Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Morphogenesis



The mission of this laboratory is to develop novel strategies for tissue regeneration, and to establish innovative organ-on-a-chip devices for disease diagnosis and drug screening. We utilize interdisciplinary approaches including micro-/nanofabrication, stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterial, cell/tissue biomechanics, and bioimaging.


The current research projects focus on (a) Cell-based microdevices for development and disease, focusing on birth abnormalities in left-right asymmetry and (b) cartilage tissue engineering, with the emphasis of stem cell chondrogenesis in osteoarthritic conditions.



Announcement: Positions Available

A postdoctoral scientist position is immediately available in this lab. The successful candidate is expected to work in an interdisciplinary research environment on BioMEMS, Tissue Engineering, and Biomechancis. Areas of research may include cellular biophysics, developmental biology, and regenerative medicine.  Interested candidates should contact Dr. Wan at


There are multiple openings for passionate, creative and hard-working undergraduate researchers. If interested, please email Dr. Wan with your recent resume at


In addition, an undergradaute assitant position on MATLAB programming is available immediately:

Project description: Work with a second year grad student using MRI to characterize physical and mechanical properties of articular cartilage.
Requirements: Background in Electricity and Magnetism (Physics II). Competent in MATLAB. Image processing experience is beneficial.

Dr. Leo Q. Wan
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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