Homeworks, attendance

Solutions to homework problems are not provided.

There is no ``curve grading''.

Attendance may be be logged.

There is no requirement to attend class. This said, however, long-time experience shows that students who do not attend class and/or recitations usually do poorly in the course. Neither the instructor nor the teaching assistant are in any way responsible for briefing students who missed class on the missed material and/or announcements.

you are responsible for attending quizzes and exams

Discipline Please do not computers and cell phones in class

My promise: Those who will pass the course will know Differential Equations

Academic Integrity The grade you receive for the course will be based on the work that you do.

With this principle in mind, the work (exams, homework, computer programs) that you present for a grade MUST, in fact, be of your own.

With respect to the exams, this means that no assistance or collaboration of any kind is permitted (other then assisace obtained from the instructor). Anyone violating this policy will receive an exam grade of zero and will be reported to the Dean of Students.

With respect to problem sets, you are free to seek assistance or advise from any person, book or computer. However, what you hand in must be your own work. Violating of this policy will result in a score of zero for the assignment and will be reported to the Dean of Students.

Second violation will get you grade F for the course.

Note that your health, need of financial aid, need to maintain GPA, need to graduate, obtain employment, etc will not be considered.

Signs that you may need a tutor:

I will not provide tutoring to you.

If you have serious problems when trying to solve the suggested homework, you should seek tutoring from the Advising and Learning Assistance Center.

BUT if you sense you have a problem, please talk to me. I may be able to help!

Dr Yuri V Lvov 2016-08-26