Mike Kupferschmid

  DATUM Project Consultant

  PO Box 215
  Cropseyville, NY   12052-0215
  phone: (518) 279-1606 (8AM - 8PM please)

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  • Mathematical Models of Operations Research (last taught fall 2014)

  • Computational Optimization (last taught spring 2015)

  • Fortran Programming (last taught spring 2015)

  • Fast Fourier Transforms (last taught spring 2013)


    Classical Fortran: Programming for Engineering and Scientific Applications
    Second Edition, 2009
    publisher's web page
    table of contents
    errata for Second Edition     errata for First Edition

    Introduction to Operations Research   (with J. G. Ecker)
    Third Edition, 2004
    publisher's web page
    table of contents

    Introduction to Mathematical Programming (in preparation)


  • Summer Transition Seminar   for Army officers beginning graduate study

  • unix
  • vi
  • shell programming
  • Maple
  • Matlab
  • parallel processing

  • LaTeX   and senior thesis template
  • Text Formatting with LaTeX
  • Preparing a Thesis with LaTeX   for MS or PhD thesis

  • assorted math topics
  • advice about being a Rensselaer student

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