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Professor Chang Y. Ryu

After receiving Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering under the guidance of Professor Tim Lodge at the University of Minnesota , and working with Professors Ed Kramer and Glenn Fredrickson as a postdoc in the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) at UCSB, Dr. Ryu joined Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department in 2000 and was promoted to an Associate Professor with tenure in 2006. He was promoted to a Professor in 2013 and is currently serving as an Acting Director of New York State Center for Polymer Synthesis.

  • B.S. 1990 Chemical Technology, Seoul National University, Korea
  • M.S. 1992 Chemical Technology, Seoul National University, Korea (Advisor: Tae Oan Ahn) - Thesis title"
    Synthesis and Miscibility of Tetermethyl Polysulfone and Poly(Styrene-co-Acrylonitrile)"
  • Ph.D. 1998 Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, MN (Advisor: Timothy P. Lodge) - Thesis title " Structure and Dyanmics of Block Copolymer Solutions and Melts"
  • Postdoctoral researcher 1998-2000 Materials Research Laboratory (MRL), University of California at Santa Barbara, CA (Supervisor: Edward J. Kramer and Glenn H. Fredrickson)
  • Awards: IUPAC Young Observer Award (2007), NSF CAREER Award (2005), RPI Exploratory Research Award (2002), Mettler-Toledo Thermal ANalysis Education Grant Award (2001), Arthur K. Doolittle Award (ACS/PMSE, 1998), Scholarships from Korea Fundation for Advanced Studies (1993-1998)
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Postdoctoral Scholar


PhD in

B.S. in

Email: xxx dot rpi dot edu

Graduate students

Zheqin Theodore Yang

PhD in Chemistry, RPI (started in Fall, 2012)

M.S. in Chemistry, Nanjing University, 2012

B.S. in Chemistry, Nanjing University, 2009

Email: yangz7 dot rpi dot edu

Matthew Ravalli

M.S. in Applied Science, RPI (expected 2014)

M.S. in Chemistry, Clarkson University, 2009

B.S. in Chemistry, Clarkson University, 2007

Email: ravalm2 dot rpi dot edu

Lara Moore

M.S. in Chemistry, RPI (expected 2014)

B.S. in Forensic Science, Sage College, 2007

Email: moorel6 dot rpi dot edu

Undergraduate students

Amanda Leonardi

Chemistry Major

Email: amaleonardi dot gmail dot com

Zach Helming

Chemistry Major

Email: zhelming dot gmail dot com

Rafael Ramos

Biomedical Engineering Major

Email: ramos dot rafael93 dot gmail dot com

Brianna Lydon

Chemistry Major

Email: b dot lydon dot 16 dot gmail dot com

Prashant Kota

Biology Major

Email: rprashat dot s dot kota dot gmail dot com

Brian Cho

Mechanical Engineering Major

Email: chob2 dot rpi dot edu

Lewis Bevans

Chemical Engineering Major

Email: bevanl dot rpi dot edu

New UG student

____________ Major

Email: _____________dot gmail dot com

Group Alumni Members


  1. Dr. Gunaranjan "Guna" Wiswanathan (Chemical Engingeering, 2004) - Intel
  2. Dr. Sarah LaStella (Chemistry, 2006) - FormFactor
  3. Dr. Chansu Kim (Chemistry, 2007) - Samsung SAIT
  4. Dr. Won Kim (Chemistry, 2008) - PALL Corp
  5. Dr. Junwon Han (Chemical Engineering, 2008) - Samsung Electronics
  6. Dr. Kyungseok Oh (Chemistry, 2008) - Samsung Electronics
  7. Dr. Xingxing Xu (Chemistry, 2009)
  8. Dr. Scott LeFevre (Chemistry, 2011) - Tokyo Electrons
  9. Dr. Asem Abdulahad (Chemistry, 2011) - Virginia Tech
  10. Dr. Byung Ho Jeon (Chemistry, 2011) - LG Chemicals
  11. Dr. Wayne Powers (Chemistry, 2012) - Albany Molecular Research Inc (AMRI)



  1. Mr. Eric Choudary (Chemistry, 2009) - attended PhD program in Cornell
  2. Mr. Charles Salvo (Chemistry, 2010 - B.S/M.S co-terminal) - attended graduate school program in Doctor of Physical Theraphy at University of Scranton, PA.
  3. Mr. Mathew Spencer (Chemistry, 2011) - industry: TapFury
  4. Mr. Adam Hardy (Chemical Engineering, 2011 - B.S./M.S. co-terminal) - industry: P&G
  5. Mr. Corey Lemley (Chemistry, 2011) - industry: Tokyo Electrons
  6. Mr. Ian Weiss (Chemistry, 2012) - industry: ExxonMobil

RPI Undergraduate Alumni

Todd Alexander, Ted Golfinopoulos, Felicia Tsai, Mike Eglesia, Wayne Powers, Nan Chen, Andrew Rajczewski, Eric Choudhary, Chris Patton, Nannah Narcross, Ariel Siegel, Aaron Cohen, Emma Stoltz, Jeff Amos, Erin McGuire, Nadine Alexis, Greg Treich,Alicia Brison

Visiting Undergraduate (non-RPI) Alumni

Ohi Ahmadi Yale Univ), Teddy McGhee (Williams College), Noah Bell (Williams College), Beth Landis (Williams College), Kristopher Crawford (Morehouse College), Wansoo Chang (Yonsei Univ), Han Jin Park (Yonsei Univ)

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