Video Tutorials for OR Methods

Welcome to the homepage of the video tutorials for Operations Research Methods (ISYE 4600) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The tutorials go through examples related to various sections of the course and should serve as a nice stepping stone from the examples in class to the homework problems. There are videos created by myself (Thomas Sharkey) and by Sarah Nurre (PhD '13), who was a teaching assistant for the course in Fall 2012. Please follow the links below to videos for each major section of the course.

If you are working through the videos and not enrolled in OR Methods, we would be interested in hearing about your background by sending an e-mail to Professor Sharkey.

Acknowledgements: These videos were created with support from the Class of 1951 Outstanding Teaching Development Grant from RPI and the National Science Foundation under grant number CMMI-1254258.

Course Sections