Hongtan Sun

Research Interests:

Operations research, optimization and scheduling algorithms, supply chain management, simulation and mathematical modeling, machine learning and data analytics.

Advisor: Thomas C. Sharkey

Email: sunh6@rpi.edu

Curriculum Vita



I received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University. My dissertation topic is on Partial Differential Equations (pdf for dissertation).

  Publications and Conference Presentations:

H. Sun and T. C. Sharkey, Approximation algorithms for fractional optimization problems arising in dispatching rules for Integrated Network Design and Scheduling problems. (under 2nd review at Journal of Global Optimization, full text available upon request, pdf preview)

H. Sun and T.C. Sharkey, On the cost of decentralized scheduling for interdependent network restoration. Invited talk at the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, November 2016.(pdf preview, full slides available upon request.)

H. Sun and T.C. Sharkey, Decentralized interdependent scheduling: A game-theoretic framework and its price of anarchy. (in preparation)

H. Sun and J. K. Ryan, Real-time condition-monitoring: the impact of Bayesian update on failure-time distribution, Proceedings of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC), Nashville, TN, 2015. Recipient of Best Paper Award on the track Quality Control and Reliability Engineering. pdf

X. Wei, C. Li and H. Sun, Quantifying input uncertainty for dependent input models with factor structure, Winter Simulation Conference, Huntington Beach, CA, 2015. pdf

H. Sun and J. K. Ryan, The impact of Bayesian update on the failure rate of time-to-failure distribution in real-time condition monitoring. (preparing for journal submission, full text available upon request, pdf preview)

H. Sun, Strichartz-type estimates for wave equation for normally hyperbolic trapped domains, arXiv:1507.05364.


Summer 2016: General Electric Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY.

  Course Work:

Spring 2016:

ISYE 6770: Linear Programming

CSCI 6210: Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2015:

CSCI 6100: Machine Learning from Data

CSCI 6962: Natural Language Processing

Course Project: Expert systems for natural disaster event extraction. (pdf report)

Spring 2015:

ISYE 4760: Mathematical Statistics

CSCI 6967: Foundations of Data Sciences

Course Project: K-Nearest Neighborhood and SVM classifier with feature extraction and feature selection. (pdf report)

ISYE 6760: Combinatorial Optimization and Integer Programming

Course Project: Stochastic Optimization Framework for Input Uncertainty in Inventory Management. (pdf report)

ISYE 6820: Queuing Systems and Application

Course Project: Sandwich Shop: a queuing network with finite disposable resources queue and infinite resources queue. (pdf report)

Fall 2014:

ISYE 6600: Design of Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains

Course Project: Case study analysis: Applichem. (pdf report)

ISYE 6620: Discrete Event Simulation

Course Project: Simulation of an apartment housing complex for graduate students. (pdf report)

ISYE 6780: Nonlinear programming

  Teaching Experiences:

Fall 2015: ENGR 2600 - Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty

Spring 2016: ISYE 4240 - Engineering Project Management

I taught/TA mathematics courses at Johns Hopkins University from 2009 to 2014. For my previous teaching activities, you may want to check out my old webpage here.