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RPI, Dept. of Computer Science.
Deptartment of Computer Science Web server. Colloquium, Brown Bags, Faculty and Staff.
DCE/DFS Migration.
WSG Development info.
CUSSP Service Tree Index
ITS Consulting's WWW Page
ITS Security Audit
CIS Security Audit - 97
RPI AFS File Servers.
Session: How to Install Applications
Lindsay's online session/setup documentation.
Trouble Shooting License Servers
Mike Hendrix's license server trouble shooting hints.
Service Tree Index
AIX Version 4.3 Base Documentation
Documentation Library
IBM AFS« Documentation
IBM AFS 3.6 Documentation
IBM AFS for Windows Documentation
IBM Redbooks - Home Page
IBM Distributed Computing Environment Publications: DCE for AIX
IBM SSA Home Page
IBM Software : Application Development : VisualAge C++ : Overview
Private Web Page Directory
C&CT News Login
KIOSK: The Latest News About Information, Library, and Computing Services

Local and Other Libraries.

Rensselaer Libraries
Login as opac.
Guilderland Public Library
New York State Library
Login as user 'library'.
Login as user 'pac'.
Union College
Login as user 'minerva'.
SALS/MVLA library catalog
Login as user 'guest'.
University of Illinois
Pennsylvania State University
Lehigh University
Gopher Menu of Libraries.

News and E-zines.

Sites to check out for updates and News.

CNN Interactive
Cable News Network, updated multiple times daily.
New Feminist Newsletter
Feminist news and constructive criticism, updated mostly daily.
Science Fiction Weekly
Science Fiction Channels scifi news and reviews. Updated bi-weekly (often late).
Science Online
Nature - International weekly journal of science Ridiculopathy Daily

TeX and Typography.

TeX Information Page
Information about TeX, MTeX and links to TeX sites.
DVI Driver Implementation and Standardization Issues.
TeX DVI Driver standards issues and Technical Working Group information.

TeX Typesetting System.

TeX Users Group Home Page
The TeX Users Group is the oldest TeX Group, and publishes TUGBoat.
Interesting TeX-related URLs
Sebastian Rahtz's collection of TeX pages.
Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep
NTG, the Dutch TeX Users Group.
EuroTeX 98
Projekte rund um TeX: NTS und e-TeX
The NTS (New Typesetting System) page. NTS is an extension/re-write of TeX sponsored by Dante, the German TeX Users Group.
TeX Frequently Asked Questions
CTAN-Web Home Page
WWW Interface to the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.
CTAN Search
Search the European CTAN sites.
(La)TeX navigator
The (La)TeX navigator page interfaces the CTAN mirror site. Note, click on the flag to select language.
Computer Science Bibliographies in BibTeX Format
Links to BibTeX files and search engine. (Usually slow, but the BibTeX files are available at many sites.)
Yahoo - Computers:Desktop Publishing:TeX
Yahoo's TeX links page.
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Desktop Publishing
Yahoo's desktop publishing links page.
TeX crazy page
Interview with Donald Knuth and some obfuscated TeX code.
TeX variants and successors: NTS and e-TeX
The New/Next Typesetting system. Information and status reports.
TeX Systems.
DraTeX, AlDraTeX, ProTeX, AlProTeX, TeX4ht.
Blue Sky Research
Macintosh TeX products including Lightning TeXtures (a very interactive TeX), and a Quark to TeX interface.
Kinch Software Home Page
TrueTeX Home Page
Y&Y Inc Home Page
Windows TeX typesetting system with Postscript math fonts.
MiKTeX Project Page
A win32 native port of TeX.
The LaTeX Graphics Companion
MicroPress Home Page
TCI Software Research
Formula Layout (Capsule Review)
BibTexMng -- Welcome
TeX by Topic: The Book that Victor Wrote
The best TeXnical reference on the open market.

Graphics and Drivers

PSTricks - and relative Timothy van Zandt packages except Seminar (Web page maintain by Denis Girou)
The MetaPost page
MetaPost is a program that reads an enhanced METAFONT input and generates a PostScript file.
A BibTeX to HTML converter. This can be used to convert your BibTeX files into HTML documents.
Adding hypertext capability to TeX with macros and a link-aware dvi, pdf or other previewer. (You can't keep a good language down.)
About IDVI
A Java DVI viewer. Pretty cool.
nDVI manual
A DVI viewer plugin for Netscape.
Approaches to WWW Mathematics Documents
BibDB home page
A BibTeX database manager.
TkDVI - A TeX Previewer based on Tcl/Tk
A tk-based DVI Previewer. Multiple display options, and controlable by other tk programs.
Convert DVI into a GIF file directly.
Pip - make any program a filter


TtH: a TeX to HTML translator
Translated (La)TeX into HTML, including math code.
HTML Converters
All About LaTeX2HTML
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
Converters between LaTeX and PC Textprocessors
Frequently asked questions about converting La/TeX into a PC processor format.
TeX4ht: TeX and LaTeX for Hypertext
TeX based authoring tool for hypertext.
MathType Home Page
Excellent equation editor that can output plain TeX math.
Welcome to K-Talk Communications
MathEdit, Publishing Companion (WP/Word) -> TeX/LaTeX, and TexPort (TeX/LaTeX) WP/Word translation.
WebEQ 2.2 Preview
Information on LaTeX to MathML converter.
Bibliographica Homepage
Bibliography program which can read and write BibTeX files.
Babinszki World - Net Distillery
A Net Distillery, send it PS, get back PDF.
Van Zandt: TeX to PDF
The HEVEA Home page
Converters from PC Textprocessors to LaTeX - Overview
Literate Clean - Home Page


The comp.fonts Home Page
Everything on the Internet about fonts.
Font software
Tiro TypeWorks
A type foundary home page. Includes font samples, and a very nice layout.
Walden Font Home Page
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
GSview and Ghostscript home page binaries, and information.
ConScript Unicode Registry, Version 2.0
Shavian ConScript Unicode Standard
About Shavian
Font Technical Information
Adobe Developer Association font information.
Adobe Font Formats and File Types
Font (and other) file formats, including the Type 1 spec (black book) in PDF.
OpenType Specification -- Contents
OpenType is a new font standard being developed by Adobe and Microsoft. It will include broader multi-platform support, international characters sets, protection for font data, a smaller size and better typographic control, especially of downloaded documents.
Pyrus Digital Typography & Font Editors
Unicode Home Page


Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography
Typography magazine run by Don Hosek, of Quixote.
Graphion Typesetting
Typography company and online typography meseum.
Quixote Digital Typography, Inc. Home Page
TeX and typography consulting and services. Note,
the it is pronouced "quick-sote."
DTP Internet Jumplist
Desk Top Publishing Internet Jumplist. Information about typography, art, fonts, etc.
Publication Services Home Page
Champaign Illinois' most dynamic typesetting company, and former employer of yours truely.
The Black Dot Group
Competitor, and occasional co-contractor. Ask me about magnito-optical disks some day.
Integre Technical Publishing.
Cadmus Journal Services
Journal typesetters/Printers.
Word Processors: Stupid and Inefficient
Incomplete critique of word processors.


Elements of Hypermedia Design
Online, hypermedia version of "Elements of Hypermedia Design."
TeX4ht demonstration.
Aztec Corporation
Hyperwave Multimedia Presentation
Followup to Hyper-G?
IBM techexplorer Hypermedia Browser : Overview
Displays a subset of LaTeX and MathML code.
LEO's Home Page


DraTeX and ProTeX
Drawing and literate programming packages written in TeX. DraTeX includes nice automata and tree packages.
Active TeX Home Page
An macro package using dot notation (like troff) and all active input characters.
MTeX: Macros for writing outlines and manuals.
PRAGMA welcome page
Passive TeX
Critical Edition Typesetting
Macros for typesetting critical editions (contain lots of commentary and notes on the main text) of books. Allows refereces to line numbers, pages, etc. Collected footnotes, and so on.
atscire Homepage
Screen Presentation Tools

HTML Documentation and Resources.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
World Wide Web Consortium's WWW page. Links to HTML standards, proposals and applications.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
NCSA's introduction to HTML. Covers all the basics with links to more information.
HTML Quick Reference (2/14/95)
Quick reference, overview document for HTML. Enough to get you started.
HTML 2.0 Proposed Standard Materials
Proposed HTML 2.0 standard, September 1995.
ISO Latin 1 Character Entity Set.
Symbolic names for ISO Latin Characters.
HTML 4.0 Specification
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
XML documentation and information.
eXtensible Style Language (XSL)
User-extensible method for adding style to XML documents.
The SGML/XML Web Page
XML: Home
The WDVL: Languages for the World Wide Web
SGML, XML, XSL, etc. Documentation, tutorials, specifications, tools.
UR* and The Names and Addresses of WWW objects
URL addressing format.
Instantaneous Introduction to HTML Forms
How forms and CGI work with example scripts.
The Common Gateway Interface
A more detailed CGI reference.
Web Developer's Virtual Library: CGI
Links to various CGI programs.
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
Documentation on programs that traverse the Web looking for interesing documents.
Information about VRML servers, and VRML development.
alphaWorks | Formula
techexplorer plugin displays a subset of TeX and LaTeX input in a browser.
HTML Bad Style Page
How to write a good HTML document that is syntactically correct and will cause minimal problems for brousers.
The KPT Backgrounds Archive
An archive of backgrounds for Web pages.
Pattern Land!
Another archive of backgrounds.
SGMLtools project
Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms 10/95
W3C XML Schema || XSLT, Perl, Haskell, & a word on language design
Web Authoring System Haskell (WASH)


The VRML Repository
The 3D Object Repository

Composition Systems.

An extensivle Itcl development environment that includes textual and graphical editors.
Lout Home Page
LyX - The Document Processor
Lyx is a UNIX-based LaTeX WYSIWYG system for TeX.
LyX v1.0.1
LynX for Windows.
Functional writers of PDF documents
The Last Homely Page
SourceForge: Project Info - LaTeX Helper - A Text Editor Utility

Home Pages

Don Knuth's Home Page
Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University.
Leslie Lamport - Home Page
Lamport wrote LaTeX, but his page contains no TeX information. But, it does contain information about Temporal Logic of Action, which is a logic for concurrent systems.
Silvio Levy's bio
Another TeX hacker, and author of a very interesting film called ``Outside In.''
John Hobby's home page
Victor Eijkhout
Don Hosek's world of cheese
Nelson H. F. Beebe's Home Page
Victor Eijkhout's private home page

Suggested TeX and LaTeX print resources
TypoTex Home


Programming Language links.

Programming Language Critiques
``Computer programmers create new languages all the time (often without even realizing it.) My hope is this collection of critiques will help raise the general quality of computer language design.'' --John W.F. McClain
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS)
The Language List
``The Language List is an attempt to enumerate all known programming languages. It is maintained by Bill Kinnersley and s periodically published on comp.lang.misc.''
Book summary and table of contents.
Advanced Programming Languages
Programming language links, indexed by topic.
SEL-HPC Article Archive
London and South East Center for High Performance Computing, article archive: Functional programming, Compilers, high performance computing, ...
Review about Computational Reflection
Reflection on reflection in computer science/computer languages.
The Literate Programming FAQ
Literate Programming Library
Information about Donald Knuth's literate programming methods and tools.
Literate Programming Archive
Noweb home page
Noman Ramsey's noweb Literate programming system.
Literate Programming -- Propaganda and Tools
Python Language Home Page
Python is an interpreted, interactive, object oriented progamming language. It has modules, classes, exceptions, dynamic data types and dynamic typing. Versions are available on UNIX, Mac, OS/2, Windows, etc.
The Perl Institute
Practical Extraction and Report Language version 5.
The Icon Programming Language
General purpose programing language with many features for processing strings, associative arrays and other high level data structures. A shame it hasen't really caught on, its a very nice language any C programmer could pick up quickly.
SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
Connects programs written in C/C++ and Objective-C with a variety of scripting languages.
The Waterloo APL Archives
The APL archives and the J archives.
CHARITY - Home Page
A categorical programming language under development at Calgary.
DOS PL/I Compiler
Digital Research PL/1 for DOS.
SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler
GNU Eiffel Compiler.
The Home Page for Object-Oriented Technology, TOOLS conferences and Eiffel
OOP language with persistent types. Available for Windows.
Oberon Home Page
Oberon is the name of both an operating system and a programming language developed by Niklaus Wirth and his students. It is highly object oriented, and utilizes a variety of portability mechanisms (including slim-binaries).
Little Small Talk ftp site.
Little Small Talk is a small version of small talk (available in source) for teaching OOP.
Cincom smalltalk. Non-commercial version available.
Dwight Hughes Website
Smalltalk-80 bluebook.
Berkely based OO teaching language.
Self Home Page
Self combines a pure, prototype-based object model with uniform access to state and behavior. Includes dynamic compiling references.
J Software
An APL inspired language.
Elephant 2000: A Programming Language Based on Speech Acts
John McCarthy, Stanford University, Proposal.
GNU Prolog - a Prolog Compiler
The Gnus prolog compiler, version 1.
Kernel Prolog - Open Source Project
Lightweight Prolog interpreter in Java w/ built in ``Fluent,'' a Prolog extension providing reflection and interoperatbility with external objects. Open source development.
The Twelf Project
Research project in logical frameworks, Elf constraint programming language, inductive theorem prover.
The Dylan Evangelists Home Page
Links and information about Dylan, an OO language with function-like properties and a type safe macro facility.
The Dylan Language Standard
The Dylan language standard.
Getting Started with Dylan
Dylan tutorial writen for those with C++ or other object experience.
Gwydion Dylan: Overview
CMU's implementation of Dylan, currently suitable for FreeBSD and Linux. Links to documentation, code examples, etc.
Harlequin Dylan
Harlequin Dylan and Dylan Resources.
Functional Objects, Inc.
New owners of Harlequin Dylan.
A C source to HTML-ized C source translator (written in Eli).
pC++/Sage++ Information Home Page
A portable parallel C++ for high performance computers.
Programming in C
C++ Critique 3rd Ed. (Oct.96) - Download Page and latest news
Instructions for downloading a C++ critique.
GNU-Win32 Related Projects
Native NT GNU gcc compiler; the mingw32 release.
Scriptics Corporation
TCL development tooks, extensions and support.
The Visualization Toolkit (vtk)
Modeling and visualization tools in TCL. Very nice.
Tcl/TK FAQs and documentation.
Tcl/Tk on Windows Frequently-Asked Questions
SCO Visual Tcl
Santa Cruz Operation Tcl/Tk page. Includes tutorials, documentation, downloadable software, etc. SCO has been incorporating Tcl/Tk into their system admin tools.
ICE Tcl/Tk
TA compiler for Tcl. Claimed code speedups of 5 to 15 times for typical Tcl code.
Tcl extensinos for network management. Supports SNMP, ICMP, HTTP, NTP, DNS and ``selected'' Sun RPCs.
GJ: Generic Java
A generics extension for Java.
Standard ML of New Jersey
Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies free distribution of Standard ML'97. Available in source and windows binaries. This was developed by a number of people including Andrew Appel, author of ``Modern Compiler Implementations in ML.''
Moscow ML Home Page
Light-weight implementation of standard ML, includes core language and simple module system. Available for a variety of platforms includen WinTel.
Home Page for the ML Kit
``The ML Kit with Regions is a compiler for the programming language Standard ML. The ML Kit with Regions is available in two variants: one that generates native code for the HP PA-RISC architecture and one that generates ANSI C code.'' Regions are used to control runtime space in a way predictable by the compiler, and not using garbage collection. This makes it easy to use SML to interface with low level languages such as C.
Harlequin MLWorks
Harlequin MLWorks and ML Resources, including online SML'97 Tutorial.
MLj 0.2
A Standard ML compiler which produces Java byte code, allowing binding with Java objects.
The Objective Caml language
Strongly-typed functional programing language based on ML, but supporting objects and classes as part of a module system.
SML/E Home Page
``... [A] modification of the SML/NJ compiler to help the programmer diagnose the reasons that certain types were inferred.''
A library for writing shell scripts in Standard ML.
TheConstruct - homepage
GUI Builder writen in SML, which exports SML code.
ML::AbstractUI - homepage
Abstract user interface API for SML'97.
MetaML home page
ML Kit home page
The Haskell Home Page.
Haskell is lazy a functional programing language supporting polymorphic types and modeules.
Hugs 98
Hugs 98 is a open source Haskell 98 interpreter (windows binaries available).
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
An optimized compiler for Haskell 98. Compiles Haskell to native code or C.
HOpenGL: An OpenGL/GLUT binding for Haskell
OpenGL binding for the Glasgow Hackell Compiler.
Object Haskell. Based on 1.3b and core.
The Scheme Programming Language
MIT Scheme page, including binaries and documentation.
DrScheme Home Page
``...[A] graphical environment for developming programs using the Scheme, MzScheme, and MrEd programming languages.''
OpenScheme programming environment
Open source scheme conforming (almost) to R5 standard.
Compiled scheme with extensions.
MzScheme Home Page
Clean - Home Page
General purpose, pure and lazy functional programing language for sequential, parallel and distributed applications. Available on a variety of platforms including Win95/NT, Linux and MacOS.
The Goedel Programming Language
Declarative, general-purpose logic programing language. Stongly typed with polymophism.
Home page of the Mercury project
Mercury is a logic/functional programming language designed to overcome limitations of logic programing languages by providing strong typing and compilation.
``MONA is a logic-based programming language and a tool that translates programs, that is, formulas, to finite-state automata.''
lambda Prolog Home Page
Logic programing language with polymorphic types, modules, abstract data types and direct support for Lambda-terms.
Concurrent, distributed impure-functional programming language. Seems similar to Java in it's goals, but has pattern matching and lists.
Sisal Language Project
``The objectives of the Sisal Langugae Project are to develope a high-performance functional compilers and runtime systems to simplify the process of writing scientific programs on parallel supercomputers...''
A Normaliser for pure and typed lambda-calculus
Tool for experimenting with pure Lambda-calculus. Well documented with examples, written in Objective Caml.
The FISh Homepage
`FISh is an array programming language that extends the expressive power of a functional language with efficient execution and static shape analysis.' FISh 1.6 is available in source, Solaris and Linux rpm format. It is written in Ocaml.
Wadler: Monads
Articles about Monads.
What the hell are Monads??
Information about POPLOG and POP-11.
``Poplog is a multipurpose software development environment providing incremental compilers for a number of interactive programming langages, notably: pop-11, prolog, common Lisp and Standard ML.''
PopForum: Index for "web"
Internet resource for people programming Pop-11.
INTERCAL Resource Page
Information about INTERCAL programing language.
Abstraction and Modularity in INTERCAL
In interesting essay on the history and influences of INTERCAL.
The INTERCAL Programming Language Revised Reference Manual
The INTERCAL programmers reference manual.
The Unlambda Programming Language
An obfuscatory functional programing language (pure lambda calculus w/out the lambda operator).
Graham Hutton: Selected Bibliography
Henrik Nilsson's Publications
nhc98 from York
The Mozart Programming System
Mark P Jones: Typing Haskell in Haskell
Olivier Danvy's home page
High-Performance Erlang
Research Papers
Q - Equational Programming Language
Synopsis of the Language JOY
Pliant - release 61
Usenet Language Wars: Why You Should Not Use Tcl
MLj 0.2
Bigloo homepage
The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer
The Evolution of A Programmer
SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL Information Main Page
A C99 Parser
SMLserver home page
Online Bibliography of Haskell Research
programming languages study
Sisal Lives!
Harmonia Research Project
Developing applications with Objective Caml
QISH introduction release 0.3 on Thu, 18 Apr 2002 19:50:10 +0200 prcsproj qish0.17
Decompilation of Binary Programs - dcc
Web Authoring System Haskell (WASH)
Bigloo homepage
Elephant 2000: A Programming Language Based on Speech Acts
The SML.NET compiler
The SML.NET compiler
The HTk home page.
Main page for the programming language JOY


Let's Build a Compiler
SoftFloat and FloatTest
Software implementation of IEEE floating point standard.
Compiler Internet Resource List
Compiler lists, links and references.
The comp.compilers newsgroup
Comp.compilers archive (13 years of posts).
The Decompilation Page
Techniques, History, Methods and Ethics of decompilation.
Upcoming Compiler and Parallel Computing Conferences
Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide
compiler papers and books: compilers compilers.
Cross compilers, optimization techniques, compiler builders.
SEL-HPC Compilers & Interpreters Archive
Archive of compiler and interpreter papers.
Compilers and Compiler Generators
Online book: "Compilers and Compiler Genertors: An Introduction With C++," P.D. Terry.
Bjorn De Sutter: Current Research Topics
Linking References
References on linkers. Haven't been able to contact this site for awhile.
The alto Project Home Page: Link-time Code Optimization
A Post Link-time Code optimizer.
Morten M. Christensen's public archive
Thesis on exceptions in Object-Oriented Programming Languages.
Tools Interface Standards
ELF, OMF, etc. Acrobat format.
lcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C
A retargetable compiler for ANSI/ISO C. Writen in CWeb, a literate programing version of C and published as the book ``A Retargetable C Compiler'' by Prentice Hall.
LCC-Win32: a compiler system for Windows 95 - NT by Jacob Navia
Subroutine On Demand-service / BLAS 2 & 3
Converts dense programs into sparse programs.
TenDRA Home Page
Source distribution of OSSG C/C++ compiler.
Modern Compiler Implementation (Description)
UW Cecil/Vortex Project
Cecil and Vortex project pages. Cecil is a purely object-oriented language, while (this) Vortex is an optimizing compiler infrastructure for object-oriented and other high-level langugaes.
egcs project home page
``EGCS is a free software project to further the development of the GNU compilers using an open development environment.''
ASN.1 Information Site
Abstract Syntax Notation One, information, tools standards.
Snacc Homepage
Abstract Syntax Notation (ASN.1) to C or C++ compiler.
The Memory Management Reference
Memory management resources. FAQs, Articles, Bibliography.
A Memory Allocator
Dalloc, the memory allocator used in gcc libc 2.x, and a description of memory allocation routines.
Bounds checking extensions to GCC
GCC Patches for bounds checking.
Bounds Checking for C
A different bounds checking page by the same author.
Directory of /pub/garbage
Papers and information on Garbage Collectors and other dynamic memory allocation issues.
GC FAQ -- draft
Richard Jones' Garbage Collection Page
Jones's Garbage Collection book. Includes online bibliography, errata and links.
A garbage collector for C and C++
Implementation of conservative garbage collector for C++, with list of readings and links to related information.
Dynamic Storage Allocation Information Repository
Pointers to information about dynamic storage allocation, debugging and implementation.
Laurie Hendren (Publications)
Articles on GC, flow control, data dependencies, and so on.
Catalog of Compiler Construction Tools
Compiler tools, program analysis and optimzation, transformation tools and links to other sites.
ANTLR Website
A parser/lexer generator which automates most of the common parser tasks.
Practical Computer Language Recognition and Translation [DRAFT]
A guide for building source-to-source translators with ANTLR and Java. (Work in progress.)
PCCTS Resources and "Notes for New Users"
ANTLR 1.33, includes ready to run Win32 and Macintosh versions.
ACE: CoSy Compilation System
Compiler Compilation system.
PRECC - A PREttier Compiler-Compiler
Infinite lookahead compiler-compiler for context dependent grammars. Developed during and after ESPRIT II Redo Project.
TXL Home Page
Tree Transformation Language.
A translator tools package.
LALR 5.0 Parser generator, reads LALR(k) grammars.
ULC Interpreter system.
Uniform Language Code interpreter builder ftp site.
The Elegant Homepage
Philips research Elegant compiler generator.
Programming Language Creator
Freeware (commercial with source) programming language construction kit.
Abstract Syntax Description Language
The Zephyr Abstract Syntax Description Lanuguage (ASDL) is a language designed to describe the tree-like data structures in compilers. Its main goal is to provide a method for compiler components written in different languages to interoperate. ASDL makes it easier for applications written in a variety of programming languages to communicate complex recursive data structures.
NorKen Technologies Home Page
The ProGrammar Developer's Toolkit: An Integrated suite of tools and utilities for building and debugging parsers. Beta 1.0, for Windows/C++.
Package: areas/nlp/parsing/tom/
A C implementation of the Tomita parsing algorithm.
BtYacc: BackTracking Yacc
Compiler Resources, Inc's Home Page.
Yacc++ and Language Objects Libary.
Languages for the Java VM
The Java Virtual Machine Specification
Sourceware to Work In the Java-TM Language
GNU Java Compiler.
Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
SGI's Standard Template Library.
STLPort's Standard Template Library.
Standard C++ Library v3
Cygnus/Gnu standard C++ library.
SIP: Provably Safe Garbage Collection
Abstract Syntax Description Language
SableCC 2.13
RHUL Computer Science: Research: Languages & Architectures
Pascal Programming Page
The SLK Parser Generator
Dotted Grammars
COCOM tool set (Russian Armoury)
DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit
Inxar - Information Exchange Architecture
Interactive Software Development and Renovation Software Page
Harmonia Research Project
LCC-Win32: a compiler system for Windows 95 - NT by Jacob Navia
GOLD Parser v1.0 Homepage
GOLD Parser v1.0 Homepage

Compression, multimedia, video.

netvideo - TECHNOLOGY - QuickTime Video MPEG Movies
Information about video compression, MPEG, Quicktime.
Index to Multimedia Information Sources
Multimedia information links.
JPEG image compression: Frequently Asked Questions
Berkeley MPEG Research
Links to papers and MPEG tools.
Glimpse Working Group - University of Arizona, CS Dept.
Glimpse is a text indexing tool.

Cryptography links.

Bellcore smartcard anouncment.
Collection of cryptography articles.
Biham/Shamir Differential Fault Analysis of DES
Differencial Fault Analysis of DES.
Planar (broke SSL challange).
brute page
Quadralay Cryptography Archive
Pointers and information about cryptography, methods, machines, software and policy (good jump point).
A Note About Web Browsers & Privacy
Link to this page to see what your browser is telling http servers.
FAQs about RIPEM, Riordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail system.
Survey results from talk.politics.crypto asking about local cyptographic law and policy.
export-a-crypto-system sig
A 4 line PERL program implementing RSA. You are requested to use this in your e-mail signature in violation of the ITAR regulations.
WEPIN Store Directory
``The WEPIN Store is a unique Freedom Technology resource on the World Wide Web.'' A very libertarian bent business.
The Applied Cryptography Case
Cronolgoy of the attempt to get an export license for the disk accompanying ``Applied Cryptography.''
National Cryptologic Museum
The NSA's (that's right, the National Security Agency's) page about the National Cryptographic Museum. Includes information about museum hours, and some sample exhibits.
A. G. Reinhold's Papers
A collection of papers by A.G. Reinhold about PGP passphase servyes, does P==NP and other crytography related topics.
FSA Corp. Home Page
Corporate Security software, products and information.
Cryptography Research Home Page.
Cryptography Archives, papers and links.
Ross Anderson's Home Page
Home page, with research interests on cryptographic proposals, reliability of security systems, etc.
Cryptology Page
Information about cryptography, programs, etc.
Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. Home Page
Phil Zimmerman's company. Includes PGPMail, Cookie Cutter and PGPPhone.
PGP Public Key Server
The International PGP Home Page
RSA Data Security, Inc.'s Home Page
RSA are the original patent holders of the RSA encryption algorithm, and license a number of cryptographic products. Their page includes cryptographic information and policy.
Pretty Good Privacy
Pretty Good Privacy. PGP is a freely-redistributable public key cryptosystem that uses RSA. This page includes information about PGP legal issues and software.
Markets PGP products for DOS, Windows and Unix.
WinPGP(tm) Home Page
Sharware Windows and Windows95 PGP.
Program using a dictionary of passphrases to break conventional pgp encryption.
IDEA Licencing.
Information about licensing the International Data Encryption Algorithm.
SSLeay: SSLeay and SSLapps FAQ
``Free'' version of SSL, requires RCS license.

Software Development.

Software maintenance, engineering, risks and so on.

Westergaard Year 2000
Portland Pattern Repository
Patterns Home Page
The Year 2000 Information Center
Information on the comming millenium, and the effect this may have on computers.
Project 2000 Home Page
REDO project archive
Information about ESPRIT II REDO project (1989--1992) concerned with software maintenance and reverse engineering.
Software Reengineering Web Home Page
Information about Internet software maintenance and Re-engineering.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Formal Methods
Software Maintenance
Software maintenance abstracts.
The Wisconsin Program-Slicing Tool, Version 1.0
Capital District Y2K User's Group
Meeting anouncements.
The Open Source Page
Open access to source code to improve programs.
The Free Software Bazaar
Open contracts to write freely distributed software.
Hot Path Browser
A GUI for analyzing paths in programs.
Bloatbusters: We bust apps that suck
Front Page
Emacs: The Sacred Editor
PRC-Tools: GCC for Palm OS
Palm OS Programmer's FAQ: PRC-Tools Tutorial

Operating Systems.

The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
The PDD-11 Unix Preservation Society. Single user license information, source gathering and release (to license holders) and PDP-11 emulators.
The Unix Heritage Society
The UNIX Heritage Society. History, Lore, Books.
Lucent Technologies' Inferno
The Inferno OS, a networked operating system.
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
AIX Library Server
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Linux is a free implementation of System V UNIX.
The NetBSD Project
NetBSD is a port of 4.4BSD Lite. It is a full implementation of Berkeley Unix.
FreeBSD Inc.
BSDI - Welcome to Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
CYNJUT World Wide Web Page
Plan 9 from Bell Labs
Plan 9 is ATT's distributed OS. It is not a version of UNIX, it is a new operating system redesigned from the ground up which incorporates many very interesting ideas.
Linux on the OSF MK - The Windows 95 Internet Headquarters
Windows 95 home page. Includes 32-bit shareware, tutorials and discussion forums.
Microsoft Developer Curriculum Project
Windows 95 Annoyances
Annoying features of Windows 95 and what you can do about them.
Windows NT Utilities
GNU-Win32 Related Projects
Native NT GNU untilities and gcc compiler. The mingw32 release.
HeimasÝ­a Alfre­s
Netscape, Windows and other shareware. Includes Imp for W95.
The gnu-win32 Project Page
GNU-win32 home page. This is a project to port GNU software to the win32 (Windows 94, Windows NT) architecture. Emphasis on programing and porting tools.
Perl for Win32
Virtually UN*X!
Another project to port UNIX utilities to Windows 95. Includes links to other GNU-Windows 95 porting projects.
GNU Emacs for Windows NT and Windows 95
GNU emacs ports to Windows 95 and Windows NT. Available in sourc and binary distributions.
Directory of /pub/gnu-win32
GNU Hurd information
Hurd is the GNU operating system.
Welcome to SCO!
Santa Cruz Operations.
NIS' Unix Industry Home Page
National Information Systems UNIX resource page.
Microsoft« Windows« NT«
Internet tools for Windows NT.
Solaris 2 FAQ
WinDD Description
An NT based PC Server. Operates much like X, but with PC applications.
Windows95 Annoyances
Customization and repair tips for W95.
The World of Newton
GNU ISPELL V4.0 - Table of Contents
GNU ispell for W95 and ntemacs.
Oberon Home Page
Oberon is the name of both an operating system and a programming language developed by Niklaus Wirth and his students. It is highly object oriented, and utilizes a variety of portability mechanisms (including slim-binaries).
ETH Zrich / Oberon Home Page
Project Oberon is both an operating system and a language. It is available for single user workstations, and worth checking out.
A (mostly) functional-to-the-metal operating system.
The NewOS Operating System

X Windows

X Consortium welcome document
The X Consortium developes the X Window system. It is a not for profit organization formed in 1993 to succeed MIT's X Consortium.
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X
A pdf viewer. Testing it out for use with the library reserver material system.
TriTeal Corporation
TriTeal is developing TED (TriReal Enterprise Desktop), which is an X/Open certified CDE (Common Desktop Environment) desktop. CDE will bring the integrated functionality of the Macintosh (or even Windows 95) desktop to UNIX.
XFree86(TM): Home Page
Ports of the X Windows system for x86 architectures.
X based calendar program writen with Tk libraries. Allows a crude form of networked calandar if you have a shared filesystem.

Computer and Network Security.

Sponsor of Dan Farmer's computer security survey.

Welcome to Spreadsheet Research
SpreadSheet Research, seeking information about the accuracy and integrity of the spreadsheets that make business decisions. Not too encouraging.
Welcome to RiskWorld
Information Warfare and INFOSEC
Securing 5% of the Internet against Wiretapping in 1996
Virus Bulletin Home Page
On line publication for computer virus prevention, recognitino and removal. Comparative reviews of virus products, virus bulletins and general information.
Computer and Network Security Reference Index
Contains links to information sources on Network and Computer Security. Good starting point for finding security tools.
COAST Homepage
Purdue Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology. Projects, papers, faculty, news and other links.
CIAC Security Web Site
U.S. Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability. CIAC provides computer security services to employees and contractors of the Department of Energy.
SANS HomePage
System and Network Security, USENIX anual conference and sub committee.
Rutgers WWW-Security Index page
Indexes information on security for the World Wide Web, HTTP, HTML and related software/protocols.
NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
National Institute of Standards and Technology's Computer Security Resourse Clearinghouse. Publications, programs, articles w/ a focus on crisis response information.
NASA/MOD AIS Security Engineering Team
NASA Automated Information Systems Security Engineering Team. Provides ``Mission Operations Directorate'' with information pertaining to security, and threats against MOD from hostile connections.
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams. FIRST brings together a variety of computer security incidence response teams to foster cooperation and coordination in incidence prevention....
Archive of security tools.
FIRST archive of Network Security Tools.
Bugtraq Archives by thread
This is a partial archive of Bugtraq, a full-disclosure UNIX security mailing list.
Firewalls FAQ.
The firewall FAQ as stored on Ohio State's FAQ list.
Info About <i>SATAN</i> (16-Apr-1995)
System Administration Tool for Analyzing Networks.
Spaf's Hotlist: Computer Security, Law & Privacy
Eugene Spafford's security and privacy hotlist. Spafford is co-author of Practical Unix Security.
CERT Coordination Center
Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center. Advisories, FAQs, FTP archives.
CERT-UU Computer Emergency Response Team Home Page
University of Utrecht Computer Emergency Response Team. Departmental information and pointers to other CERT-style organizations.
Computer Security Research Laboratory at UC Davis
Computer security research at the University of California, Davis. More theoretical.
Cliff Stoll's Performance Art Theater and Networking Security Revue
Clifford Stoll, author of ``The Cocco Egg.'' Offbeat information and informal dialogs about computers, security, Decaf coffee, etc.
Trusted Information Systems
Computer and communications security consultants. Information about products and services, and general security information pointers.
The 2600 Magazine Home Page
2600 is a ``Hacker'' magazine. It frequently publishes (often accurate) information about how to hack systems. Web page includes information and sample articles (with better graphics and layout then the actual magazine).
Basic Flaws in Internet Security and Commerce
Information about a well known, but recently hyped Internet security flaw. Explains how NFS trafic can be hijacked by an attacker.
DigiCrime, Inc.
``A full service criminal computer hacking organization.'' Information about the law and computer security problems. Good information, somewhat tonge-in-cheek.
Point Communications Corp.
Links to computers, security, privacy sites. Well organized.
Computers, Freedom and Privacy 96, Cambridge MA.
Securing NIS
Information from Auburn University College of Engineering about securing NIS networks.
The capture of Kevin Mitnick (contains more then just an add for the book).
The Cancelmoose[tm] Home Page
Information about the usenet Cancel Moose. For those who are living in a metal box, the Cancel Moose is a person/organization/entity that concels usenet spams.
Things that Go Bump in the Net
Glossary of computer threats.
Ssh (Secure Shell) FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Secure SHell is a way to setup an encrypted and authenticated channel between two machines. It is intended to replace rlogin, rsh and rcp. SSH also provides secure X connections and secure forwarding of arbitrary TCP connections.
Somarsoft - Windows NT Security Issues
NT Security issues and suggestions on what to do.
Computer Virus Myths home page
Interesting stories about computer virus myths.
Safe Internet Programming: Publications
Article on spoofing web pages.
Resources GEEK-GIRL provides
Jennifer Myers' (a.k.a Geek Girl) resources page, including bugtrack archives.
Packet: A good idea, every day.
Simpson Garfinkel's packet page.
Mini-FAQ: NT Password Attack & defences
Net Jerk: Main Index
UCB's netjerk page. Humorous explainatino of net jerks with links to policies.
Paul E. Dunne - Teaching
Course notes on parallel algorithms.
Sarah Flannery on Cayley-Purser: An Investigation of a New Algorithm vs. the RSA
antivirus online home page.
TWiki . IPCop . WebHome

Computer Ethics, privacy, copyright.

Netiquette Home Page
A guide to Netiquette and good netizenship.
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
University of Delaware
Description of ECCE project at the University of Deleware.
CAUSE homepage
Issues related to managing campus computer systems.
Responsible Computing at the University of Delaware
Description of the University of Delaware's responsible computing program. Similar to a driving test.
The Copyright WebSite
Information about copyright law as it applies to computers and Web sites.
The Law Firm of Pepper & Corazzini L.L.P. Home Page
Law firm specializing in communications, telecommunications and internet services law.
State of Oregon vs Randal Schwartz computer security case
Information about the trial of Randal Schwartz. Focus is on facts of the case, more considered opinions, and advise for system administrators and consultants.
CyberLaw (tm) & CyberLex (tm)
Educational service supported by attorneys across the US.
Micron Internet Services Web.LaunchPad!--Legal Services and Resources
Micron Internet Services electronic legal information page.
The Home of the Digital Future Coalition
``The Digital Future Coalition was formed in the fall of 1995 to work towards a thorough, broad and balanced Cogressional debate of U.S. copyright law and policy.''
Offbeat (no pun intended) site discussing copyright issues.
Families Against Internet Censorship
A coalition of families that oppose government censorship of the Internet. Links to memeber families and information on how to join. (I guess that for every 10 families that want the government to ``do something'' there's one that's willing to risk raising their own kids.)
Welcome to the Software Publishers Association
Software Publishers Association Home Page.
SPA Anti-Piracy Home Page
Software Publishers Association's Anti-Piracy Page.
STO's Internet Patent Search System
Source Translation & Optimization's Internet Patent Search System.
Electronic Privacy Information Center Home Page
WinSock Remailer Home Page
A Type 1 Cypherpunk Remailer that runs on any PC with Windows 3.1.
National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060
Information on reporting telemarketing fraud and suspicious activity on the internet, and information on protecting yourself from fraud.
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
WIPO home page
World Intellectual Property Organization.
Computer Policy & Law
Computer policy statements from hundreds of institutions and information about computer law.
The Future Does Not Compute
Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Computers, Freedom and Privacy is a conference held anually since 1991. It includes representatives from law enforcement, government, business, academia and the hacking communities who all gather together and discuss the issues on a high level. Most unusual in todays world of Rush Limbaugh style yelling matches.
Privacy, Inc.
Includes the Internet Background Check, so you can check for information about yourself on the internet (requires $29.95 anual membership fee).
The Privacy Thieves
August 4, 1997 Time cover story on privacy in the electronic age.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Consumer information on protecting privacy.
Lex Electronica (fr.temp) vol. 3 no 1 - Page d'accueil et Table des matiŔres
Privacy Forum, sponsored by the ACM.
PRIVACY Forum Media Information
Media contact page for Privacy Forum.
Cyberschool -- Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Online course on privacy in cyberspace. Notes available to all, but class (print 1998) enrollment is closed.
The Voters Telecommunications Watch
The Center for Democracy and Technology
l a w g i r l | w e l c o m e
Information about copyright and trademark on the Internet. Many good copyright and trademark links.
Quick Guide to WIPO Domain Name Proposal.
A critique of the proposed WIPO Domain Name changes.
Legal Department @ AOL
PFIR: "People For Internet Responsibility"
Identity theft. Information and how to recover.


The IBM home page
Letters to investors, press releases, product announcements and spiffy projects.
IBM RISC System/6000 Products & Services
RS6k products, systems, software, etc.
IBM Almaden Web Farm
Index of IBM pages (various divisions).
PowerPC News home page
PowerPC news, a newsletter about the PowerPC (all varieties).
Welcome to Sun Microsystems
SunSolve Online. Documents, patches, patch descriptions, symptom-and-resolution database.
Coetanian Systems
Consulting services and developes utilities for the Windows environment.
Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page
Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server
MSN Welcomes You To The Internet!
Apple Computer
Pacific Bell Web HomePage
Welcome to Xinet
Developer of UNIX to Macintosh ``connectivity software.''
Dr Solomon's On-Line
Developers of Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus software.
GNU's Not Unix!
Storage Computer Presents
High performance falt-tolerant SCSI backup systems.
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
Multimedia products, esp. fast graphics cards for PCs.
Welcome to Intel
Intuit Home Page
Mortice Kern Systems Inc. - Home page
Quarterdeck Corporation Home Page
Quarterdeck home page. Includes discount shopping for QD products.
Welcome to Toasted Berkeley Systems Online
Makers of "You Don't Know Jack."
Iomega Home Page
Iomega Zip, Bernoulli and Jaz information.
Cheyenne Software, Inc.
Market a number of PC, Unix, NT and OS/2 products including a standalone W95 backup program.

AFS and Kerberos.

Pointers to Authentication Info
Kerberos Reference Page
AFS Reference Page
AFS Frequently Asked Questions
Transarc's Frequently Asked Questions.
Kerberos Users' Frequently Asked Questions 1.14
A non hypertext version.
Kerberos FAQ
Transarc Home Page
SAMBA Web Pages
Server suite allowing clients access to Unix filespace via the SMB (Session Message Block) protocol. Understands AFS authentication (latest Windows 95 includes a Samba specific patch).
AppleTalk Protocol Suite for UNIX. Provides good access to UNIX filesystem.
Locus Computing Corporation HomePage
Developers of PCI and PCE for connecting PCs to UNIX and AFS.
S/Ident source code
Minotaur Project
Kerberized Web access.
Java-Kerberos Site
Opengroup Java-Kerberos project with demo applet.
The Kerberos Network Authentication Service
ND_GINA - An alternative authentication method for Windows NT
IntelliSoft Corp. DCE/Snare Home Page
The arla project.
A free AFS cache client for OpenBSD, Linux, etc.
Coda developments
A free descendent of AFS.
Security on the Web (and Kerberos)
AFS Authentication via web interface, U-M implementation.


OSF DCE User & Developer Conference
OSF Distributed Computing Environment conference.
Transarc Home Page
DCE Documentation
IntelliSoft Corp. Home Page
DCE/Snare: Intercepts low level TCP/IP calls and DCE authenticates/authorizes them.
Free software
DCE and DFS Perl modules.

Mail, etc.

Including mail abuse and spamming.


Pegasus Mail by David Harris
Pegasus mail information, FAQ, software, etc.
Eudora mail clients and qpop server software.
Eudora FAQs & Links
QUALCOMM Incorporated
Marketers of Eudora and distributers of popper.
The Mutt E-Mail Client
Fetchmail Home Page
Fetches mail using POP3/KPOP/IMAP and forwards it using SMTP.
Directory of /eudora/servers/unix/popper
Cyrus IMAP Server v1.5.14 Home Page
The IMAP Connection
Internet Message Access Protocol.
UW IMAP Information Center
Source, questions and installation of UW IMAP.
LDAP Modifications to UofW IMAP
Pine Information Center
Information about Pine, installation, obtaining source, etc.
SSH Tunnelling
Instructions on tunnelling email through SSH.


Sendmail Home Page
The Free Version of sendmail.
Sendmail, Inc. provides Internet proven email server software based on Open Source sendmail, as well as support, services and simplified sendmail products for email system administrators at ISPs and corporations.">
The commercial version of sendmail.
Internet Mail Consortium
Directory of /ucb/src/sendmail
Berkeley sendmail distribution.
comp.mail.sendmail FAQ
HTML-ized sendmail FAQ.
Links to e-mail related sources
Hints for configuration, what's new for 8.8.x, and ruleset examples.
What's new in sendmail 8.8?
Description of new features of sendmail 8.8.x
Henry's sendmail Page!
A collection of information about sendmail. Source, bug lists, vulnerabilities, FAQs, etc.
DCE-ized qpopper 2.3
Patches to popper 2.3 for DCE authentication.
WorldMail Beta Program
Qualcomm's mail NT based SMTP server.
Andrew Starr's Eudora Page
Unofficial Eudora page maintained by a Eudora user.
Pegasus Mail by David Harris
Pegasus mail information, FAQ, software, etc.
Hummingbird Ships High-Performance Windows NT Mail Server for Open System Enterprise Messaging
Press release of hummingbird's NT mail server.
Project Cyrus Home Page
The Carnegie Mellon Enterprise Electronic Mail Project.
E-mail system, supports IMAP and Kerberos.
The Sleepycat Software Home Page
Qpopper Home Page
FAQ for Qpopper
Index of /computer/stunnel
Learning SSL the Hard Way
exim Internet Mailer
Home Page of Andrzej Filip
Smart Table (sendmail)

List Servers

Mustang Online - Products - Web Essentials - ListCaster, Inc. Home Page
Developers of, a sendmail replacement.
Software Tools
CREN's listproc.
ListProc Site Manager FAQ
ListProc - Technical Support
Sympa - mailing list manager

Directory Services.

CIFS Home Page (Temporary)
Common Internet File System, formerly known as SMB (Server Message Block).
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Lightweight, TCP/IP version of OSI's X.500 Directory Access Protocol. Developed at the University of Michigan and available for a variety of UNIX platforms.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - Clients
Clients for LDAP, PC, Unix, Windows, etc.
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Internet:Directory Services
UW IMAP Information Center
Internet Message Access Protocol resources at the University of Washington.
The IMAP Connection
Internet Message Access Protocol.
phf prober perl script
Script to probe sites attempting to expoit a ph bug.

Spam and anti-virus

Join the Fight Against Spam!
The Netizen's Guide to Spam, Abuse, and Internet Advertising
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
Best collection of information on using the check_* rules of sendmail 8.8.x.
Some other examples of using check_* in sendmail 8.8
Directory of /pub/antispam
More antispam examples, including addressing the legitimate forwarding problem.
History of a dispute with a spammer.
Directory of /pub/abuse
Lists of spammers. Home Page
Fight Spam!
Sendmail patch and relay check rules.
Fight Spam on the Internet!
No spam!
Spam Considered Harmful
What is spam, what's in spam and what does spam cost society.
Texans Sue Spammer
A Texas ISP is suing a spammer. History of case and why they're doing it.
Spamcan: A Sendmail patch to capture spam by regular expression
Sendmail patch to capture spam via regular expressions.
Welcome To IEMMC
Internet EMail Marketing Council. ``IEMMC was formed in May of 1997 as a trade association dedicated to promoting the responsible use of direct email as a marketing tool on the Internet.
Applicability of existing law to junk email.
The AntiSpam Mailing List's SPAM DRIVE
Pledges to buy cans of Spam if Hormel pursues their case agains CyberPromo.
ZDNet Software Library - Anti-Spam Tools
Mail Blocking (SMTP e-mail) at VORTEX.COM
Vortex's email block list and anti-UBE info.
Mail Abuse Prevention System
Sendmail ruleset which uses DNS to reject mail from machines allowing open relays, or from which spam has been sent. This is the grand-daddy of the ``technical self help'' sites.
MAPS TSI: Anti-Relay: How Can I Fix the Problem?
Instructions on disabling relays for a wide selection of mail servers.
Another list of sites allowing relaying or spam, blocked by DNS zone transfers. Additional useful information on testing relays and other technical spam solutions.
Internet Mail Relay Service Survey
IMRSS scans for open relays taking technical self-help to a new, and dare I say disturbing, level.
Radparker Relay Spam Stopper
RRSS is a list of email relays that have been used to send bulk unsolicited email, a.k.a., ``spam.'' The primary difference between RRSS and ORBS is that RSS lists only machines that have been used to send spam. Because the relays have already been discovered by spammers, the complete list is available to anybody.
Don't Spew: A Set of Guidelines for Mass Unsolicited Mailings and Postings (spam).
ORBZ - Open Relay Black List
Open Relay Database - Welcome to the - the Open Relay DataBase.
The Open Relay Block Zone
Stop ORBS .org
Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail
Tools and filters for catching spam and maleware using procmail.
AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner
Virus scanner for sendmail under UNIX.
Sophos Home Page
! Content Technologies Homepage - Network Security through content control - MIMEsweeper!
Legal Department @ AOL
Trend Micro, Incorporated - Products - InterScan VirusWall
SpamCon Foundation
SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin
Roaring Penguin Software (MIMEDefang)
Vipul's Razor -- A collaborative spam filtering network.
SourceForge: Project Info - AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner
rdns.m4: Rejecting email when no reverse lookup.
Neil Rickert's configuration hacks
Welcome to

Web Mail

The Apache Software Foundation
Webmail and Email Solutions by EMUmail
FastCGI Home
Apache module mod_fastcgi


Dave Barr's INN page
MG's House of News Knowledge
Josnet Internetworking Netpage
Contains some how-to's.
IETF NNTP Mailing List by thread
Internet Engineering Task Force, Networked News Transport Protocol mailing list.
Network News Transport Protocol
NNTP Usenet News Server for Windows NT
NetManage Products: IntraNet Server v5.1 - Overview
Internet Software Consortium's INN page.
Usenet II
News Groups.
UUNET's very extensive list of newsgroups.
Introducing Anawave Gravity
USENET Moderators Archive
Information about, and tools for moderators of usenet groups.
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
Information for beginning and already begun usenet administrators.
The Cancelmoose[tm] Home Page

Internet Resources.

Jargon File Resources
The Internet FAQ Consortium
FAQs online.
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Internet Request For Comments (RFC)
Hypertext list of Hypertex'ed RFC (Request For Comments).
HTML-ized usenet FAQ's.
FAQs by Newsgroup
A better (faster) list of Usenet FAQs.
Ask Dr. Internet
IBM Redbooks.
IBM online documentation and howto manuals.
SEL-HPC Article Archive
Archive of about 10k computer articles. Topics include Functional programming, Databases, Compilers and interpreters, and so on.
Know your sysadmin!
Netscape SSLRef
Reference document for Netscape Communications secure sockets.
Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol.
Emacs Archives
Chet Osborn's list of emacs links.
NPAC Oracle 7 Database Server
Introduction to Unix System Administration
Upside Home Page
Daily Internet technology magazine.
Extensions to FTP (ftpext) Charter
A New Twist on Teaching System Administration
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]

Misc. Computers.

Computing Dictionary
THE List of Free Computer-Related Publications
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
Naval Research Lab ATM Page.
As We May Think
Vannevar Bush's article, published in the July 1945 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, in which he first introduces the idea of hypertext.
Sel Discipline:
Towards better News discussions.
Futurenet : .net - Canter and Siegel speak...
``Europe's leading electronic magazine.''
net.legends FAQ
The Legends and Kooks Frequently Asked Questions files.
OSU/CIS Web Services
Ohio State University (oldest Web site on the internet) Web Services page. Includes Usenet FAQ,
Man pages, RFCs, and more.
Welcome to ZD Net
Ziff Davis publishers of PCWeek, PC Computing, and son on.
Net's -R- US Home Page
Dr. Dra Home Page. Networking issues, ISDN, links.
Unix Guru Universe
The official home page for Unix system administrators. Tutorials, networking, security, conferences, etc.
Unix System Administration Course - Summer 97
Sys-admin course at Oregon State University. Outline, assignments, class mailing lists, etc.
Cafe au Lys
Lily client for Netscape.
lily Development Group
Tcl/Tk version of lily (runs on W95, WNT with win41.exe).
Directory of /pub/lily/Tclily
Early alpha release of tclily.
Cornell University's CU-SeeMe Page
Computer-folklore books
Like it says, a list of books about computer folklore. Taken from the computer folklore FAQ.
Virtual Computer Library: Book Reviews
Reviews of computer books.
alt.folklore.computers FAQ
Welcome to Triumph of the Nerds!
Based on Robert X. Cringely's ``Accidental Empires.''
Rochlin: Trapped in the Net - Princeton University Press
Computer History
Articles on computer history: DEC PDP-6 price list, 1964; IBM7094 sings Bicycle Built for Two; Computing history associateion of California.
The Jefferson Computer Museum
Includes information on the UCSD p-system, and ASCII art.


Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Home Page
London & South East High Performance Computing Centre
NCSA Home Page
National Center for Supercomputing Applications. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
List of the world's most powerful computing sites


TeX Information at UCC.
Peter Flynn's collection of TeX information at University of Cork.
ACM - The First Society in Computing
IEEE Computer Society
TCSE: Technical Council on Software Engineering
IETF Home Page
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Center for Democracy and Technology
OSF Home Page
Open Software Foundation, vendor consortium for UNIX operating system standards and development.
X/Open - The World's Standard for Open Systems.
Vendors consortium for an open UNIX desktop standard.
OMG Home Page
Object Magagement Group.
The NYSERNet Web
Logic In Computer Science '95
CSC's SPYBBS ``Too Many Secrets''
XIWT Home Page
Industry coalition committed to defining the architecture and technical requirements for a powerful, sustainable national information infrastructure.
Internet Software Consortium
Maintainers of BIND and INN.
EDUCOM: Transforming Education Through Information Technology
``Educom is a nonprofit consortium of higher education institutions that facilitates the introduction, and access to and magagement of information resources in teaching, learning, scholarship, and research.''
TAP: The Ada Project
The Ada Project, Women in Computing.

Home Pages.

A.K. Dewdney's Home Page
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
G J Chaitin Home Page
Steve Mann; Personal Web Page
The future in personal computing.
Dennis Ritchie
Don Knuth's Home Page
Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University.
Brian Kernighan
Spaf's Homepage
Norman Ramsey
Leslie Lamport - Home Page
Douglas Hofstadter
Personal page for Marvin Minsky
The SOM Archive Home Page
John K. Ousterhout
Developer of Tcl/tk.
Sherry Turkle
Jim Blinn Home Page
Luca Cardelli
Eric Raymond's Home Page
Andrew Appel's Home Page
Author of ``Modern Compiler Implementation in {Java,ML,C}'' (a.k.a., the ``tiger'' book). Member of SML/NJ programming team.
John McCarthy
Luca Cardelli
Simon Peyton Jones
Norman Margolus
Stan Kelly-Bootle
Stroustrup: Bjarne's Homepage
Luca Cardelli
Phil Agre's Home Page


The UnOfficial Smiley FAQ - updated: 06 May 1996
helwig's smiley dictionary
Smiley Dictionary
Looooooot Of Smileys And Other Symbols
Daniel's smiley list.
Joz's Smiley NetSpace :)
The unofficial Smiley dictionary
Colorful and well decorated.
List of Smiley Marks
smileys - the smiley server
Live smileys, smileys in print, etc.

Space and Astronomy Links.

Life on Mars?

Mars Pathfinder Mission - Home Page
Search for Past Life on Mars:
August 16th, 1996 Science Article and related links.
Ancient Life on Mars?
Review article from same issue of Science.
Life on Mars
Federation of American Scientists Mars Page. Contains many links related to Mars, the Meteorite and the Origins of Life.
Viking Project Information
Orbital and lander data from the Viking mission to Mars.
Life on Mars? The Viking Labeled Release Experiment
Articles by Dr. Gilbert V. Levin, principle investigator of the Viking Lander Labeled Release Experiment.
Mars Atlas home page
USGS atlas of Viking images.
Mars Meteorite Home Page (JPL)
JPL page describing each of the known Martian Meteorites. Gives history and photos.
SNC Meteorites
Information about the SNC (Shergottite, Nakhlite and Chassigny) meteorites of which ALH84001 is a member. Hyperlinked to related information.
Storming the Heavens
Sneek preview of a soon to be published book speculating on life in the Universe.
Profile of the Planet mars (from the jpl planets page).
Edgar Rice Burroughs
``A Princess of Mars'' and other stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
H G Wells - The War of the Worlds
H.G. Wells story of Martian invasion.
War of the Worlds
The Musical version of ``The War of the Worlds.'' Available on CD.
The Martian Consulate.
Register your land claim today!


SETI Institute Home Page
Information about SETI, the Institute, current projects, educational programs.
The SETI League: Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Networked computer search for extraterrestrial signals in Project SERENDIP data.
The Contact Project - Home Page
Online SETI demonstration.
The Drake Equation
Estimating the probability of extra-terrestrial life.
Contact, the Movie
Looks aren't everything - or are they?
Using Artificial Intelligence to identify life.


CSA Space Science Program
Canadian Space Agency. Includes images from the International VLDI Space Observatory Project (VSOP).
SEDS Messier Database
Students for the Exploratino and Development of Space Messier page. Images of Messier objects and links to other Messier and deep sky sites. Very good.
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
Hubble space telescope home page.
MSU Physics-Astronomy Home Page
Michigan State University Physics and Astronomy. Home of the Abrams Planetarium---publishers of the Abraham's Sky Calander.
This month's skywatch diary.
MWO Online Stargazer Map
Mount Wilson Observatory skygazer Map (just fill in the form).
The Web Nebulae
Bitmaps of popular nebulas.
Chiron Perihelion Campaign BBS and Archives.
Direcory of information on Chiron and its 1996 Perihelion.
USGS astronomy servers list.
Views of the Solar System.
Views of the Solar System, an educational tour of the solar system.
Views Of The Solar System
Images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids found within the solar system.
Welcome to SkyView
Virtual observatory on the Net. Generates images of any part of the sky at wavelengths from radio to gamma-ray.
Network Resources for Astronomers
Internet resources for professional astronomers.
"Pretty Pictures"
Links to sites with space/astronomy picture archives.
Comet Home Page
Information, pictures articles, finder charts and so on, for comets.
Tools for studying variable stars.
Stars and Constellations
Alphabetical and seasonal listings of constellation and star information with charts.
Comet Hale-Bopp at www.
Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page (JPL)
NASA's Comet Hale-Bopp page. Hale-Bopp might be the comet of the century (or at least the last couple of decades). But, see Hyakutake.
Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
Comet Hyakutake Hope Page. Kyakutake is expected to be a first magnitude comet, which means it will be visible to the naked eye---even in city lights. It is in a near polar orbit, and was visible in the northern hemisphere last March.
Comet Hale-Bopp Positions
U.S. Naval Observatory page for comet Hale-Bopp observing.
International Dark-Sky Association
The International Darksky Association. Learn how to end urban sky glow, improve security, reduce crime and make your city, town, neighborhood and home look nicer all while saving money.
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Incredibly nice pictures from various astronomical instruments.
AAS Home Page
American Astronomical Society home page.
Comet Hale-Bopp at www.
Up to date information about Hale-Bopp, including information about the "Saturn-Like" object near it.
Astronomical Data Center home page
Archives of astronomical data.
Darwin Space Interferometer - mission, design and technology
Proposed Darwin telescope design and description.
Bad Astronomy
Good source for debunking common astronomical myths such as ``Polaris is the brightest star in the sky.'' Includes links to other bad science pages.

Space, Planetary and Atmospheric Science.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Space Calendar (JPL)
Daily listing of current and historical events in astonomy and space science.
INTELLICAST: Albany Weather
Local weather, Albany Page.
Satellite Images
Weather satellite images selectable by image type (visible, infared, etc.) and region.
Schenectady Museum
The Schenectady Museum and Planetarium is where we hold our monthly meetings.
SEDS Internet Headquarters
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. Project information, images, local chapters, and so on. Serveral very well maintained information pages.
DRAO Home Page
Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory.
The SST Programmer's Guide - Table of Contents
Synthesis Telescope Software.
Clementine Lunar Image Browser
Images from the Clementine mission at selectable resolutions.
Today at NASA
NASA press releases and updates. Usually very slow to respond, esp. during planetary missions.
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
Organized list of NASA web pages. Also slow to respond at times.
The Nine Planets
Profiles of the nine solar planets. Includes basic data such as mass and diameter, history of probes that have visited the planets (if any) and images.
ARM Welcome
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program.
Project Galileo (JPL)
JPL's Galileo page. Mission updates and the latest images.
Welcome to the Planets
JPL planets page.
Global Oscillation Network Group
Community-based program to conduct a detailed study of solar internal structure and dynamics using helioseismology.
NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Abstract Service
Search for astrophysics abstracts by author, keywords, SIMBAD Object Names.
SDAC Home Page
Solar Data Analysis Center at NASA Goddard Flight Center.
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn
NASA/Kennedy Space Center Home Page
Kennedy Space Center information, launch information.
Frequently Asked Questions about Space.
Kennedy Space Center, Frequently asked questions and WWW links.
A multimedia Space Educator's Handbook. Qustions about Space, Space Facts, Science Fiction concepts, etc.
The Aurora Page
Images and information about Aurora.
Catalog and information on extra-solar planets.
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
Catalog and information about extra-solar planets.

Usenet astronomy and astrophysics forums.

FAQ for sci.astro
Frequently Asked Questions for the sci.astro usenet formum.


Predictions of Satellite passes over north american cities.

SatPasses - Satellite Passes Over North American Cities
Launch warning bulletins.
NASA Dryden WWW Home Page
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.
Airliners from the 50's

Usenet space forums.

Amatuer Societies and ATM.

SpaceViews: The Online Publication of Space Exploration
Albany Area Amateur Astronomers
Tallahassee Astronomical Society
Club meetings and oberving shedule, ATM resources, software, other clubs.
Central Maryland Area Amateur Astronomy Page
Activities for amateur astronomers in central Maryland.
Astronomical Society of Victoria, Australia.
Yahoo listing of Astronomy Clubs.
The ATM Page
``This page is intended as a resource for both beginning and advanced Amateur Telescope Makers.'' Includes design, mountings, suppliers, and other home pages. Includes design for ``Crayford Focuser'' and a vendors list.
The Global Astronomy Marketplace. Includes ATM area.
Company Seven Astro-Optics Division Home Page
Optical instruments, CCD's catolog online.
UK Amateur Astronomy
Links to UK Amature astronomy club home pages.
Amateur resources including the Astronomy Mall.
SKY Online - Sky Publishing Corporation
Sky & Telescope, observation updates, local clubs and catologs.
A very nicely done home page.
International Dark-Sky Association
Enhanced Web page.

Skeptical and Paranormal links.

Skeptic Organizations.

Welcome to the CSICOP Home Page
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal. Publishers of Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptical Briefs.
CSICOP: International Network of Skeptical Organizations
Listing of Skeptical organizations from the Skeptical Inquirer. Includes Web pages.
Skeptics Society
Skeptics Society, publisher of Skeptic Magazine.
The Skeptic magazine
The UK Skeptic Magazine home page.
Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York
The Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York is a non-profit educational organization interested in and skeptical about claims of the paranormal and fringe science. Links and local information, newsletter and misc.
Montana Rationalists and Skeptics Network
Club information and frequently asked questions.
Rocky Mountain Skeptics Home Page
Many good articles about Theraputic touch, including a critique of the recent JAMA article.
North Texas Skeptics Home Page
Events, membership, and links to other groups.
Rational Examining Association of Lincoln Land. East Central Illinois' most dynamic skeptic group.
British Columbia Skeptics Home Page
Meeting schedule and newsletter articles.
New York Area Skeptics
Links to other pages, skeptics groups and software.
East Bay Skeptics Society
Mission statement, membership info, organizations and other information.
The Georgia Skeptics
Newsletter, group information, e-mailing list and links to resources.
NCAS -- National Capital Area Skeptics
Information, newsletter and James Randi hotline.
Home page for the Hindu Skeptic
Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic.
Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
Meetings and lectures, links to other group.
Skepsis ry:n Kotisivut
Finnish skeptics (in finnish).
NZCSICOP Inc (NZ Skeptics)
New Zealand Skeptics. Membership information, and newsletter information.
Skepticism Central
Bay Area Skeptics.
The New England Skeptical Society
Links, bibliography and Newsletter.
The Hawaii Rational Inquirer
Australian Skeptics Home Page
The Tampa Bay Skeptics
Associacao Cepticos de Portugal
Welkom op de SKEPP homepage

Skeptic Resources and Home Pages.

Studmuffins of Skepticism 1999
SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography
Annotated book entries, searchable by topic or content.
SKEPTIC Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about the skeptic list.
Skepitc Archive on
Searchable and Browsable interface to skeptic list.
Taner Edis
Skeptic List and Skeptic Annotated Bibliography maintainer. Also working on a book ``Is There Anybody Out There? A Natural Atheology.''
sci.skeptic FAQ
sci.skeptic Frequently Asked Questions list. Very good, very well maintained, suggested reading before you post (although nobody seems to listen to that advice).
Skeptic News - The "What's New" Page for Skeptics
Skeptical Skoundrels
An irreverent skeptic site.
Skeptical Skoundrels
Another, older, irreverent skeptical site. I don't know why there are two.
Mike Hutchinson and Prometheus Books Uk
Skeptical references, Hypnosis semi-summary, links to Prometheus.
Skeptics Talking
Links to other skeptic and science pages.
#Skeptic IRC
Constructing a Logical Argument
The alt.atheism FAQ is one of the best sources on how to construct a logical argument, and spot logical falacies and other errors of logic in others.
Alan Sokal Articles
Author of ``Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.'' Perhaps the finest commentary on Post-Modern Deconstructinos ever.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
On-line dictionary of terms encountered by skeptics, presented from a skeptical point of view (may not be suitable for the non-skeptic). Covers ``ad hoc hypothesis'' to ``Yeti'' and more definitions always sought.
Secular Humanism Web
Concil for Democratic and Secular Humanism.
Skeptical links.
Various links to skeptic home pages, publishers, on line newsletters, and so on.
The Secular Web
Secular issues on the Web including links to alt.atheism FAQ, Free thought Web, Freedom of Religion, debates, criticisms, literature, ....
Jim Lippard's Home Page
Lots of information about skepticism, religion, recent activities.
Richard Trott's Home Page
Links to societies, home pages, and others.
The James Randi Hotline
Archives of the James Randi hotline.
The Left Hemisphere
Skepticism, Religion and Secularism. Aimed at rationalists, free-thinkers and humanists. Good collection of links.
Satanic rutual abuse scares and those who have been imprisoned by same. History of cases, pointers to other information.
Welcome to the Urban Legends Archive
Collections of Urban Ledgends divided by categories and sub-categories.
Legends from a small country
Urban Legends and other pursuits.
Urban Legends Reference Page
Faxlore page.
PSYCHE: an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness
A refereed electronic journal of the association for the scientific study of consciousness dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of consciousness and its relation to the brain. Psyche is also printed by MIT Press.
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. The official purpose of the ASSC is to encourage research within cognitive science, neuroscience, philosophy and other relavant disciplines towards understanding the nature, function and underlying mechanisms of consciousness.
Perrott-Warrick Research Unit
Perrott-Warrick Research Unit in the Psychology Department of the University of Hertfordshire. Their work covers: Psychology of deception and lying; Skeptical examination of parapsychology; Eyewitness testimony.
Victor J. Stenger
Professor of Physics, Skeptic and Author. Good material on demystifying quantum physics.
First organization devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks.
Donald Simanek's Home Page.
Skeptical links, physics information Urban Legends and critiques of pseudoscience.
Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry
Collection of skeptical articles by notables.
IfA -- Comet Hale-Bopp
Information about Hale-Bopp, including not so frequently asked questions.
The James Randi Educational Foundation Homepage
James Randi Live, the Pigasus awards, The Challenge, and other information from Skepticism Bulldog.
Based on the book ``The Demon-Haunted World.''
Prometheus Books (United States)
The Anomalist Site
The Anomalist, Anual collection of articles about the fringe.
Welcome to, home of the CULT and the Art Bell Cartel.
The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine - Home Page
Peer reviewed articles and comentary on the science behind alternative therapies.
Travel to the Moon
Moon hoaxs
Extraordinary Popular Delusions
Text of Charles Mackay's "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds."
Ship of Fools: the Magazine of Christian Unrest
The Religious Movements Homepage @ The University of Virginia
Welcome to the Center for Inquiry Homepage

General Information.

Imagination Deficient Personality;
The writings of 10 skeptics shows a strong presence of IDP. Literature on skepticism and IDP reviewed.
False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Explaination of False Memory Syndrome, current information, purpose, activities, programs and contacts.
Daniel L. Schacter
Daniel Schacter's home page including links to articles on memory.
Hypnosis FAQ
The Museum Of Jurassic Technology
Yahoo - Entertainment:Paranormal Phenomena
Index of paranormal phenomena related pages referrenced by categories (Alchemy, Astrology, Folklore, and so on).
The WWW Virtual Library: Archive X, Paranormal Phenomena
The Virtual Libraries index of Paranormal Phenomena. Ghost Stories and Folklore, Anglel Stories, and so on. This concentrates more on reports of paranormal phenomena.
The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.
Fortean Times on line
The ``Fortean Times'' official Web site. Can be difficult to contact at times.
Fortian Times Frontier. Lots of special effects, and selected articles from Fortian Times.
The Fortean SubPage
References to fringe science and information about mysterious phenomena. I assume this is the unofficial Fortean page (but it is easier to reach).
Kooks Museum Lobby
A collection of information about those who persist despite the opposition. Strange people, bizarre ideas and a gift shop. David ``the Mighty'' Quinne, ISUNY's psychic in residence, is a frequent visitor.
Darwin Awards Official Home Page
Awards, usually postumous, to individuals who demonstrate the principle of natural selection. Moderator attempts to confirm sightings.
The Pronoia Page
Information about PARAnoia. The site provides positive alternatives to paranoia and hatred of diversity.
Strange Magazine Web Site.
Online version of ``Strange Magazine,'' a twice yearly 68 page print magazine that ``takes a level-headed approach to strange phenomena.''
50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time/Welcome!
UFO's New Mutations, conspiracy updates. Includes many longer articles on various consiracies such as the Face on Mars and Waco.
An ancient arab text containing spells and incantations used to sumon deamons and other dark forces. Also available in paperback.
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Paranormal Phenomena:Magick:H.P. Lovecraft:Necronomicon, The:Online Versions
Some more online versions of the necronomicon.
Internet Medical and Health Care Resources
A collection of links providing medical and health care resources, including mailing lists and newsgroups.
Ft. Davis and the Marfa Lights
A description viewing the Marfa lights.
Region One Education Service Center -- Edinburg, Texas
Chamber of Commerace page on the Marfa lights.
PSYC SITE: Science of Psychology Resources
Psychology resources on the Internet, including a link to the ISUNY home page.
Nizkor Home Page
Information about Holocaust "revisionism" on the Internet.
Fire Walking
Pictures, personal testimonies and information about file walking. Logs of links and a humorous essay on ``what do the skeptics say.'' Basically, it is our closed minded skeptical attitude that we won't be burned that keeps us from being burned and physics has nothing to do with it. Gee, how can you argue with logic like that?
Firewalking Myth vs Physics
A physical explaination of how filewalking works.
The Art Bell Web Page
Talk show host who occationally has UFO and other paranormal topics.
Radio talk show with frequent paranormal topics, and discoveries in science.
Bad Astronomy
With links to other bad science pages.
Bad Science
This page attempts to sensitize teachers and students to examples of the bad science often taught in schools, universities, and offered in popular articles and even textbooks.
The Internet Infidels' Secular Web
The Secular Web. Documents, articles, etc.
Welcome to the ~blackops Conspiracy Home Page
Robert Anton Wilson's index of conspiracies on the Web.
The Laundry CD - Exciting new versions of the infamous Laundry CD!
Information about the laundry disk and how/if it works.
Welcome to!
A Server for the Skeptically Inclined.
The Militia Watchdog
The Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility
Thomas Szasz's home page, with various contributions from others.

Ghosts, Hauntings and Halloween

Ghosts of the Prairie, the home of the American Ghost Society
In haunted Decatur, Illinois!
Ghosts, hauntings, spirits, poltergeists, supernatural, Derby, England, UK, United Kingdom.
Ghost of Derby England.
Dark Side of the Web
Links to horror, magic, the paranormal and halloween pages. Very extensive, very colorful and lots of fun.
YaBoo! A Parody by Dark Side of the Web
Dark Side's Halloween links search page. Lots of information on Halloween, events, safety, pages for kids and so on.
The Shadowlands Ghosts page
Personal ghost stories from a resident of a haunted house.
The Ghost Hunters Gallery
``The Largest Collection of Ghost Photographs on the Internet!''
Son of Borley Rectory - Vincent O'Neil - ghost, poltergeist, phantom, paranormal
Information about the haunting of Borley Rectory.
Ghosts Stories R Us. A reader contributed collectino of ghost stories with a form to add your own.
A directory of haunted dining and lodging in the U.S. Includes several NY (alas, no Albany) destinations, and links to other ghost and vacation pages.


Sollog's World Wide Web.
Various prophesies.
Esther & Son Astrological Services
Astrological Currents (based on season's, which correlate with sun signs), Homeopathic information, etc.
The Icelandic Astrology Forum
Information about Astrology, Sun signs, links to other Astrology pages.
Atrology Information On-line.
Ordering astrology information on-line.
Annette Martin
``Discovering Your Psychic World'' by Annette Martin. Book Reviews, Table of Contents, Exmple Chapter.
Psychic Mindscape
``Hope's Metaphysical Mindscape.'' Seeks to enlighten, inspire and inform all thos who come upon it. Dream interpretation, Astrology, Tarot, Pagan Holidays and so on.
Uri Geller's Psychic City
Uri Geller's site. Includes his 1,000,000 dollar internet challange, biographical information, consulting services, test your psychic powers.
Uri Geller in Detail
Biographical information with links. A bit more skeptical, a little more complete.
Phenomena of the Psyche (Home)
Information about Foo Fighters, Alternative Medicine, the New Page, Parapsychology.
psychics - House of Psychics
Torot reading by e-mail.

Fringe Science.

Star Drive Spash Page.
All sorts of theories on how to get from here to there.
Collection of links about EMF, UFO, PSI and other fringe claims.
Tipler's "Physics of Immortality"
Review of Frank Tipler's ``Physics of Imortality.'' Imotality can be yours, just add time. (I keep thinking this was inspired by Riverworld.)
The Junk Science Home Page
Focuses on ``junk science'' issues with special emphasis on developments in the public health research arena.
Cold Fusion Technology
Cold Fusion information. Some of it dated, I don't think anybody is selling stock.
Comet Hale-Bopp and the Saturn Like Object
An explaination of Chuck Shramek's "Ringed Planet" near comet Hale-Bopp.
Mind Control Forum Home Page
A collection of links on mind control studies, brain implants, etc. Offers help to those whose minds are being controlled.
SAA Home Page
The Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics was established to champion a new theory of relativity as created and described by Dr. Ricardo Carezani.
The Farce of Physics: Table of Contents
``[M]odern theoretical physics has become to a large degree, little more than an elaborate farce. I will attempt to explore and document this argument, and this book is meant for anyone who is interested in this subject.
Dipole Anti-Gravity
A publication which poports to be the ``first consistent theory of antigravity in the history of mankind.''
Neo-Tech/Zonpower Home Page
Too difficult to explain.
RKM Corner
Views Of The Physical And Non-Physical Worlds, As [RKM] Perceive[s] It.
Sovereign's WWW Content Page.
(Was Conspiracy, Control, & ??????.) Links to articles and information about conspiracy theory information and information of interest to conspiracy theorists, followers etc.
Crop Circle Connector
``Welcome to the fact-file and database for the English Crop Circles. Our aim is to bring you the very latest news on what's happening and where.''
The Apocalyptic Files.
``The Ultimate Goal of Theoretical Physics and the Prophesies of the Book of Revelations.'' I think that about sums it up.
Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)
A collection of articles by and about the fringe including Anti-Gravity, Free Energy and Cold Fusion.
Trancenet: Independent TM Research Archive
Articles by and about the effects of T.M.
Dissenting Physics, Against Vectors, Monopoles, and Gaps in Method.
Article by Michael Burns criticising academic physics. I once corresponded with Mr. Burns about mushrooms.
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) Home Page
A UK-based society formed in 1974 studying catastrophists such as Velikovsky, Clube and Napier. Page contains society information, publications, events calendar and membership information.
Neuro-Linquistic Programming and Design Human Engineering. If they did not exist, a science fiction writer would have to invent them.
Artificial Intelligence - The Rise of Proteus
The creation of an artificial intelligence in a remote dessert laboratory.
Barry Merriman
Information about cold fusion, including the authors own attempts to replicate the Patterson fuel cell findings.
FDSC - Fundamental Discussion and Study Centre
Crop Circles, Knights Templar, UFOlogy, Hyperspace, Sacred Sites, Astronomy.
Robert E. McElwaine
Archives of Robert E. McElwaine, B.S., Physics and Astronomy, 2nd Initiate in Eckankar.
Robert Lavelle 's Home Page
Another Life, The Universe, Everything page.


The National Center for Science Education HomePage
Membership organization working to defend the teaching of evolution. Archive Home Page
Excellent online source of information about evolution, common creationist arguments and responses. is an unmoderated news group were people with a great deal of patience keep answering the same questions over and over again.
Transitional Vertebrate Fossils FAQ
Geared towards answering the usual objections of creationist.
Catastrophism: The emerging science of origins
Catastrophism, Velikovsky, etc.
Creation Science Home Page
Pro-creation science page. Lots of information to various creationist style arguments, and pointers to other online creation science resources. See the page for corrections and counter arguments.
The Revolution Against Evolution
Creationist book and TV show. Links to many of the more literate essays.
The WWW Virtual Library: Evolution (Biosciences)
University of Ediacara WWW Home Page
The University of Ediacara (U of E) is an online virtual Universtity dedicated to the study of the origins of life in the cosmos.
Origins of Humankind (Human Evolution, Paleoanthropology, Physical Anthropology, Prehistoric Man)
Association for Biblical Astronomy Home Page
The Parent Company Resources
Paluxy Dinosaur/"Man Track" controversy
Things Creationists Hate


Controlled Remote Viewing Home Page
Archive of parapsychology articles.
Archive of articles by Charles T. Tart.
Society for Scientific Exploration
`The SSE's goal is to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science.' Journal and society information, meeting anouncements and JSE abstracts.
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Information about PEAR, and its research activities, staff and publications.
R. D. Nelson's homepage
Robert Nelson, coordinator of experimental work at PEAR. Projects and publications and select links.
Rhine Research Center (Inst. for Parapsychology)
Information about the Rhine Research Center, and select links.
Parapsychology FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology. Hyperlinked and well done. Includes resent research results, but does not present the critical view as well as it could.
Consciousness Research Division
Consciousness Research Division of the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, UNLV. Current research, personel, virtual tour.
Koestler Parapsychology Unit
Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh. People, research summaries.
Society for Psychical Research
Library, Current Research, Membership and History.
Parapsychological Association, Inc.
Created in 1957 as a professional organization for researchers working in the area of parapsychology. Some links and membership information.
Anomalous Cognition
Frequently asked questions, online journal and links.
Mind-Matter Unification Project.
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
``For over 20 years, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory has been the center for government-sponsored parapsychology esearch in support of its intelligence program most recently known as STARGATE.''
Jessica Utts assessment of CIA PSI studies.
Evaluation of Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena
Ray Hyman's response to Utts.
Response to Ray Hyman's Report
Utts Response to Hyman.
Parapsychology links
Parapsychology links by Brian Josephson.
meta-analysis and psi
A meta analysis done by Deborah Delanoy, Dept. of Psychology, University of Edinburgh.
PEAR Inc. Home Page
``Pear, Inc. is a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based corporation formed to develope and market a range of consumer products based on a growing body of scientific research indicating that human consciousness can have a measurable outcome on the physical world around us.''
Psysics/Consciousness Research Group (follow the links).
The Parsifal Effect
Excerpts from Jack Sarfatti's book in progress.
The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena
``A preeminent parapsychologist's myth-shattering, mind-expanding manifesto, The Conscious Universe unveils the lapsychic phenomena, reveals thgovernments, and academia have alreathe effects when - inevitably - mainstream science and society at large dy embraced "psi, " and ponders e extent to which corporations, test scientific proof of do, too.''


Alien Abductions Incorporated.
Specializing in Alien Abduction experiences since 1998. ``If they won't contact you, contact us!''
Saucer Smear Index
UFO Gossip and reports from the field.
The Strom files: full of missing socks.
Humorous look at Roswell by Daryl Lease.
The Official Alien Abductee's Website
``The ultimate self-help UFO for the New Millenium.''
strange voices
The Electronic Magzine of UFO Culture.
CSETI= - The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. ``the only worldwide organization dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestrial life forms.''
Hale-Bopp Comet Enigma
The Hale-Bopp companion (and some stuff on the Roswell Autopsy).
Chuck Shramek's Hale-Bopp companion page.
The Ground Crew Project
The Ground Crew Project coordinates the preparation of Earth's humanity for planetary transformation and the mass landings. Order your T-Shirts now.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
Links to many UFO and UFO related sites. Covers all aspects of UFOlogy from sightings and abductions to supernatural theories.
Skeptics UFO info
Skeptic's tool kit, including answers to common questinos about UFOs. Very good online resource for the UFO skeptic (virtually the only online resource for the UFO skeptic).
IUFOS - Internet UFO Skeptics
Explaination of IUFOS and some links to IUFOS sights.
The UFO Skeptic's Page
Robert Sheaffer's Skeptical UFO resources. Links to many articles he's written.
Kjetil Kjernsmos skeptic page
Member of IUFOS, Don't believe everything you see.
"Alien Autopsy"
How to make your own Alien Autopsy film.
Internet UFO Group
Internet UFO Group.
Pine Bush, NY UFOs.
Portions of Bruce Corenet Letter 4/24/95.
Sinister 'Net Connections: Aliens and Saucers
More sinister version of the above. Not as colorful, but lists more of the conspiracy centered resources.
Online copies of The Desert Rat, an Area 51 watch newsletter.
Operation Right to Know.
Information about ORK, and links to other UFO sites. ORK is another group attempting to get the government to tell us the truth about UFOs (no provision is made for demonstrating how ORK is to know the government is telling the truth).
UFO Information Center
Includes a UFO faq which, while a biased, does contain some good points.
A collection of the ``vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas'' in answer to questions posed by their emissary. The emissary occationally shows up on sci.astro.
The Roswell Centre
CAUS - Citizens Against UFO Secrecy - home page
Group that uses reverse speech and other ``scientific'' methods to uncover UFO's in our midst.
Stan Friedman's UFO Page.
Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman's home page. Includes bibliographic information, white papers and adds for publications.
Ole's d°rmatte
UFO-Norway, A national research organization. Available in both English and Norsk.
Face on Mars
Images of the Cydonia region and the face on Mars with links to related pages.
The Cydonia Zone
Another ``face on Mars'' page.
A message from extraterrestrials
A message from extraterrestrials as relayed through French jurnalist Rael. Information on embasy.
The Communion Homepage
Whitley Strieber's home page (I assume). Information about the Communinion Foundation., the extraterrestrial site
Information about Roswell, the Alien Autopsy film ordering information, links to another roswell site.
'Abductees' Anonymous
An international Association of Experiencers. Membership information, Coffee Mugs, more.
Hyperlinked Dictionary of UFO terms.
The Mutual UFO Network (not to be confused with the Mutual Of Ohmaha). Commentary, information, links, clock.
Bob Bredberg: The Labyrinths Of Thought (15.9K)
A UFO ``investigator.'' Home page includes a somewhat naive UFO investigation handbook,
Mistakes and Misidentificatinos in UFO Research.
Index of
Articles and postings about UFOs.
r o s w e l l 1 9 4 7
All sorts of Roswell stuff.

New Age and Health Fads.

HRC Home Page
Healthcare Reality Check, online. Part of the Georgia Council Against Health Fraud.
QuackWatch Home Page
NCAHF Home Page
National Council Against Health Fraud.
Future Memory & Time
Recall memories from the future. (Doesn't violate relativity if no information is conveyed.)
Biblical references to vitamin B17 and it's anti-cancer properties.
Sun Angel Innovations
New Age style page. Food for the Soul, Fun for the Soul and Finds for the Soul (no soul food however).
Cosmic Awareness Communications Home Page
Cosmic Awareness is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for what is commonly known as "God."
New Age Journal Online: Home
Home page of New Age Journal. Many annotated links and a search engine, plus information about the magazine and articles. Very well done.
the Reiki FAQ's
``Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. It is the energy that makes us heal. A cut or break can heal on its own, and that energy, that force, that intelligence behind the healing is what Reiki is.''
MetaSelf: Metaphor Model Home Page
``This site introduces MetaSelf, a powerful visual model of the self and its place in the world.''
Death by Regulation: The Price We Pay for the FDA
Advertisment for book critical of the FDA.
The Latest Fashion in Irrationality
``The Latest Fashion in Irrationality'' Atlantic Monthly article by Wendy Kaminer. When the inner child finds a guardian angel, publishers are in heaven.
Psychic Discoveries Behind The Canadian Curtain
Earl Gordon Curley's site.

Religion and Cults.

Dark Dungeons
Fundamentalist comic strip on the dangers of D&D.
Science and pantheism
Principles of scientific pantheism. Basically claiming that science supports or extends the bounds of religion.
Bob Larson Ministries
TV and talk show host who campaigns against satanism. Program listings, books for sale, etc (``as seen on TV'').
Ring of Fire Home Page
Environmentally concerned mail-order business. Also sells Darwin fish and other off-beat symbols.
F.A.C.T.Net 3 Bulletin Page
Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network. Provides services to all independent and professional researchers about ``destructive groups'' (their term). This includes religions and religious cults. Library of materials and points to other information.
Unification Home Page
The Unification Church's home page. Outlines of principles and teachings. Maintained by the Unification Church.
Shri Sai Baba - Shirdi Home Page
Sai Baba is an Indian mystic who produces Rolex watches from thin air and gives them to his followers.
The Virtual Vatican
Indulgences, Wrathful Vengence, etc.
Scientology Home Page.
Home page of scientology.
Scientology update/references.
Information, history, and introduction to Scientology and their interactions with the Internet.
The Church of Scientology vs. the Net
History of the Church of Scientology and their actions on the Internet. Very detailed.
Bare-Faced Messiah, by Russel Miller
Sloth's Suppressive Person's Page.
Critical/skeptical information about The Church of Scientology.
Lisa McPherson Memorial Page
The First Online Church of "Bob"
Give me some slack! The church of Bob is online and looking for converts.
Fatima Home Page
Our lady of Fatima home page. FAQ, history, miracle of the Sun, prophecies, and so on.
Shroud of Turin Home Page
The shroud of Turin home page. FAQ, history, research and criticism of research.
Orrin Onken's Very Serious Guide to Spiritual Stuff.
Biblical history, religious arguments to avoid, philosophical discussions, and so on.
Computers for Christ: using computer technology to expand God's Kingdome and share the Gospel of Christ.
Christian Coalition Main Menu
The Christian Coalition home page. Politics, conservative policy, more politics and conservative policy. Run by the cc, and up to date on action items.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Secular Issues
Good starting point for information about free thought and secular issues. Library contains some pointers to historical documents online.
Peoples of the Book
Information about world religions that consider the Bible a sacret book. Pointers to many many Bible and religions scholar sites.
Who is Jesus?
Pro christian escatology page. Jesus from a religious (not historical) perspective.
Uranometia Bible.
The Urantia Book online. These are the channeled revelations of an intergalactic race of superior beings.
Campus Ministry
The Campus Crusade for Christ home page. Conservative Campus Christian information and policy.
Campus Crusade for Christ - Computer Services
Computer services offered (and sought) by the campus crusade for christ.
Watchtower Observer.
Support Group for ex-Jehovah's Witnesses
Almighty's Homepage.
Almighty's Top Ten Choices for the Best of Creation (where did I find this?)
Contra Mundum
Religious organizations, resources and contacts. Fundamentalist and conservative in approach.
Analysis of the New Testament with an emphasis on revealing ecclesiastical censorship.
Chalcedon Foundation Home Page
`Chalcedon is a christian educational organization devoted exclusively to research, publishing, and the cogent communication of a distictively christian scholarshil to the world at large.' Includes foundation information are articles. In general, Chalcedon makes the christian coalition look liberal.
Maharishi University of Management
Formerly Maharishi International University, Alma Matta of David ``the Mighty'' Quinne.
Darwin Fish
A history of the fish wars.
Atheist Community Center for Rational Thought
After-Death Communication - www.After-Death.Com
Flavius Josephus
Josh McDowell's "Evidence" for Jesus -- Is It Reliable?
ARMAGEDDON BOOKS - Antichrist, 666, Tribulation, Rapture, Revelation, etc.


Are there Mathematical Miracles in the Qur'an or the Bible?
Theomatics, looking for numerical relations in the Bible and Koran.
Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis
Article Published in "Statistical Science" claiming statistical proof of God in Genesis.
Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis -a scientific look at hidden Torah codes in the Book of Genesis
A more complete and better formatted version of the article, complete with Apendices.
The Official Torah Codes -a scientific look at hidden Torah Codes
Various information about the theomatics article including a commentary by Rober Klass, the editor of Statisical Science.
Theomatics: God's Best Kept Secret
Theomatics home page.
Theomatic Skeptics
Not very skeptical, and actually would best be described as theomatic appologistics.
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Publishers of Statistical Sciences. I do not include them because I believe the IMS to be a promoter of numerology, but because their web page describes "Statistical Science" as a "review and general interest" journal. The publication standards are hence, likely to be a bit less strict then a first line research journal.
YIL: The Bible Code, August 1997
Brendan Mckay's response to the bible code studies.


General Science.

Periodic Table - WebElements
Periodic Table of Elements.
Science Symposium
Media Resource Service
Sigma Xi list of science resources on the Internet.
Society for Amateur Scientists
Internet Mental Health
New Scientist:Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
News, information, links to other science sites, products and services.
4000 Years of Women in Science
University of Arizona Women in Science Page. Still under development.
NOVA(TM) Online
American Psychological Society (APS)
Nature - International weekly journal of science
VolcanoWorld Home Page
Information about volcanos and vulcanism, events, frequently asked questions, etc.
The Why Files
A Why-Files immitator (not nearly as entertaining as the real thing).
Bad Science
This page attempts to sensitize teachers and students to examples of the bad science often taught in schools and universities, and offered in popular articles and even textbooks.
Union of Concerned Scientists
Statosphreic Ozone and Human Health.
WIPP Exhibit: Message to 12,000 A.D.
What's New TOC , Bob Park, The American Physical Society
The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition.
Fundamental Physical Constants
Fundamental Physical Constants / Naturkonstanten
Physical Constants and Astronomical Data
SCI.SPACE FAQ No. 04 - space/math
Scientific American
Articles, feedback, Questions and Answers.
Welcome to Science Online
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
Archives of Improbable Research.
Our Stolen Future: Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski & John Peterson Myers
IPMAAC Online: Nassau County Police Study
William H. Calvin's Books and Articles
PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
APS Physics and Society Newsletters
EDGE: To Arrive At The EDGE of The World's Knowledge
The Reality Club's web page.
About Edward Lear
SCOPE: Home Page

Origins of Life

Center for the Study of Origin of Life
A multidiciplinary center for research and education in stdies relating to the origins of life. The principle scientists are faculty members in astrophysics, biology, chemistry and earth sciences at Rensselaer and the University at Albany in New York's Capital District.
The Origin Of Life
Astronomical, Chemical and Biological aspects of Evolution and the Origin of Life.
Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Molecules
The Miller and Urey experiment. Archive Home Page
Excellent online source of information about evolution, common creationist arguments and responses. is an unmoderated news group were people with a great deal of patience keep answering the same questions over and over again.
SETI Institute
The Endosymbiotic Theory of Eukaryote Evolution.
Student project at Dekalb College.
Origins of Humankind (Human Evolution, Paleoanthropology, Physical Anthropology, Prehistoric Man)
The WWW Virtual Library: Evolution (Biosciences)
Cambrian True Polar Wander
Cal Tech researchers present evidence of true polar wonder coinciding with the cambrian explosion.
The Tree of Life Home Page
The Tree of Life Project Root Page
Hierarchical representation of life based on rDNA sequencing.
Evolution: Home

Biology and Medicine.

Dictionary of Cell Biology
Medical Imaging at CRS4
Medical imaging movies, data formats, databases, software.
The WWW VL Biosciences: Index
Neuro-sciences on the Internet
Sites to explore, resources, images.
Neuro-sciences at the UW
Departmental page, pointers to other sites.
World Health Organization WWW Home Page
The Global Health Center.
``...provides a user friendly gateway to online health information and an interface for direct consultation with medical professionals on a variety of health related concerns.''
HyperDOC: The Visible Human Project
``The Visible Human Project is an outgrowth of the NLM's 1986 Long-Range Plan. It is creating a complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the male and female human body.''
CDC Home Page
Human Genome Project Resources and Meetings
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page - Main Menu
The Synesthetic Experience

Ants and Entomology.

A Pest-Free Home
Japanese Ant Image Database
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Entomology (Biosciences)
``The Bug Lady'' Originator of anual Fear of Insects Film Festival.
See the Live Ants!
Colorado State Insect Publications
Colorado State University Cooperative Extension publications.
NYSAES Home Page
Jumping spiders of the America North of Mexico
Upcoming Meetings of Entomological Interest
Complete Guide to Garden Stuff
Carpenter Ants
University of Kentucky, Cooperative Extension Service.
Iowa Insect Information Notes
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants - ENT/rsc-14
VCE Entomology
Virginia cooperative extention.
Controlling Ants and Termites
Urban Integrated Pest Management
Fact sheets, infestation treatments, identification.
URBAN ENTOMOLOGY by Walter Ebeling
THE BACKYARD BUG BRIGADE - Presents Tips on Safe Pest Control
Insect Recipes

Computational Theory

Comp.Theory FAQ
Fundamentals of Computing
Course notes for CS-172, UC Berkeley, by Leonid A. Levin.
G.J. Chaitin's ``The Unknowable''
Prequil to The Limits of Mathematics, with Lisp programs. In Postscript and PDF, as well as HTML.
The Limits of Mathematics
Theory of Computation Group
Laboratory of Computer Science, MIT. Information on programs and facutly.
Consciousness, Penrose, and General Mind Stuff
Review and critique of Roger Penrose's Empire's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind, and other books.
Scientific and Numerical Computation
University of Toronto department of computer science.
ECCC - The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity is a new forum for the rapid and widespread interchange of ideas, techniques, and research in computational complexity.
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Refereed all-electronic journal covering discrete mathematics, combinatorics, graph theory, etc.
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Peer-reviewed electronic journal publised by Maison de l'Informatique et des Mathe'matiques Discre`tes.
Quantum Information Home Page
Claridon Laboratory, University of Oxford Quantum computation and cryptography page.
Links to on-line articles about QC.
Aladdin Seminar on Quantum Computation
Seminar on Quantum Computation. Some of the articles are available as PostScript files.
Review of Algorithm books as references.
Collection of reviews on general-purpose algorithm books. The reviews are divided into ``practial programmers'' and ``not for practical programers'' categories. The list is a little dated (does not include Binstock and ReX) and includes recomendations 180 degrees out of line with my own.
Dennis's Theory Page
Collection of pointers to papers and pages of interest to computing theory community. Well organized with preference for high-level links (that is, its a good jump point to good jump points).
Bibliography of Measures of Complexity
Bibliography covering some of the philosophical and practical issues of measurements of complexity.
Formal Verification of the K5 Divide Program
STOC Bibliography
Hypertext bibliography of papers in hte Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing.
Homepage for Computational Complexity
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Information and problems in operations research, including linear programming problems.
A compendium of NP optimization problems
A list of NP problems.
Modern Computer Algebra Homepage
Textbook on computer algebra systems. Site includes sample sections and computer algebra links.
Alan Turing - Home Page
Information about Alan Turing and Turing machines.
The E Equational Theorem Prover
Turing vs. Super-Turing: a Defence of the Church-Turing Thesis
Theory-Edge Resources
A Mathematical Theory of Communication
A Century of Controversy over the Foundations of Mathematics
Presentation by Gregory Chaitin to the University of Massachusetts, Lowell..
Stefan Nilsson
Sorting and Searching references and publications.
Centre for Quantum Computation - Home Page
Quantum Computation. Mini-Course
Peter Shor's Publications
CS294-2, Fall 1997
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
J.UCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science
IBM Technical Journals
Digital Philosophy -- Ed Fredkin

Artificial Intelligence.

The Metaphor Home Page
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
AFIT Artificial Intelligence -- Bayesian Networks Bibliography
Bibliography of Bayesian network studies.
Cortical Software Re-Use

A-Life and GAs

Welcome to the Santa Fe Institute
IlliGAL Home Page
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory.
Evolution of a SAT Solver
Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
The Genetic Programming Notebook
Tutorials, Journals, links. - The Digital Biology Project
Research Page: Genetic Programming and Functional Programming Languages
Primordial Life
Screen saver and virtual world.
Artificial life links
Collection of links to artificial life pages.
Cris Moore's Homepage
The Use of Multiploidy in Evolutionary Computation.
Gnat Cloud
Chris Newsby's 3D-Life

ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles; Computer Science]


Acme Klein Bottle


lambdadance: \beta-reduce the night away!
A Century of Controversy over the Foundations of Mathematics
Presentation by Gregory Chaitin to the University of Massachusetts, Lowell..
Statistical Assessment Service
``The Statistical Assessment Service looks at the way that scientific and quantitative information/research are presented by the media, and works with journalists to help them convey this material more accurately and effectively.''
Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics
Unsolved Mathematics Problems
Women Mathematicians
Agnes Scott College's Women Mathematicians page.
History of Mathematics
Stories and information on the history of mathematics including the story of Pi == 3.
Links to other History of Mathematics pages
Greek Mathematics and its Modern Heirs
K9-12 Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason, Etc
Alonzo Church Archive
The works of Alonzo Church.
Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics:Numbers
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics
Mathematics Essays (organized, partially written, by Dave Rusin)
Acme Klein Bottles, land of Topology and Glass Klein Bottles
Klein Bottle for sale, inquire within.
Chris Hillman's Eprints
G-Sets, Entropy, Information Theory,...
Scherk-Collins Sculpture Generator


On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Look-Up)
Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics:Numbers
The Miraculous Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe Pi Algorithm
The Rediculously Enhanced Pi Page.
From the Exploratorium.
log 2
First 10000 Primes.
The First 100,008 Primes.
Favorite Mathematical Constants
Erdos Number Project Home Page
You have an Erdös Number of 0 if you published a paper with mathematician Paul Erdös, an Erdös Number of 1 if you published with somebody who's Erdös number is 0, and so on.
Feigenbaum Constants
Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Records for calculations of constants and numbers.
Pi: A 2000-Year Search Changes Directions.
Article about the Bailey/Borwein algorithm.
The Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden section
Who Fibonacci was, what he did, and why Fibonacci numbers are found everwhere.


The Prime Page (An Index of Information on Prime Numbers)
The Largest Known Primes
Mersenne Primes: History, Theorems and Lists
Mersenne Prime Search
Cooperative search using spare cycles to find Mersenne primes.
Luke's Marin Mersenne Page
Mersenne Twister: A random number generator


Fermat's Last Theorem
The Mathematics of Fermat's Last Theorem
The cutting sticks problem
Steiner Trees
The Limits of Mathematics
Final version of Cahitin's course on the limits of mathematical reasoning. Book description and ordering information.
Java and Puzzle World
Puzzles and other fun problems.
Magic Cube 4D


MAA Online
Mathenatical Association of America (the less stuffy mathematical society). Sample journal articles, publication lists, membership information.
Association for Symbolic Logic
The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
e-MATH Home Page
American Mathematical Society. Publications, Meetings, Math links.
MathSoft Home Page
CRC Press, Inc.
The Chance Database Welcome Page
Material to help teach a chance course.
Electronic newsletter for teachers of probability and chance.
CMI - Clay Mathematics Institute

Metamath Home Page
The Complexity Zoo

Philosophy and Society.

Postmodern Deconstructions.

Tables of Contents for all issues of Postmodern Culture
Online postmodern journal from Oxford University Press and the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology and the Humanities.
An international journal of theory, technology and culture. ``Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major `event-scenes' in the mediascape.''
Social Text on the web
A (print) journal of cultural and political analysis with some online links.
Configurations Directory
The official publication of the Society for Literature and Science. The only journal devoted to the study of discourse pertaining to the theories and practices of science, technology and medicine.
Science and Reason Conference
Report of the NYAS Flight from Science and Reason conference, with a followup interview with Dudley Herschbach.
Bridging the Gap
A collection of articles exploring the connections between cognitive science and literary criticism---including an article by Herbert Simon.
Alan Sokal Articles
Alan Sokal, professor of physics, New York University and author of perhaps the best know article about physics and postmodernism.
The Sokal Affair
The editors of Social TeXt comenting on Alan Sokal's article.
Objectivism (and Ayn Rand) WWW Service
Page of information about Ayn Rand and Objectivism.
Express Yourself: It's Later Than You Think
Tonge in Cheek (or not) definitions of post-modern art terms from The Atlantic.
Postmodern Generator
Generates a new Postmodern text each time it is loaded.
How To Deconstruct Almost Anything

Society, Futurism and Utopian studies.

F. A. E. H.
Foundation for the Advancement and Expansino of Humanity. Actually, I don't know how to categorize this page. Its got lots of great links to JPL and space research, but definately has a utopian/scientism accent to it.
Foresight Institute
Foresight is a nonprofit educational organization formed to help prepare society for the anticipated advanced technologies.
Greater Boston Chapter of the World Future Society
Arkuat's Web
An anotated collection of futurism related links.
Center for Utopian/Dystopian Studies
`A collection of literature, artwork and resources which involve utopian, eutopian, and/or dystopian theams.'' Informative and well organized.
Contra Mundum
Anders Transhuman Page
Transhumanist Resources. Transhumanism is a philosophy that humanity can, and should, strive to higher levels, both physically, mentally and socially.
Rudolf Steiner College
Rudolf Steiner College (Fair Oaks California) home page.
Education Without Computers
Appendix C of "The Future Does Not Compute: Transcending the Machines in Our Midst," by Stephen Talbott. Discusses Waldorf educational philosphy and their resistance to computers in the classroom.
Another anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner) page.
Oceania -- The Atlantis Project
Celebrity Atheist List Home Page
Information by and about famous atheists.
- The Environmental Crisis and NASA's Proposal -
Sacred Hedonic Conspiracy
Intentional Communities Web Site: Home Page


New Feminist Newsletter
Women of Achievement and Herstory
National Forensic League's Lincoln-Douglas Debate on Feminism from NOW.
Resolve: The Pursuit of Feminist Ideals is Detrimental.
The National Organization for Women (NOW) Home Page
Press releases, contacts, chapters and links.
Men's Issues Page
WWW Virtual Library page collection of links about Men's issues.
Feminist Curricular Resource Clearinghouse
`provides acces to a number of resources relating to teaching about feminism and law.''
Kate's Feminism Page
Bibliography, information about domestic violence, feminism on the net and violence against women and men. Good resource.
Feminist Resources on the World Wide Web (a short list)
Annotated inks to educational resources, organizations, health issues, popular culture and so on.
Symposium on Women's International Human Rights
Information about a November' 95 symposium at the University of Michigan.
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia
Science fiction bibliography of works that include feminist themes, or strong female characters. Quite a large list indexed and categorized in various ways.
Women's Rights and Women's Images in Science Fiction
A Selected Bibliography of research aids, reviews and works by specific authors.
Men and Domestic Violence Index
WWW Virtual Library on domestic violence.
Camille Paglia
``Stenght and Beuty in the Modern World: The unofficial Camille Paglia home page.'' Biographical and bibliographical information and critcisms.
FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
A left of center media watch dog. About as accurate as AIM, but more entertaining.
The "Stolen Feminism" Hoax: Anti-Feminist Attack Based on Error-Filled Anecdotes
FAIR's hatchet job on Christina Hoff Sommers.
Center for Evolutionary Psychology at UCSB
Provided to me as ``proof'' that the female and male minds evolved differently. I remain skeptical.
Human Behavior and Evolution Society Title Page
All Men Must Die
Well, I didn't quite know where else to file this.
Heartless Bitches International - "Deal With It!"
alt.feminism FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions files for alt.feminism. Definintions, posting guidelines and a three part reference list.
WMST-L File List
Women's Studies discussion list archives.

Human Rights and Tolerance.

IN WHOSE HONOR?: the video documentary
The Last, Acceptable Racial Stereotype.
Article about Macots, Jeep Cherokee and native american symbols.
Let's spread the fun around...
Crimes Against Humanity, article about Indian stereotypes in sports teams. If you are sensitive about the use of racial epithets proceed with caution.
Indian Country Today Online
First Nations/First Peoples Issues
Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance
Promoting understanding and tolerance of minority religions, and exposing religious hatred and misinformation.
The North Texas Church of Freethought
The Free Burma Coalition Home Page
This is BurmaWeb
Schenectady Friends Meeting
Trinity Foundation
Publishers of "The Door."
Welcome to Adult Christianity
Web Design and Internet Training for Corporations, Small Businesses, Not-for-Profits and Individuals
Host of adult christianity, and a few other alternative pages.
Unitarian Universalist Association.
Fuss Home Page
The First Unitarian Society of Schenectady.
First Unitarian UniversalistSociety of Albany
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls, NY
Riverside Community Universalist Unitarian Congregation
Saratoga Springs Unitarian Universalists (UU) - Welcome


Adbusters : Pop Goes Your Culture
Former advertisers attempting to help us stop conspicuous consuption. Entertaining, enlightening and Educational. Help the cause by celebrating Buy Nothing Day.
Executive PayWatch
TV-Free America
Ideosphere Home Page
Foresight Exchange: A market (literally) of ideas.

Population and Environment

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Environment
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Biodiversity, Ecology, and the Environment (Biosciences)
Worldwatch Home Page
``Worldwatch is dedicated to fostering the evolution of an environmentally sustainable society, one in which human needs are met in ways that do not threaten the health of the natural environment or the prospects of future generations.
Facing the Future
``An Educational non-profit dedicated to informing young people about the problems of increasing world population, and the complex interrelationships between human numbers and the environmental, social and economic issues we face.''
The Tragedy of the Commons
A collection of essays by Gary W. Harding.
PRB Home Page
Population Reference Bureau. Information on U.S. and international population trends.
Zero Population Growth
ZPG, grassroots organization concerned with the impact of rapid population growth and wasteful consuption.
PlanetKeepers' Greatest Hits
``PlanetKeepers was founded on the belief that people can meet all their real needs in the 1990s while still preserving the health and beauty of this planet for future generations. But this possibility will not last long, and it requires changes in the way we live. If the majority of Americans and other northern countries do not change their eco-damaging habits soon, the natural consequences will be harsh. With these serious problems facing us, PlanetKeepers gently offered a few steps toward solutions.''
! Millennium Institute: Sustainable Development Resources and Software, and Year 2000 and Millennium Celebrations !
Incredibly dynamic home page with lots of ecology, population and energy links.
Welcome to Think Tank Online
Transcripts and information on a variety of puplic policy issues.
Human Carrying Capacity Defined
``Ecologists define 'carrying capacity' as the population of a given species that be supported indefinitely in a defined habitat without permanently damaging the ecosystem upon which it is dependent. However, because of our culturally variable technology, different consumption patterns, and trade, a simple territorially-bounded head-count cannot apply to human beings.''
Progressive Consuption Tax.
``BALTIMORE -- A Cornell University economist is calling for the adoption of a progressive consumption tax over the controversial flat tax proposal as a way of curing America's most pressing economic ills: income inequality and slow growth.''
EcoTopia / EcoSystems
Information on energy consumption and the environment.
Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online!
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)
The Global Hubbert Peak
Very well writen and through paper on conventional oil supply, and the furture of oil production.
The World's Endowment of Conventional Oil and its Depletion.
The Twenty First Century: The World's Endowment of Conventional Oil and its Depletion, by C.J. Campbell, Januay 1996.
ETI Homepage
The Natural Step US Home Page
United States Environmental Protection Agency: Ozone Depletion
Al's Home Page
Albert A. Bartlett, Arithmetic, Population and Energy.
Ecological Footprints of Nations
Environmental Research Foundation
Archived issues of Rachel's environmental weekly.

Books, magazines and publishers.


The Gazette
The Daily Gazette, Schenectady NY.
Electric Times Union
Times Union, Albany, NY,
The Record
The Troy, NY Record.
The Digital Collegian - published by students at Penn State
The Times Higher Education Supplement
Lehigh Valley/Bethleham, PA.
The News-Gazette
Champaign, IL.
The Octopus
Champaign, IL alternative newspaper.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Boulder Weekly - ONLINE EDITION
Houston Chronicle Interactive
Mercury Center Home Page
Welcome to
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe Today
San Francisco Chronicle.
San Francisco Chronicle Columnists
The Herald Link - Dave Barry
the ONION | America's Finest News Source
The New York Times: Technology
RFE/RL NewsLine


The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers
O'Reilly Home Page
The MIT Press
Houghton Mifflin Company
Macmillan USA Information SuperLibrary (tm)
AW's HomePage
Hope Farm Press.
Triangle Journals -- Welcome
Welcome to Britannica Online
Prometheus Books (United States)
LEA Home Page


NGS - National Geographic Online
The Electronic Newstand.
Electronic Magazine site. Extensive collection including Discover, Computer Shopper, PC Magzine, Popular Science, others.
New York Review of Books
Discover Magazine
Sample articles, events, behind the scenes.
Time Warner
Time, Sports Illustrated, Life, Money, and Entertainment magazine summaries.
Hot AIR: rare and well done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
Welcome To HotWired!
Welcome to the Institute of Physics
The 2600 Magazine Home Page
UNIX Review
The Atlantic Monthly
Very nice layout, articles and reviews from the magazine and a search engine.
Sciantific American
The MoJo Wire--Interactive ExposÚs and Politics
Mother Jones
Reason magazine
The Nation Digital Edition

Net Zines

Authors, Books, Periodicals, Zines (Factsheet Five lives here!)
Electronic Telegraph
Urban Desires
The NandO Times
UofI - The Daily Planet
Millennium Productions
The Spider's Times
Media Online Yellow Pages
Compilation of new sites.
Provided by Inet-News listserv.
UNCG's News and Newspapers Online
NewsLink registration (c) 1995
CNN Interactive
University of Maryland at College Park inforM system
TELECOM Digest and Archives
Telecommunications newsletter.


Personal Bookshelf
Computer Literacy Bookshops Home Page Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
Large online selection. The World's Largest Bookseller Online.
Borders on the Web
Acses, the Universe's Smartest Bookfinder: Standard Search
On line bookstore search engine. Check's prices at 25 online bookstores.
The Small Press Net
Classics at Oxford
Blackwell's Bookshops
Bookseller's Corner
Globe Corner Bookstore
Books and Maps for travellers.
NHBS Welcome to BookNet
The Advanced Book Exchange Home Page
Bying and selling out-of-print, used, rare and antiquarian books.
Flat Hill Books
``Essential computer science books at discount prices.''
The On-line Books Page
Banned Books On-line
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Wonderland - Written Works
Copyright free books in HTML format. Including, Lewis Carol, Charles Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells and more.
The On-Line Books Page
The Book Review Homepage
The World Factbook 1994
The CIA's World FactBook online. Good source of general information about countries.
Project Runeberg
Electronic Texts
Special Report: The Lace Curtain
Tartan Enterprises Home Page
Self-help legal books and software.
Voyager: Marvin Minsky: The Society of Mind
Richard Dawkins's RIVER OUT OF EDEN: A Darwinian View of Life
rec.arts.books FAQ Homepage
Columbia University: Project Bartleby


AltaVista: Translations
The Human-Languages Page
The Klingon Language Institute
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Bibliography of Planned Languages
Singular "their" in Jane Austen and elsewhere: Anti-pedantry page
English-Hungarian Dictionary
BDB Computers and Blinds, Kimberley, South Africa - Eric Shackle's e-Book
American Hungarian Language Center
The School of Slavonic and East European Studies


The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.
Project Bartleby
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Reference Shelf
Hypertext Webster Interface
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
BizWeb presents How To Tie A Tie
Guide to Lock Picking


Reel | The Planet's Biggest Video Store
Videoflicks Video Movies for Sale
Welcome to Movies Unlimited
VideoHound Recommends: Movies, Music, and More
Horror Movies - - The Only Source
Genre Horror films, under construction, many pages not found.
Rhino Records
Movies and records, including MST3k episodes.
Welcome to the IMDb
The Internet Movie Database.
Cannes 95 - Site officiel du Festival International de Cannes
Fine Line Features
Distributor for independent films.
Media House Films
The Hitchcock Page
The Kubrick Page "Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!"
Hong Kong Cinema
The Movie Cliches List
the VAMPYRES Film list.
MSTable (Very Very Bad) Movies
List of movies that could use the MST3K treatment.


The Dilbert Zone
Farside directory (alphabetically)
The Comic Strip «
United King Features comic strip pages.
A Night At The Movies
Oracle's Humor Archives
Illuminati Online Home Page
DejaNews Research Service - homepage
Who Shot Mr. Burns -
The Tom Lehrer Page
A Webpage Wasted on Tom Lehrer
Socratic Philosophy Television
No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed.
NPR Home Page
WAMC/Northeast Public Radio
Welcome To PBS ONLINE«
NY Capital District Theater
The Sin City Main Page (Penn & Teller).
Internet Shakespeare resources
FOX Entertainment
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Siege Engines
Modern day (working) replicas of siege engines.
The Spot
A Soap Opera.
Welcome to the C-SPAN Networks
The History Channel«
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion


Jethro Tull Music Archive
Maintained by my good friend and fellow TeXi David Steiner.
Weird Al Yankovic lyrics
10,000 Maniacs
Elvis Costello
The Official Unofficial Cranberries Home Page !
Verse Chorus Verse: The Nirvana Homepage
The Official No Doubt Home Page
the Red Hot Chili Peppers hompage (intro)
The Pumplinkdom


GRAND CANYON National Park Home Page
Bed and Breakfast Inns of North America
Welcome to the Bed and Breakfast Page
Welcome To Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
Back in 1980-81 I was Alfundo the Clown at Dorney Park, Allentown PA. (No wild water kingdom then.)
The New South Polar Times
Welcome to the Renaissance Faire
Home Page of the Adirondacks - Upper New York State
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
Expedition Arctic Antarctic (Language menu)
Pardon me, boy, is this the Transylvania station?
Views and descriptions of a trip to Transelvania.
Pictures from Ethiopia.
Magyar Folklˇrk÷zpont AHFC * AHEA * Folklˇr M˙zeum «


Ceolas celtic music archive
Arthurian Booklist (rec.arts.books)
Celtic Christianity
The Texas Celtic Page
Celtic Net Home Page
Celtic Homepage

Museums and Libraries.

A list of Virtual Libraries on the Web
About the Library of Congress World Wide Web
``The Library of Congress is using the World Wide Web (WWW) to present information about and materials from its collections over the Internet.''
United States Geological Survey-HTTP Server-Home Page
NLM HyperDOC: World-Wide Web (WWW) Server of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
NIST WWW - Home Page
National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Duke Papyrus Archive
Welcome to the Museum of Paleontology
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
Math art gallery
Edward Nelson's Art Page.
National Cryptologic Museum
Exploratorium: ExploraNet
Welcome to The British Museum


Internet Chess Club
hgj's chess page
Chess Resources in the Web (Harvest Broker Query Form)
NY Times Chess.
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
Kasparov vs Deep Blue
Le jeu de GO

Scifi, Horror and Mystery.


The Robert A. Heinlein Homepage
Boondock's Robert A. Heinlein Tribute Page
Isaac Asimov Home Page
Isaac Asimov Biography
The Asimov Seminar
Robert Anton Wilson home page
The Works of David Brin
Greg Bear - Official Home Page
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Home Page
The Douglas Adams Worship Page
Isaac Asimov FAQ
Series by Isaac Asimov.
Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Homepage
Stanislaw Lem.
Books by Stanislaw Lem.
The Garden of Forking Paths: A Jorge Luis Borges Web Site
Borges was an Argentine author, born August 24, 1899. He is also one of the most underappreciated and visionary writers of the 20th Century. Much of his work anticipates by decades themes later rediscovered in science and other fiction.
The Garden of Jorge Luis Borges
Another Borges page, this one with links to stories, poems and essays.
Bruce Sterling
Ray Bradbury Page
Kurt Vonnegut
The Pat Cadigan Home Page
Ellison Webderland
The Literary Criticism by Gwyneth Jones (added 3/8/95)
Reviews of The <I>The Furies</I>, <I>Alien Sex</I>, <I>Unicorn Moutain</I> and others.
Pamela Sargent Bibliography
The Reader' s Corner: Suzy McKee Charnas/Rebecca Brand
Maureen F. McHugh
The Ultimate Tolkien Page
H. P. Lovecraft Page
Lovecraft on the Internet
Short History of Lovecraft

(Maga)zines & Publishers.

Science Fiction Weekly
The Sci-Fi channels bi-weekly (sort of) online magazine. Includes a monthly editorial by John Clute.
Fantasy & Science Fiction
Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine. Editor's recomendatino, feedback archives of TOCs.
The New York Review of Science Fiction Home Page
OMNI Magazine
Still has good art work.
SF Eye Main Page
The Science Fiction Book Club
Information on joining, and search engine of current titles.
Tor SF and Fantasy
Baen Books Home Page
BDD: Spectra Science Fiction Forum
Del Rey Books: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Avon Books: Above and Beyond
Wildside: A Science Fiction Resource + Wildside Press & John Betancourt
Necronomicon Press' Home Page

Societies and Awards.

SFWA Index
Science Fictino Writers of America. Includes member pages, Nebula Awards, Publications, essays on writing, and so on.
Society for the Furtherance & Study of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
Hosts of Wiscon and the James Tiptree, Jr. Award.
Welcome to the Realist Wonder Society
Selected text of various authors of wonder.
NESFA: New England Science Fiction Associatino.
AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information
List of science fiction award winners.
The James Tiptree, Jr. Award

Databases, Guides amd Recomended Reading.

THE ASCENT OF WONDER, edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer
The Linkping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Archive of SF authors, book and movie reviews art and resources.
Recommended Fantasy Authors List, v2.2
An annotated bibliography of science fiction criticism
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia
Bibliographies, histories and commentary on women scifi writers, and how women are portrayed in scifi. Ok, so some of my favorite authors are taken to task for their portrayal of women.
SF Classics Ranked By Number of Citations
Post-Apocalyptic Books.
Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Large collection of links to science fiction pages.
The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List
Internet votes for top100 books.
Links to various SF sites.
The Locus Index: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror: 1984-1996
Index of Science Fiction books, authors, magazines (with TOC).
Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Related Links
Science Fiction Links
Liverpool Library science fiction links.
Science Fiction Foundation Collection Home Page
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - Horror In The Cabinet
Authors, Books, Periodicals, Zines (Factsheet Five lives here!)
Archives of various essays and articles from Zines.

Media, Movies and Artwork.

Some H.R. Giger pictures.
Art Gallery - H.R. Giger
The Gamera Home Page
Includes descriptions of movies, images and sounds.
Mel's Godzilla Page
Better then the Gamera page.
Doctor Who
Pictures and episode summaries.
Doctor Who Home Page
Actor information, conferences, Fan clubs.
Red Dwarf Homepage
Blake's 7
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The Truth Is Out There
Loskene's Tholian Web
A really cool Star Trek site with music and recordings from the cast of Star Trek.
Star Trek: The Next Generation


Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Official MST3K page.
The Web Site of Love
Mystery Science Theater page with monthly schedule.
The EVIL SNAIL WOMEN present : The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movie Database
Well, that about says it all.
Satellite News -- The Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Info Club Web Site
Welcome to Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt!

Gothic and Horror.

Dark Side of the Web
The Gothic Dome
Welcome to Carpe Noctem on the Web
Vampyres Only
Beware, all those who enter ...
the VAMPYRES Film list.
Suggested Reading for alt.vampyres
Monster Vision
Joe Bob Briggs hosting various B and A flicks Friday nights on TNT.
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
The Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page
Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher
Tales From The Internet
Gargoyle Home Page
The Gothic T-shirt Collection
Holloween costumes, order on line (if you dare).
The Dark Side
Web of Lost Souls
Yahoo - Entertainment:Paranormal Phenomena:Horror


ClueLass HomePage
Sherlock Holmes Jump-off page

Food and Drink.

Beer, Brewing and Wine.

The Stanford Homebrew Archives.
The Real Beer Page
The Wine Page
The Beer Page
General beer information including breweries, home brewing, WWW pages, recipies, labels, and so on.
Brewing FAQs
Beer in Cyberspace
Finnish beer page (didn't require registration).
Long Island Brewing Company
America's Best Beers
A book on Time Life's page (requires registration).


How did the Scoville scale originate?
Peppers Test
Hot & Spicy Facts about Chile Peppers
Chili Heat Scale


Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee and Caffeine
Boyer Coffee Company
Coffee Time - Home Page
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)
The Specialty Coffee Association of America is a non-profit trade association dedicated to fostering coffee excellence through education and information dessemination.
Coffee Talk Magazine
Over The Coffee
Coffee Trim

Spam and Sporks

Spam, duh
Lyrics to ``Spam'' by Alan Yankovic.
Hormel Institute - University of Minnesota
Show SPAM« Gifts
A Hymn to Spam
More SPAM Links
The Notorious Spam Cam
IS Spam Organic? See for yourself.
The Spork Homepage
Spamily's Spam page
Spam Page
Church of Spam

Insect Recipes
Recipes for Traditional Food in Slovenia
Lotsa Hotsa: Hot Sauce, Salsa, Hot Foods
French Fries? It's Belgian Fries!

Canine links.

Animal Protection Institute
Pet Pages
Big Dog's Home Page.
Canine Image Archive Links
The Dog WWW Homepage
Pictures, information and links to other sites.
The Dog Hause Home Page

Goats, pigs and farms.

OSU's Breeds of Livestock - Goats
Goat Breads. Photos and information.
Farming Alternatives Program
Alternative framing programs in NYS.
Irvine, CA 4H club home page. Learn about goats, how much they cost, how to raise them, what they're good for. Be sure to take the ``What happened to their ears'' quiz.
Irvine, CA 4H swine page (the goat breaders did a better job, but the swine are catching up).
recipes - Young goat ("caprillo") with wine
A slovenian recipe for goat ``caprillo.''
Open Pygmy Goat Champions
Grand Champion Pygmy Goat, 1994 Illinois State Fair.


Personal Health/Wellness/Medical Information
Children's Hospital Medical Center Patient Education Program
AAP New York Chapter 1, Inc. Homepage
Schoolhouse Road Pediatric Associates
KidSource OnLine Welcome Page
Internet Journal of Pediatrics.
Virtual Hospital Home Page

Other Home Pages.

Aaron Sawdey's Home Page
Hard working hacker, graduate student, and good friend with lots of cats. (Also taught me everything I know about UNIX---almost.)
The Dave and Sharon Home Page
Brian H. Ross
David Goodstein
Vice Provost, Professor of Physics at caltech. Links to general interest papers.
Barlow Home(stead)Page
Interport's Top 100 User Pages
Home site of a graphics design studio or something. Lots of incredible home pages.
Spamily's home page
She maintains a SPAM page.
Victor Eijkhout
Author, mathematician, TeX wizard, rock musician, dance enthusiast and once played Dungeons and Dragons.
Daisy Sofka.
An important member of the household, and primary componant of squire defense system.
Sine Qua Non
Dogs, horse racing statistics and privacy issues.
Mario Barbetta
Dave Thompson
Brew master, World traveler, Mosaic maintainer and fellow beer afficionado from Champaign.


Congressional criters on Gopher.
New York State Assembly - Welcome Page
The File Room Censorship Archive home page
Indecent Art : Pornography or Masterpiece?
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
NY Capital District Politics
NIST Time and Frequency Division Homepage
U.S. Census Bureau Home Page
Map Stats
U.S. Census Map Server.
DigitaLiberty Home Page
Stop Net Censors
Department of Energy Home Page
The Melon Farmers' Video Hits
FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
The Institute For Defense Analyses
Institute for Defence Analysis (I was looking for the International Darksky Association). Information, articles, etc.
Govt Net Contacts
The Constitution of the United States.
United States Code
The Declaration Pages
John Barlow's declaration of the independence of cyberspace. Also includes link to his "Bill 'O Rights Lite." Both are worth reading. Most responses to the declaration I've read call it silly and naive. Well, have you ever read the US declaration of independence?
The National Coalition Against Censorship
Nuclear Program Web at NRDC Pro
Political Page
SurfWatch Home Page
NYS Tax & Finance
United States Patent and Trademark Office
What's Newt
Civil Rights in Cyberspace index.

Universities and Organizations.

University at Albany
Cornell University Home Page
Penn State
RPInfo - Rensselaer's CWIS
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Web at Large.

Internet Providers.

Internet Service Providers
ISP's in the Capital District.
AlbanyNet! Connecting you to the world!
D.I.S.C. "The Family Oriented On-Line Service!"
Adirondacks area internet provider.
Welcome to
(CRISNY) tm Capital Region Information Service of New York Home Page
Interport Communications Home Page
LibertyNet Home Page
The Delaware Valley net.
NetCity Home Page
Welcome to the MindVox World Wide Web Server!
Welcome to the WELL
WIT (World Internet Technologies).
PC software, MPEG mirror, Gutenberg and other electronic books, yellow pages.
Many books in html format, and public archives.
Welcome to

Web Resources.

Internet Job Locator (c)
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
FIRST VIRTUAL Holdings Incorporated
Welcome to the First Virtual InfoHaus!
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages - Home Page
Webaholics Top 50 Links List
The Corporation: Icon Gallery
Select your own web icons.
The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project
Start here for all things Web.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
CERN's listing of WWW sites by location.
World-Wide Web Home
Everything you need to know about the W3 is on the WEB. Maintained by CERN.

Web Searchers and Indexes.

Mediocre Site of the Day
GNN Best of the Net Honorees
This is the Worst
Mirsky's Worst of the Web (a sort of Good Housekeeping seal of disaproval?).
Ask Jeeves
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
MetaCrawler Searching
Useless WWW Pages
``America's Funniest Home Hypermedia.''
The Web Wanderer
Good starting point for esoterica and interesting sites.

the cluetrain manifesto

Misc. Links.


The Electric Postcard
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
National Flora

Theodore Roosevelt Home Page
atom Co.,Ltd. home page
Studentskß kompozice do 200 slov
History of the Universe in 200 words.
Grey Company Trebuchet Page
Piet Hein (main page)
Opportunity Search
Career Center
The Performance Index & Systems, Inc. Homepage
``The Performance index provides daily horse racing statistics.''
Grooks by Piet Hein
Virtual Tourist Pre-Home Page

Personal Toolbar Folder


What's Cool
What's New


Yellow Pages


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