News coverage in printed and electronic media on our group's work
on rough virtual times in Science 299, 677 (2003):

Science 299, 668 (2003),
"Rough Times Ahead", perspective by Scott Kirkpatrick

Computer, IEEE, May 2003,
"Researchers Improve Parallel Processing", News Brief by Linda Dailey Paulson

The New York Times, 02/27, 2003,
"With 6 Degrees of Separation, Computers Stay in Sync" by Ian Austen
also relayed thru ACM TechNews, 02/27, 2003
(can read the full article through Rensselaer)

Technology Research News, 02/12, 2003,
"Scheme smooths parallel processing" by Kimberly Patch

New Scientist, 01/30, 2003,
"Random chat solves distributed problem" by Duncan Graham-Rowe

The Washington Times, 01/31, 2003,
Stories of modern science ... from UPI

Persepective, 05/08, 2003,
Radio interview with Mark Novotny at Mississippi State

Rensselaer Campus News, 02/03, 2003,
"Uniting  with Only a Few Random Links"  and the original Press Release by Jodi Ackerman
also picked up by:

Supercomputing Online, 02/05, 2003
ACM TechNews, 01/31, 2003
Newswise, 01/31, 2003
Context, 02/04, 2003, 01/31, 2003

Some genuine chatter from Slashdot