Principal Investigator

Prof. Linda S Schadler
Russell Sage Endowed Chair
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Department of Materials Science & Engineering  
Office 1: MRC 213
Office 2: Walker Building 4th Floor - Office of Undergraduate Education

Graduate Students

Michael Deagen
Michael's research interests include advanced 3-D nano-scale fabrication techniques to create compact secondary optics for LEDs that utilize polymer nano-composite materials with tunable refractive indices.

Patrick Downs
Pat Downs is a first year doctoral student in the MS&E department at RPI. He is originally from Indianapolis,IN and earned his undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering at Purdue University.

Marissa Giovino
Marissa's info coming soon...

Irene Hassinger
Irene received her Ph.D. at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and is now working as a Post-Doc on the processing and dispersion of polymer nanocomposites.

Yanhui Huang
Yanhui received his B.S. degree of Polymer Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2013. He is now continuing his doctoral research in the field of nanodielectrics.

Richard Hutchison
Richard received his B.S. degree in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer in May, 2013 . He has continued working on transparent, high refractive index nanocomposites for solid state lighting as part of working toward his Ph.D. at RPI. He is interested in research and applications of nanotechnologies.

Timothy Krentz
Tim completed his B.S. degree at Lehigh University in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011. He is now pursuing his PhD, working on tailoring dielectric properties in polymer nanocomposites.

Leah Smith
Leah received her B.S. degree in chemistry and mechanical engineering from Union College. She is now pursuing a PhD and studying the structure-property relationships of fungal based composites.

Ling Zhang
Ling received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University in July, 2010. He then continued to pursue his Ph.D. degree majored in the Institution of High Voltage Insulation and Technology at Tsinghua University. Currently he is a visiting scholar in Prof. Schadler's group at RPI, working on space charge characteristics of cross-linked polyethylene nanocomposites filled with silica nanoparticle grafted with bimodal-ligand-brush.


Ying Li -2014
Highly Integrated Surface Ligand Platform for Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites and their Applications in LED Lighting
Currently at Performance Indicator

Karly Chester -2014

Bharath Natarajan -2013
A Quantitative Exploration of the Effect of Interfacial Phenomena on the Thermomechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites
Currently at Baldor

Jianing Gao -2013
Mechanical properties of rubbery copolymer grafted silica filled epoxy nanocomposites and interface study
Currently at GE Research Corporate Development

Zepu Wang-2012
Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Polymer Composites with High Aspect Ratio Fillers.
Currently at Baldor

Peng Tao-2012
Epoxy and Silicone Optical Nanocomposites Filled with Grafted Nanoparticles.
Currently at Dow Corning

Limeng Chen-2011
Influence of aspect ratio and surface chemistry of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on structure and properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polymer composite foams.
Currently at Cabot Corp.

Kerem Goren-2011
Nanoparticle dispersion and foam morphology control of polymer nanocomposites via interface engineering. and supercriticalCO2 assisted processing.

Douglas Dukes-2010
Behavior of grafted polymers on nanofillers and their influence on polymer nanocomposite properties.
Currently at Momentive Inc.

Tolga Goren-2009
Micromechanical behavior of carbon nanotube-covered fibers in polymer matrix composites.
Currently at ETH Zurich.

Chris Calebrese-2008
Experimental study and modeling of swelling and bubble growth in carbon nanofiber filled mesophase pitch duringcarbonization.
Currently at GE Global Research.

Renee Duncan-2008
Characterizing the reinforcement mechanisms in multiwall nanotube/polycarbonate composites across different length and time scales.
Currently at Corning Research.

Justin Bult-2007
Controlled carbon nanotube synthesis for quantification of polymer-nanotube composite micromechanics.
Currently at NREL.

Su Zhao-2007
Mechanical and thermal properties of nanoparticle filled epoxy nanocomposites.
Currently at ABB Research.

Sarah Lewis-2006
Interface control in polymer nanocomposites.
Currently at Starfire Corporation.

Mihir Roy-2005
An examination of the potential for nano-composites in the formulation of HV cable insulation.
Currently at INTEL.

Praveen Bhimaraj-2005
Friction and wear properties of pet nanocomposites : the role of matrix morphology, nanoparticles and interface.
Currently at INTEL.

Amitabh Bansal-2004
Mechanical Behavior of Nanoparticle / Amorphous Polymer Composites
Currently at Avon.

Zafer Evis-2003
Synthesis and characterization of hydroxylapatite-inert ceramic composites and their coatings on biometals.
Currently at Asst. Prof at Middle East Tech Univ.

Ami Eitan-2003
Nanotube-polymer composites : tailoring the interface for improvced mechanical properties.
Currently at INTEL

Benjamin Ash-2003
Investigation into the thermal and mechanical behavior of alumina/polmethylmethacrylate (PMMA) nanocomposites.
Currently at Honeywell Aerospace

Chaohui Zhou-2002
Time Dependent Micromechanics in Continuous Fiber / Epoxy Composites.
Currently working in China