasm and Concern: Results of a New Technology Poll

Tech Knowledge Revue 2.2, Hot Property in Leedsville: The Mumford House Up for Sale

Tech Knowledge Revue 2.3 Confronting the Culture of Disrespect

Tech Knowledge Revue 3.1 Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine

Tech Knowledge Revue 3.2 Whatever Happened to the Electronic Cottage?

Tech Knowledge Revue Complexity, Trust and Terror NetFuture #137, October 22, 2002.