RPI Collaborators


Daniele Cherniak (Research Professor)

PhD (Physics) State University of New York at Albany, 1990


Daniele is a PhD physicist-turned-geochemist who specializes in the use of particle beams for geochemical analysis in depth-profiling mode. As a qualified operator of the Dynamitron linear accelerator in the Physics Department and the University at Albany (20 minutes from RPI), Daniele has been a leader in the adaptation of particle-beam analytical techniques for use on very small experimental samples.  Her techniques include Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS) and nuclear reaction analysis (NRA), both of which can be provide excellent depth resolution (sometimes as good as 5 nm) in characterization of diffusion gradients produced in laboratory experiments.  Daniele has published numerous papers on trace-element and radiogenic isotope diffusion in accessory- and major rock-forming minerals.  She is also the former (1998) U.S. national champion in the ultramarathon (this means that she runs 100-kilometer races...and usually wins).





Current Graduate Students

Megan Holycross holycm@rpi.edu

Marc-Antoine Fortin  fortim@rpi.edu

Christopher Hoff  hoffc@rpi.edu

Betsey Pettitt  pettie@rpi.edu  (co-advised with Prof. Morgan Schaller)

Vincent Riggi  riggiv@rpi.edu  (co-advised with Prof. Karyn Rogers)