2010-- Lally School Leadership Group
2012-- Associate Dean for Research
2013 Academic Program Director, MS Business Analytics
2013-- Academic Program Director, MS Supply Chain Management
2013-- Academic Program Director, MS Supply Chain Management
2010-- Area Coordinator for Marketing, IS and OM
2014-- Institute IP Steering Committee
2013–- Steering Committee for Institute for Data Exploration and Analytics
2014 Dean Search Committee, School of Science
2010-2013  Institute Promotion and Tenure Committee
2010 Chair, AACSB Reaccreditation Committee
2010 Hartford-Troy Integration Committee
2009- 2014 Graduate Programs Committee
2009  Institute Wide Curriculum Committee
2007 – 2008 Member, Faculty Senate, RPI
2005 – 2006 Area coordinator for MIS and OM Area
2000- 2005 Area Coordinator for the MIS Area.
2002-2003 Member, Associate Deans’ Council for Information Technology Program.
1999-2000 Member, President's Strategic Planning Committee on Information Technology.
2002-2003 Chair, Lally School IT Oversight Committee

Promoting Inter-disciplinary Research

As the Associate Dean for Research I am responsible for enhancing the research enterprise within the school, promoting inter-disciplinary research and fostering synergies between the research within the Lally school and the rest of the institute. This role entails working with the Vice President of Research and directors of research centers across the campus to identify opportunities for cross-school collaboration. One example of this effort was my role in shaping the agenda for the Institute for Data Exploration and Analytics. I served in the inter-disciplinary steering committee that did the groundwork to launch this institute. I was also a part of an inter-disciplinary leadership team that scoped out and launched the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory, a research platform that leverages the Experimental Media and Arts Center and the Cognitive Computing platforms at RPI to create immersive decision making environments.

I am currently engaged in an effort to identify and articulate research clusters in Lally with the goal of projecting our research to external constituents more effectively. The broader goal of this effort is to align Lally research with the vision for the New Polytechnic articulated in the Rensselaer 2024 plan.

  As the Associate Dean, I am also involved in seeking external funding opportunities for research both from corporate sources and government agencies. He has led the effort to create the Center for Supply Networks and Analytics and establish corporate partnerships to support the center. He has also led efforts to bring together inter-disciplinary faculty teams to develop and submit grant proposals to NSF and other government funding agencies on themes aligned with research thrusts in the Lally school.

Recruiting High Caliber Diverse Faculty

One of my responsibilities as an Area Coordinator is faculty evaluation and mentoring. I have been successful in attracting and recruiting very high caliber faculty to the Lally school. In the last few years, I have led the effort to recruit over eight tenure-track faculty in Information Systems, Marketing and Operations Management. I am continuing my effort to recruit a senior faculty to fill a Chaired positon in Business Analytics. Towards this end, I have reached out and am continuing to engage with several eminent scholars in an effort to attract them to Rensselaer,

Developing and Delivering of Inter-disciplinary Graduate Programs

I led the effort to design, launch and scale two new graduate programs, MS in Business Analytics and MS in Supply Chain Management. I worked with a faculty team to design the curriculum for both programs and lead the effort to have the programs approved by the NY State Department of Education, establish academic alliances with IBM, SAS, EMC to support the business analytics program and with professional societies such as ASCM, ISM to support the supply chain program. Both programs are very rigorous, experiential, STEM designated and nationally ranked with strong student placements. I have established partnerships with many companies, secured sponsorship to support student developmental activities such as participation in case competitions, created opportunities for our students to network and connect with professionals in the field on a regular basis. These relationships have crated placement and internship opportunities for our students. .

Early in my tenure at RPI, I was one of the founding faculty members of the interdisciplinary IT program at RPI and contributed to the design of its graduate and undergraduate curriculum. He continues to contribute to the growth and evolution of this program.

Fostering Student Success

I have been passionate about student success and have been closely involved in mentoring our graduate and doctoral students. As the Academic Director for the MS supply chain program I have created structures that provide students rich experiential learning and enable them succeed in securing good placement to start their careers. I work closely with many companies to create placement opportunities for our students, which has resulted in close to 100% placement rate within six months of graduation for students in this program. I have facilitated our students’ participation in case competitions and coached student teams that participated in the competitions. These competitions where students from most leading universities compete provide a rich learning experience to our students and develop their critical thinking, communication and other soft skills. RPI student teams have been very successful in these competitions – our team won the competition last year and our teams were placed in the top three in each of the previous three years. I have been successful in mentoring and grooming our doctoral students for academic careers. Almost all the doctoral students I have mentored have been placed in academia, many in reputed research schools. In each of the last three years, one of my doctoral student was invited to attend the prestigious Doctoral Consortium in the International Conference in Information Systems. Invitation to this highly selective consortium, where 45 candidates are selected from a worldwide pool of over 250 applicants, is based the quality of the students’ thesis. The recent placement of our students in Carnegie R1 Research schools in indicative of the quality of the ongoing research at Lally.

External Outreach

I led the effort to create advisory boards for the two new MS programs in the Lally School. The advisory boards for both programs comprise of senior executives in large firms, some of whom are RPI alum. I led the effort to launch the Center for Supply Networks and Analytics. This Center is supported by gifts from industry partners. So far, I have secured gifts to the tune of over $50,000 to support the activities of the Center, which includes organizing the monthly “Leaders in Supply Chain and Analytics” seminars and an annual symposium focused on digital transformation of supply networks. These events bring prominent scholars and industry experts to campus to present their work. These events expose our students and faculty to important issues and trends in the industry. They have also led to productive collaboration opportunities.

I have been actively involved with the local economic development forums such as the Center for Economic Growth and the Saratoga Chamber of the Southern Saratoga County in creating networks and forums that connect local manufacturers to the global supply networks of major firms. These forums not only serve the needs of the local business communities, but also create opportunities for our students for both internships and jobs. .

AACSB Accreditation

In 2010-11, I chaired the school’s AACSB reaccreditation effort. In this capacity he led a team of faculty in writing the fifth year maintenance report and coordinated the site visit of the review team.

Other Leadership Roles

At the Institute level, I have served in the Faculty Senate, the University wide Curriculum Committee, the university Promotion and Tenure Committee, search committees for Deans and Vice Presidents, Strategic Task Force on IP Policies among others.