Eclipse Light

Eclipse Light, archival light box photographs taken during a total eclipse using natural light.

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3D Multimedia Interactive Simulation & Installation Works


The Aquatic Messenger

Resonating with the spirit of Galileo’s Starry Messenger (Sidereus Nuncius), The Aquatic Messenger is a virtual reality artwork about the importance of plankton for freshwater ecology. One can viscerally travel through deep time and the corresponding aquatic life in the lake region. Created in conjunction with the micro paleontology and freshwater plankton research being done on the Jefferson Project at the Darrin Fresh Water Institute (DFWI) at Lake George.

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World of Plankton

The World of Plankton is an interactive virtual 3 dimensional game-art and science environment designed to viscerally engage the participant at the micro-scale of unseen phytoplankton and zooplankton in order to gain first-hand experience about the drama of underwater life and its potentials for environmental impact.

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Stunt Dummies Flo: The Watershed Project

"Flo" continues my artistic research in using simulation technology to explore first person experience, intentionality, and empathy. "Flo" offers a rare opportunity to create a unique bridge between the digital and natural worlds. Here one experiences what it may be like to "be" water.  Not only an artwork, this project has educational components in the form of mini-games that address water pollution, sustainability, and ecofriendly practices. Download Website

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Stunt Dummies Telomere

How do we deal with age and agelessness, the triumph of the human spirit while the inevitable collapse of the body occurs through time? “Telomere” is a multimedia ballet which uses the process of cell division as a metaphor for the life process of a prima ballerina. 

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Stunt Dummies Project: The Other

An exploration of the theme of multiple perspectives. The goal is to create an interactive simulation involving multiple actors, each with their own viewpoint, in a dynamic environment.

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Stunt Dummies Myme

An animated three dimensional character made from motion capture of human dancers. Myme uncannily shows us some potent elements of our “all too human” nature.

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Stunt Dummies Stunt Dummies

Stunt Dummies is an interactive multimedia game installation which comments on culture through videogame art.

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the AVA Project The AVA Project

AVA is an animated humanoid character who shows elements of human nature as she jumps off the computer screen and dances with real dancers in the multimedia performance, The AVA Project.

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Bang, Bang (you're not dead?) Bang, Bang (you're not dead?)

Bang Bang (You're not dead?) is a satirical interactive three-dimensional game, which looks at the "oxymoron of virtual violence" in a humorous and open forum raising questions about catharsis and desensitization.

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The Enumerated Repositories The Enumerated Repositories

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balance Balance

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dwelling Dwelling

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The Lost Dimension The Lost Dimension

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Video Installations
Millenium Capsule Millennium Capsule

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sequence Sequence

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Stone Works Stone Works

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Drawings & Paintings
the Body 21 Series The Body 21 Series

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the Enumerated Repositories Drawings

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