67.412/92.474 OR II, Homework 6.

Due: Friday, April 25, 1997.

Questions 12.5 and 12.8.
I will cover most of Chapter 12 of Ecker and Kupferschmid before the 3rd exam. Therefore, I would recommend that you make sure you can answer the questions from the text Ecker and Kupferschmid. In addition read all of Chapter 12, apart from the last subsection in each section.
Exam 3 will be on Wednesday, April 30, in class. You may bring one sheet of handwritten notes (you can write on both sides). The exam will cover dynamic programming (Chapter 10 of the text) and inventory theory (Chapter 12 of the text, except for the last subsection in each section). The exam will include one question from either homework 5 or homework 6.

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