Undergraduate Research Projects in Sharkey's Group

I have had the opportunity to work with a tremendous group of undergraduate students (some of which who completed our co-terminal program to complete their B.S. and M.S degrees) at RPI. I believe that an undergraduate (or Master's) research project is a great learning opportunity for the student(s) to apply what they have learned in their courses to new areas. I really appreciated my own opportunity to participate in a Research Experience fo Undergraduates at the Math Department at Lafayette College in 2003. You can find the abstracts of many of the completed projects on this page.

Selected Abstracts of Completed Projects

Modeling the Impact of Government Controlled Factors on the Illegal Drug Trafficking Supply Chain
Student: Felipe Ortiz
Date: Spring 2016-Fall 2016
Type: Master's Thesis

Implications of unmet demand in the context of supply chain restoration
Student: Brendan Howell
Date: Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Type: Master's Thesis

Supply chain redesign problems for integrating next-generation manufacturing capabilities
Student: Ali Svoboda
Date: Summer 2014-Spring 2015
Type: Undergraduate and Master's Research Project

Determining the optimal installation of sensors in the Arctic to improve maritime situational awareness
Student: Jane Braun, Kevin Toth, and Cheryl Tran
Date: Spring 2015
Type: Master's Research Project

Identifying, classifying, and modeling restoration interdependencies after Hurricane Sandy
Student: Jonathan Holman and Huy Nguyen
Date: Spring 2013 - Spring 2014
Type: Undergraduate Research Project

Robust optimization and stochastic programming for mitigating the effects of hurricanes on infrastructure systems
Student: Faith Michael
Date: Spring 2010 - Spring 2011
Type: Undergraduate and Master's Research Project

Complete List of Projects