Video Tutorials for OR Methods: Multi-Objective Optimization

This page provides the materials and video tutorials for the multi-objective optimization section of the course. You can increase the quality of the video by clicking on the gear button of the video.

Multi-Objective Optimization Video Tutorial 1 (by Thomas Sharkey): Modeling a Monthly Budget Problem as a Goal Program

This video was created by Thomas Sharkey. It discusses how to formulate planning your monthly budget as a goal program. It then discusses how to create a linear program in order to model a situation where you care about different deviations from your bills, savings, and fun goals differently. The problem description is available here: A Monthly, Multi-Criteria Budgeting Problem.

Multi-Objective Optimization Video Tutorial 2 (by Sarah Nurre): Determining the Efficient Frontier of A Call Center Staffing Problem

This video was created by Sarah Nurre. It focuses on determining which workers to employ in a call center during an emergency when there are two objectives. These objectives are responsiveness, defined as a short customer wait time, and efficiency (or utilization), defined as how often employees are working during their shift. It presents a method to construct the efficient frontier for these objectives by solving single-objective problems. The problem description is available here: Staffing a Call Center.