NASA Astrobiology Institute, International Summer School (2016) field trip to Zumaia, Spain

Currently, I am in my third year of graduate studies in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at RPI working with Dr. Karyn Rogers. My graduate research focuses on cultivating a model extremophile, Archaeoglobus fulgidus, under high-pressure conditions to better replicate in situ deep biosphere environments. I am curious in how elevated growth pressures affect this organism’s multiple metabolisms and how this relates to biosignatures, elemental cycling, and possible origins of life in the deep biosphere. Alongside my research, I have spent much of my graduate work developing the four Habitability and Extreme Life Labs (HELL) with Dr. Rogers. This has included designing and building two of the high-pressure vessel installation systems for high temperature and high-pressure experiments.

The High Pressure Cultivation/Experimentation Laboratory in the Jonsson Rowland Science Center at RPI.

Vessel installation for high temperature, high-pressure batch cultivation. Vessels are heated by silicone heating jackets, monitored by a thermocouple and controllers by OMEGA®.