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Operating within the School of Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The Center for Multiphase Research (CMR) brings together faculty from the Schools of Engineering and Science. There are opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to participate in research at the CMR. Current areas of research include:

   - Designing and performing two-phase flow experiments, including fundamentals of two-phase flow physics and system-type experiments. Examples include: two-phase flow turbulence, interfacial forces, bubble size distribution, phase separation, boiling heat, pressure drop in two-phase channels and loops, phase distribution in various channel geometries, gas distribution and heat transfer form ablating surfaces exposed to spreading liquid flows, multi- channel effects, flooding, two-phase flow transients and oscillations.

   - Development of physically-based constitutive models of two-phase flow, and of component models of two-phase flow systems. Examples: mechanistic models of interfacial forces, a mechanistic model of void distribution in subcooled boiling, a widely used model of wall heat flux partitioning in subcooled boiling, a mechanistic model of critical heat flux (CHF).

   - Application of Computational Multiphase Fluid Dynamics (CMFD) and other computational methods to simulate two-phase flow systems, including steady-state operation, transients/instabilities and 3-dimensional effects.

   - Development of graphical tools, such as graphical user interface (GUI) for computer simulations.


9th of January 2009
The CMR announces The Supercritical CO2 Power Cycle Symposium, hosted at the RPI Campus, Troy, NY, April 29-30, 2009
For details: C02 Symposium

9th of January 2009
CMR website established.