Combinatorial Optimization and Integer Programming

Spring 2013

MATP6620 / ISYE6760

Course basics:

Midterm Exam:

In class on Friday, April 19. You can bring one sheet of handwritten notes. (you can write on both sides, the paper can be no larger than 8.5x11 inches). The exam will cover everything in class up to April 5.

Some old exams

Solutions to midterm.




(Handwritten notes, not the most legible in places.)


Computational complexity Polyhedral theory and cutting planes: Branch and bound: Semidefinite programming: Decomposition approaches: Mixed integer nonlinear programming. Metaheuristic approaches:

Constraint programming. See also a handout on the job shop scheduling OPL example from an Interfaces paper by Lustig and Puget, and Michael Trick's powerpoint presentation on constraint programming.

Other approaches using linear programming:


Papers and resources:

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