Video Tutorials for OR Methods: Queueing Theory

This page provides the materials and video tutorials for the queueing theory section of the course. You can increase the quality of the video by clicking on the gear button of the video.

Queueing Theory Video Tutorial 1 (by Thomas Sharkey): Applying Little’s Law to a New Stadium Screening Procedure

This video was created by Thomas Sharkey. It focuses on modeling a new stadium screening procedure (similar those seen getting to gates at airports) as a queuing system. It then applies Little’s Law to understand the key properties of the system including the average amount of time that a fan spends in line. The problem description is available here: A Stadium Screening System.

Queueing Theory Video Tutorial 2 (by Sarah Nurre): The I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory as a Queueing System

This video was created by Sarah Nurre. It focuses on analyzing the I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory scene as a M/M/s/K queueing system. It discusses how this system is a birth and death process and then applies an approach to determine the key parameters of the queueing system including the average number of pieces of chocolate waiting to be wrapped, hidden, or eaten and the average time a piece of chocolate spends on the production line in the area of Lucy and Ethel. The problem description is available here: I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory.