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Congratulations to Lauren Boldon!

Lauren successfully defended her PhD thesis and the committee members unanimously agreed that she did a great job. Thesis title: "Sustainability Efficiency Factor: Measuring Sustainability in Advanced Energy Systems through Exergy, Exergoeconomic, Life Cycle, and Economic Analyses." September 14, 2015

Carl Wendorff and Kemal Ramic will attend American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting in November 2015

Carl will make an oral presentation and Kemal will show a poster.

Upcoming invited talks by Dr. Liu

Emily will present invited talks at "International Workshop on the Structure and Dynamics of Supercooled Water and Other Glassy Materials," Palermo, Italy (October 2015) and IAEA-NDS “EXFOR compilation of thermal neutron scattering data,” Vienna, Austria (November 2015).


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