We design, synthesize, and characterize polymer materials for fundamental understanding of materials and energy applications.


Group Picture Nov. 27, 2019.

From left to right - Musashi, Toluwanimi, Sangwoo, Juhong, Carrie, Melissa, Liwen. November 2019.


- Juhong and Melissa join the group in October 2019.

- Sungmin starts a new position at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in September 2019.

- Dr. Liwen Chen and Dr. Gagan N. Kangovi successfully completed Ph.D. degree in May 2019.

- Liwen's work is highlighted in the News @ NSLS-II of the Brookhaven National Laboratory!

- Erik Zimmerman successfully completed a M.S. degree in December 2017.


- Carrie won the the Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2019 Annual Resarch Symposium of the center for Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems (cMDIS).

- Liwen won the Padden award at the American Physical Society Meeting held in Boston, MA in March 2019.

- Carrie received the Best Poster award from the Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics Symposium held in Daejeon, South Korea in November 2018.


Last Modified: Dec. 27, 2019.