Invited Presentations

  1. 1. Effects of Content Moderation Transparency on User Behaviors in Online Platforms, George Washington University, April 2019.
  2. 2. Effects of Content Moderation Transparency on User Behaviors in Online Platforms, George Nanyang Technological University, June 2019.
  3. How Should Firm Respond to Online Word of Mouth? HEC, Paris, July 2018.
  4. Panelist “Industry-Academia Panel: Transforming Healthcare with IT”, ACM SIGMIS, Buffalo, June 2018.
  5. How Should Firm Respond to Online Word of Mouth? Brock University, April 2018.
  6. How Should Firm Respond to Online Word of Mouth? Technological University of Munich, October 2017.
  7. How Should Firm Respond to Online Word of Mouth? University of Delaware, May 2017.
  8. How Should Firm Respond to Online Word of Mouth? Copenhagen Business School, February 2017.
  9. Effects of Managerial Response to E-WoM on Customer Attitudes, Temple University, October 2016.
  10. Strategies for a Successful Campus Visit, AMCIS Doctoral Consortium, San Diego, August 2016.
  11. Keynote Address, International Workshop on Engineering Management, Xian Jiatong University, June 2016.
  12. Path to Renewal: Changing the Work Practices in Newsrooms, New York Press Association Convention, April 2016, Saratoga Spring, NY.
  13. Alliance Experience, IT-enabled Knowledge Integration and Value Gains, University of Arkansas, March 2016
  14. Safeguarding Brands in the Online Environment: Does Overt Managerial Participation Help, University of Arkansas, February 2015.
  15. Alliance Experience, IT-enabled Knowledge Integration and Value Gains, Arizona State University, April 2015.
  16. Implementing Community 360, New York Press Association, April 2015.
  17. Path Forward: Dealing with Disruption in the Community Newspaper Industry, New York Press Association, September 2015.
  18. Transformation in the Newspaper Industry, New York Press Association, September 2014.
  19. Information Visibility in Supply Chains, APICS Professional Development Meeting, Albany, October 8, 2014.
  20. Information Visibility in Supply Chains, Advanced Manufacturing Conference, Troy, NY, April 2014.
  21. Digital Innovation Strategies: Coping with Industry Transformation through Technology, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, October 2012.
  22. Things to do in the Doctoral Program for a Successful Academic Career, Panel Presentation in the Doctoral Consortium, PACIS, Vietnam, July 12, 2012.
  23. Governance of Business-to-Business Electronic Platforms: A Resource Dependence Perspective, Katz School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, March 20, 2012.
  24. Alliance Experience, IT-enabled Knowledge Integration and Value Gains, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, December 14, 2011.
  25. Value Networks: Agenda for Research and Empirical Issues, National University of Singapore, School of Computing, July 2011.
  26. Methodological Issues in Innovation Diffusion Research, Panel Discussion on Reflections on the Past and Gateway to the Future on Adoption and Diffusion Research, DIGIT, St Louis, December 12th 2010.
  27. Managing Business Innovations, Invited Key Note Address to Madras Management Council, August 2010.
  28. Perspectives on IT Value Research: Opportunities for Theorizing, Fudan University, July 2010.
  29. Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship, Invited Panelist, Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation, IIT Kanpur, India, January 2010.
  30. Digital Systems, Network Structure and Competitive Actions, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, November 2010.
  31. Digital Systems, Network Structure and Competitive Actions, City University of Hong Kong, October 2010.
  32. Exploration of B2B Information System Governance: Understanding Why Firms seek to Control and Own B2B Information Systems, Georgia State University, November 6th, 2009.
  33. Understanding the Transformation in the Media Industry, Moderator and Panelist, Innovation Series Panel, RPI, October 28, 2009.
  34. IT Value Research: The Road not Taken and Promising Research Directions, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, October 15th-16th, 2009.
  35. Digital Systems, Network Structure and Competitive Actions, Invited Presentation at INFORMS, Digital Systems and Competitive Strategy, San Diego, October 11th 2009.
  36. Industrializing Software Development: The Road Ahead and Challenges for Indian Software Firms, Zensar Technologies, Pune, India, August 14th, 2008.
  37. Sustaining Business Models for B2B Market Makers: Value Creation for the Business Ecosystem, Samsung, Seoul, July 2008.
  38. IT Competencies, Innovation Capacity and Organizational Agility: Performance Impact and the Moderating Effects of Environmental Characteristics, Temple University, February 2008.
  39. How to Choose a Dissertation Topic, Doctoral Research Colloquium, National University of Singapore, July 2007.
  40. An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Network Structure, IT use and Competitive Actions, School of Business, National University of Singapore, June 2007.
  41. Governance of B2B Platforms, SKKU, Seoul, April, 2007.
  42. Research in B2B Electronic Markets: Opportunities and Challenges, Seoul National University, April 2007.
  43. Governance of B2B Systems: A Political Economy Perspective, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, March, 2007.
  44. Industrialization of Services: An Agenda for Scientific Management of Services, IBM Conference on Services Science, Engineering and Management, New York, October 2006.
  45. Innovation Management in the Indian Context, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, December 2005.
  46. Antecedents and Performance Effects of IT Investment Strategy, Department of Management, Suny Buffalo, April, 2005.
  47. Regaining the competitive Edge in the IT Sector: Strategies for IT Firms in the New Era, US Department of Commerce, Presentation to Delegates from Developing Countries, Troy, NY, October, 2004.
  48. A Roadmap for the Development of a Vibrant IT Industry in the Capital Region, Center for Economic Growth, Key note address for the launch of the Technology Roadmap, September, 2004, Albany, NY.
  49. Trends in the IT industry: Threats and Opportunities for Small and Medium Firms, Commercial Law Development Program, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington DC, November 14, 2003.
  50. Demand Fulfillment in the Digital Economy: Opportunities for Business Model Innovation, SUNY, Albany, November 10, 2003.
  51. Managing Radical Innovations in Mature Firms, Strategic Executives Council Meeting, Conference Board, Boston, October 16, 2002 (with Gina O’Connor, Al Paulson).
  52. The Impact of Industry Structure on the Structure of B2B Hubs, Fifth Fall Conference on Managing Information Technologies, Hosted by DaimlerChrysler, DaimlerChrysler, GM, EDS, Lear and Metaldyne Corporation, ALPS Automotive, Oakland University, Oakland, October 2002.
  53. Organizational Structures and Processes for Managing Radical Innovation, IRI, Research on Research Subcommittee Meeting, Ft. Laurderdale, February, 2002(with Gina O’Connor).
  54. Benchmarking Best Practices for Managing Radical innovations, IRI Conference, Palm Beach, May 2002 (with Gina O’Connor).
  55. Assimilation of Complex Technologies in Organizations: The Case of Component Based Development, Department of Management, Syracuse University, April 2002.
  56. Component-Based Software Development: Hype and Reality, Project Management Institute New York Chapter Meeting, Albany, January 2002.
  57. Supply Chain Management in the Internet Age, Suny Albany, November 14, 2001.
  58. Assimilation of Component-Based Development, Fourth Fall Conference on Managing Information Technologies, Hosted by DialmerChrysler Corporation, EDS, General Motors, Tata Consultancy Services & Oakland University, October 11-13, 2001.
  59. Institutional Mechanisms Required to Make Software Component Markets a Reality,, Cleveland, July 16th, 2001.
  60. Innovation Assimilation in the Presence of Knowledge Barriers and Technology Uncertainty, DSES Seminar, January 2001.
  61. Best Practices in Managing Systems Development Quality, Computer Science Seminar, Hartford Graduate Center, RPI, March, 1997.
  62. Methodological Issues in Survey Research, Doctoral Seminar on Research Methods, RPI, April, 1997.
  63. Role of Emerging Electronic Infrastructures in Knowledge Management, Annual Meeting of the Pontikes Center Advisory Board, Carbondale, October, 1995.
  64. Quality Management in Information Systems Departments, Annual Meeting of the Pontikes Center Advisory Board, Carbondale, October 1993.
  65. Instrument Development and Validation in MIS Research: An Overview, MIS Research Colloquium, Department of Management, SIU, Carbondale, September, 1993.

Panels/Workshops Organized

  • Organized a seminar on “What is Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 and how will they affect the Supply Chain”, Speaker Jim Wetzel, CEO, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, April 2019
  • Organized a panel on “Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges", May 3, 2018, Panelists Panelist: Graham Giller, Head of Primary Research, Deutsche Bank; Yuri Malitsky, Data Scientist, Morgan Stanley; Rick Tacelli, VP Customer Development, Empirical Systems.
  • Organized a panel on "Making Analytics Work: Experiences from the Field”, Apil 27, 2017. Panelist: Robert Fetterman, Vice President of Finance at Oneida Nation Enterprises, Turning Stone Resort and Casino; Peter Hansen, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Communications, Media and High Tech; Patrick Howard, Software Builder, Educator, Investor, XIO Partners.
  • Organized the “Frontiers in Supply Chain Analytics” symposium at RPI. The symposium focused on exploring issues related to how digitization and analytics are transforming manufacturing and industrial supply chains in very fundamental ways. The symposium included senior executives from Amazon, Google, GE, IBM, Target, Chain Analytics and many other firms., April 2016.
  • Organized a panel on “Industry Transformation through Analytics and Big Data”. I organized and moderated the panel. Panelists include Brenda Dietrich, IBM Fellow and VP, Inder Thukral, CEO Boston Analytics, Chris Kelly, CEO Treo Solutions, Gerg Moran, CEO,
  • Panelist in a panel on Supply Chain Transformation. Presented on “Information Technology and the Structure and Performance of Supply Chains”, Advanced Manufacturing Conference, Troy, NY, April 17, 2014.
  • Organized a panel on “Understanding the Transformations in the Media Industry” as part of the Lally School Innovation Series. The panelist included the CEO of WMHT, Editor of Times Union, Senior VP, Ziff Davis and Editor, E-Content Magazine. The panel was attended by over 100 participants and was one of the most successful events organized by Lally in 2009.
  • Organized the Information Systems Research Workshop on Digital Systems and Competition. The workshop brought over 30 prominent scholars from strategy and IS disciplines to discuss emerging research on the effect of digital systems on competition. Twelve research papers were presented and a majority of them have been published in a special issue of Information Systems Research in August 2010.
  • Organized a panel on “Making Analytics Work: Experience from the Field”, April 2017. The panelists included Rob Fetterman, VP Finance, Turning Stone Casino, Peter Hansen, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Patrick Howard, Xio Partners.