About Me


My Name is Shuai Li, and I am a Ph.D student in RPI CS Robotics Lab. My advisor is Professor Jeff Trinkle.

To make the robot hands be able to grasp whatever objects like human-beings is a interesting and challenging problem. For me this area is just amazing and it motivates me to explore and to discover.

Besides my scientific pursuits, I love all kinds of sports. I play basketball, soccer and I swim ,biking and go fishing sometimes. I also earned an orange belt in Karate.

I love music and find it can inspire my scientific thoughts. I play piano and saxphone a little bit. I enjoy all kinds of music from classical music to pop music. I also love metal music and rap very much.

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Education Experience

In 2010, I graduated from Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in Tsinghua University, China. Then I went to University of Pennsylvania for my Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and my focus was on Robotics. In Spring of 2013, I was honored to join CSRL to continue my PhD degree.

Research Interest

I am fascinated by the version that robots can do whatever human beings can do and even more, especially on grasping. To make robotic hand grasp and manipulate objects just like us is my goal in research. On the way of pursuing this goal, I have gained knowledge of dynamics, rigid body simulation, grasp analysis, machine learning and etc. I believe robotics grasping is a exciting field and I am looking forward to contributing more to this community.

Research Experience

I got involved in quit a few projects during my undergraduate study. For instance, I participated in a robot design competition which requires the teams to design robots that move forward without wheels. During my study at UPenn, I studied the dynamics of WAM(whole arm manipulator) and simulated it in Matlab. Right now, I am working on a underwater grasping project sponsored by Harris. This project is about autonomously grasp object sitting on the seafloor in the presence of positional and geometry uncertainty. Also I am member of VRC(Virtual Robotics Challenge) team "Trooper". In the team, I was mainly working on grasp planning and impedance control of the robotic arm.


  • Underwater Grasping
    The goal of this project to generate grasp plans for grasping object underwater on the seafloor. The pre-grasps are generated by GraspIt!. Also the whole system was studies and tested using a 7 DOF arm called WAM in CSRL. For more details about this project, please find them HERE
  • VRC
    This project is Virtual Robotics Challenge organized by DARPA. The purpose of the competition is to develop future robots that can save people in disasters, such as in nuclear power plant exploration. The robot that we are using for the simulation phase of the competition is called Atlas, developed version of Petman developed by Boston Dynamics. For more details, please visit this page.

Contact Me

   Material Research Center 352,
           110 Eighth Street,
           Troy, NY, 12180