Principal Investigator

Prof. Linda S Schadler
Russell Sage Endowed Chair
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Department of Materials Science & Engineering  
Office 1: MRC 213
Office 2: Walker Building 4th Floor - Office of Undergraduate Education

Graduate Students

Michael Deagen
Michael's research interests include advanced 3-D nano-scale fabrication techniques to create compact secondary optics for LEDs that utilize polymer nano-composite materials with tunable refractive indices.

Patrick Downs
Pat Downs is a first year doctoral student in the MS&E department at RPI. He is originally from Indianapolis,IN and earned his undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering at Purdue University.

Marissa Giovino
Marissa is interested in the flow behavior of polymer nanocomposite materials. Specifically, how do inorganic spherical nanoparticles change the viscosity, shear modulus, and chain relaxation of the matrix polymer.

Yanhui Huang
Yanhui received his B.S. degree of Polymer Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2013. He is now continuing his doctoral research in the field of nanodielectrics.

Timothy Krentz
Tim completed his B.S. degree at Lehigh University in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011. He is now pursuing his PhD, working on tailoring dielectric properties in polymer nanocomposites.

Xin Ning
Xin joined the group in the fall of 2015 after earning an M.S. Degree from Carnegie Mellon.

Aditya Prasad
Aditya completed his B. Tech.- M. Tech. (integrated dual degree) in Ceramic Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (IIT BHU) in 2013. He is currently working on understanding structure-processing-properties relationships for polymer nanocomposites using a data driven approach.

Leah Smith
Leah received her B.S. degree in chemistry and mechanical engineering from Union College. She is now pursuing a PhD and studying the structure-property relationships of fungal based composites.