Chalermsak Lertwongsatien

Completed: 2000

Dissertation Title: An Empirical Investigation of the Strategic Implications of Information Systems Resources and Capabilities

Current Position:IT Director, Ministry of Finance Thailand

Pisit Chanvarsuth

Completed: 2006

Dissertation Title: Antecedents and Performance Effects of Business Process Outsourcing

Current Position: Assistant Professor and Chair of Engineering Management Curriculum, Thammasat University

Dipanjan Chatterjee

Completed: 2006

Dissertation Title: Governance and Use of B2B Electronic Platforms: An Empirical Examination of the Effects of Firm Capabilities, Transaction Environment and Inter-firm Relationship Characteristics

Current Position: Associate Professor, Brock University

Ruben Mendoza

Completed: 2006

Dissertation Title: Organizational Assimilation of Vertical Standards: An Empirical Examination of Firm Level and Community Level Factors

Current Position: Associate Professor, Saint Joseph’s University

Shu Han

Completed: 2007

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Information Technology and Service Innovations

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Yeshiva University

Yu Liu

Completed: 2007

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Corporate Growth Strategy and Performance: A Contingency Perspective

Current Position: Associate Professor, Saginaw Valley State University

Simona Giura


Dissertation Title:Internal and External Resource Endowments in Alliances: The Impact on Knowledge Flows and Competitive Actions

Current Position:Assistant Professor, SUNY Oneonta

Sukruth Suresh

Completed: 2017

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on the Performance Impact of Business Process Outsourcing

Current Position: Assistant Professor, St John Fisher College

Chaoqun Deng

Completed: 2018

Dissertation Title: Essays on Firm Strategies in Online Digital Platforms

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Mussouri, Columbia

Dorothy Jiang

Completed: 2019

Dissertation Title: Essays in Information Transparency of Online Digital Platforms and its Effects

Current Position: Doctoral Student/ Research Assistant, RPI

Liang Zhao

Completed: 2020

Dissertation Title:

Current Position: Doctoral Student/Research Assistant, RPI