Warm Up America
Welcome to our Warm Up America Page!
42 Women from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute got together to contribute the the Warm Up America Project by knitting or crocheting at least one 7" x 9" retangle to create and afghan.  What an overwhelming response!  The intention was to create one afghan to donate locally to a charity of our choice such as shelter, nursing home, VA hospital etc.  It requires 49 retangles to create one afghan.
We received from those 42 people in excess of 220 rectangels! That is enough to make over 4 afghans! 
We plan to put together at least two afghans and then maybe use the rest to make lap throws. 
Here is some photos of the two that are completed.  Click on the picture to view a larger view of the afghan.  If you don't see your retangles there, keep checking back.  We have a lot more to make!
Thank you again for all that contributed

Jody Malm
Here is a view of the second completed afghan
Here is our first afghan we created for the Warm Up America Project.
Below is the list of people that have contributed.
Jody Malm
Nicole McQuade
Eleanor Meyer
Lucy Norman
Cindy Novak
Beth Pasinella
Pam Paslow
Denna Patterson
Joan Perras
Juanita Platka
Melissa Powers
Debbie Riggi
Joann Roberts
Mavorneen Roy
Holly Steciuk
Jackie Turner-Creech
Lu Uber-Shumway
Pat Ullrich
Jaye Vien
Jun Zhao
Mary Louise Bornt
Eleanor Burns
Rose Carignan
Bonnie Carson
Karyl Contois
Karen Coonrad
Rebecca Danchak
Barbara Dean
Jessica Deane
Jackie Ellsworth
Phylis Federici
Kim Gardner
Lorna Guyette
Sue Halpin
Melissa Hogan
Kathy Hocker
Terri Kersch
Linda Kramarchyk
Audrey Larkin-Zurlo
Ethel Levan
Mary Ellen Mainello
If I left anyone out, please email me and I will make the corrections.