MEAE-4030 Elements of Mechanical Design Fall 2000
Report Format for Semester Design Project
[Report is due on Friday, Dec. 8, 2000 by 5:00 PM. No late submissions will be accepted]


1. Length

The body of the report should be no more than ten double-spaced pages. Detailed design work, drawings, diagrams, engineering analyses, vendor part descriptions (e.g., gears, bearings), parts lists, and references should be referred to in the body of the report and then included as attachments.
2. Purpose of the Report
The purpose of the report is to describe all aspects of your mechanical design project in a concise and thorough manner.


3. Audience

Assume that your report will be read by your supervisor (D. Walczyk) and other design and manufacturing engineers working on this project.


4. Organization

Title Page

Include the title of the report, your name, the class, and date of submission.


Executive Summary

Summarize what was asked for, what you accomplished and how it was accomplished. Include your main results and conclusions. Put this section first in the report but write it last. The summary should stand alone from the rest of the report. Limit it to one page (double-spaced) or less.


The Problem

Summarize the details of your chosen design project. In addition to the original problem description, include any additional tasks that you have decided to accomplish.


Design Specifications

List and fully explain the main design specifications used for this project. Many have already been prescribed in the project description.


The Concept

Using a neat hand sketch, CAD drawing, and/or schematic diagram, describe the final conceptual design for your project.


Detailed (Embodiment) Design Work

Provide an overview of the detailed design work you have completed. Report on each aspect of the detailed design work, reviewing the work completed in each area, and including sketches and the results of calculations, as appropriate. Include detailed component and assembly drawings (CAD preferably) and any supporting engineering calculations of only the parts you were asked to design in the problem statement as appendices. Whenever appropriate, make sure that you link the detailed design to the concept, design specifications, and problem.


Design Assessment

Summarize the results of your detailed design work:
Do your achieve and/or exceed all of the design specifications
What is the overall design recommendation to your engineering supervisor (i.e., D. Walczyk)? For example, should it be abandoned, further developed or pushed into production immediately? Why?
Finally, comment on what else needs to be accomplished, beyond what was asked for in the
     design problem, before an actual prototype can be built.



References should be included. Use an acceptable format.



Include in appendices all material that should be archived for further development of this project, i.e. early concepts, communications with vendors, details on vendor-supplied parts, engineering calculations, and detailed assembly and component drawings.