Mark P. Wentland
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cogswell Laboratory 332
110 8th Street
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180-3590

Mark Wentland's abbreviated biosketch

Our group's research:

 - The discovery of samidorphan, a medication currently in multiple Phase 3 clinical trials

 - Study of the Pathways of Morphine's Pain-relieving Properties

 - Rensselaer chemistry team members, 1994-present

 - Biology and clinical collaborators:
     Dr. Jean Bidlack and coworkers (U of Rochester)
     Drs. Elliot Ehrich, Dan Deaver and coworkers (Alkermes, Inc.)
     Dr. Lindsay Hough and coworkers (Albany Medical College)

 - Funding for medicinal chemistry activities from these sources is gratefully acknowledged:
     NIH/NIDA (click here for details)
     AMRI, Inc. (click here for details)

 - List of Publications from PubMed database

Courses Wentland taught over the past decade (click here for course desciptions):
 - Medicinal Chemistry [CHEM-4300 (ugrad) and CHEM-6300 (grad)]
     Example module (The pharmacophore and molecular recognition)
 - Drug Discovery [CHEM-4330 (ugrad) and CHEM-6330 (grad)]
     Example module (Molecular target validation)
 - Drug Discovery Laboratory (CHEM-4340)
     Example experiment (Inhibition of carboxypeptidase A)