Homework Description for MATH-4100, LINEAR ALGEBRA



Instructor: Gregor Kovacic
Office: 420 Amos Eaton
Phone: 276-6908
E-mail: kovacg at rpi dot edu

All the problems and some solutions will be posted on LMS.

There are two lists of problems:

  • Suggested problems
  • Graded homework problems

  • Suggested Problems

    A long list of these problems, together with their solutions, is posted on LMS. These are the type of problems that will be given on the exams, so it is in your interest to work through them and thoroughly understand them. They will not be graded so please do not turn their solutions in.

    Graded homework problems

    Every week or so, there will be one or two problems assigned for graded homework. These problems will be harder than the suggested homework, in the sense that problems are designed to make you think. Some very hard problems will be assigned for extra credit. These assignments will be collected in the box titled MATH4100 Kovacic in Amos Eaton 301. Please turn them in at the times prescribed on the assignment files, as late homework will not be accepted without prior arrangements for a good cause.

    Since these problems will be relatively hard, you should start thinking about them and working on them right away when they are assigned. You are strongly encouraged to collaborate and exchange ideas, but copying is forbidden. Please see the rules page for more information.

    Solutions will not be posted for these problems. If you want to see the solutions, you will have to talk to the instructor or the TAs.

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