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Our work on anthocyanin production is featured in the latest issue of Chemical and Engineering News:


Congratulation to Krystyna Farrell, working in the Koffas lab under the supervision of Dr. Brady Cress, for best oral presentation at the Eighth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!


Recent Publications, 2017

Group Picture

Koffas Group, July 2014.

From left: Dr. Mattheos Koffas, Yu Xiu, Shannon Collins, Wenqin He, Victoria Vernacchio, Emily Mazeau, Asher Williams, Dr. J. Andrew Jones, Karolina Kalbarczyk, Daniel Kim, Cliff Morrison, Kamil Gedeon, Daniel Lachance, Dr. Brady Cress, Jake Englaender, Reeve Aguayo, Louis-Xavier Barrette, Jordanne Gizzarelli, John Hordines, Krystyna Farrell, Quentin Leitz, Omar Khalidi.

Recent Publications

1. Jones, J.A., Vernacchio, V.R., Collins, S.M., Shirke, A.N., Xiu, Y., Englaender, J.A., Cress, B.F., McCutcheon, C., Linhardt, R.J., Gross, R., & Koffas M.A.G. (2017) Complete biosynthesis of anthocyanins using E. coli polycultures. mBio.

2. Xiu, Y., Jang, S., Jones, J.A., Zill, N.A., Linhardt, R.J., Jung, G.Y., Yuan, Q., & Koffas, M.A.G. (2017) Naringenin-responsive riboswitch-based fluorescent biosensor module for Escherichia coli co-cultures. Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

3. Ito, T., Murai, M., Ninokura, S., Kitazumi, Y., Mezic, K.G., Cress, B.F., Koffas, M.A.G., Morgan, J.E., Barquera B., & Miyoshi, H. (2017). Identification of the binding sites for ubiquinone and inhibitors in the Na+-pumping NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase from Vibrio cholerae by photoaffinity labeling. J Biol Chem, 292(19), 7727-7742. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.781393.

4. Cress, B.F., Leitz, Q.D., Kim, D.C., Amore, T.D., Suzuki, J.Y., Linhardt, R.J., & Koffas, M.A. (2017). CRISPRi-mediated metabolic engineering of E. coli for O-methylated anthocyanin production. Microbial Cell Factories.

5. Englaender, J.A., Jones, J.A., Cress, B.F., Kuhlman, T.E., Linhardt, R.J., & Koffas, M.A. (2017). Effect of Genomic Integration Location on Heterologous Protein Expression and Metabolic Engineering in E. coli. ACS Synthetic Biology.

6. He, L., Xiu, Y., Jones, J.A., Baidoo, E.E., Keasling, J.D., Tang, Y.J., & Koffas, M.A. (2017). Deciphering flux adjustments of engineered E. coli cells during fermentation with changing growth conditions. Metabolic Engineering.

7. Whitaker, W.B., Jones, J.A., Bennett, K., Gonzalez, J., Vernacchio, V.R., Collins, S.M., Palmer, M.A., Schmidt, S., Antoniewicz, M.R., Koffas, M.A. & Papoutsakis, E.T. (2017). Engineering the Biological Conversion of Methanol to Specialty Chemicals in Escherichia coli. Metabolic Engineering. doi:10.1016/j.ymben.2016.10.015.

8. Shirke, A.N., Su, A., Jones, J.A., Butterfoss, G.L., Koffas, M.A., Kim, J.R., & Gross, R.A. (2017). Comparative thermal inactivation analysis of Aspergillus oryzae and Thiellavia terrestris cutinase: Role of glycosylation. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. doi:10.1002/bit.26052.